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History of Gdynia First mentions about Gdynia comes from 1253, but our city becomes really famous after decision of building a huge seaport and shipyard. Many people were coming to Gdynia to work here. In 1926 Gdynia obtained the city rights. After this event, dynamic growth started. Gdynia was one of the willingly visited cities and the most important place in Polish trade.

Gdynia Today Gdynia is considered by many experts as the best place to live in Poland. Our city is still very important as a transit place and is visited by many tourists from all over the world. Our president Wojciech Szczurek was selected with a record of around 90 % of votes. Gdynia is one of the most modern cities in the entire Poland. The main characteristic building in Gdynia are Sea Towers, the biggest residential construction outside Warsaw.

Attractions in Gdynia Gdynia has got a lot of attractions. There is a beautifull sandy beach in the city centre, lovely Kościuszko’s Square, and boulevard with old ships situated next to it. We’ve got plenty of sport teams like Asseco Prokom Gdynia, Polish basketball champions, R.C Arka Gdynia which are rugby champions, Seahawks Gdynia, American football teams and MZKS Arka Gdynia, our local football team which has got the biggest number of supporters.

The most popular places.

Gdynia’s main boardwalk.


Dar Pomorza

Dar Młodzieży


Muzeum of Gdynia

Sea Towers


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