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CONTENTS  Introduction  What is the Yoga Burn System?  The Yoga Burn System for Women

 What is included in Yoga Burn?  Positive Aspects  Negative Aspects  Our Results!

Yoga Burn Review 2018


Introduction Aloha and welcome to our newest self-experiment! As a yoga practitioner and health coach from Hawaii, this project is right up my alley! For our blog, we test everything on ourselves, typically using our family, friends, and clients as guinea pigs For our Yoga Burn reviews, we have asked our friend Monica to do the program with us. She is 34 years old and has been around 62 pounds overweight for several years, so it was about time for her to start exercising! At the end of this review, we shall find out what Yoga Burn did for her over the course of 3 months. You can get Yoga Burn and qualify for all of its free bonuses if you Click Here!

Yoga Burn Review 2018


What is the Yoga Burn System? Yoga Burn was created by Zoe Bray Cotton and is a 12 week fitness program for women. It is also known as “Her Yoga Secrets” and uses Dynamic Sequencing, a method that burns calories and fat with great efficiency without losing beginners along the way. Zoe is a sweet woman and both me (Sophia), Ellie and Monica felt that she wants the best for her students! Even if you have never done yoga, you can rest assured that you come out of this with solid understanding and the ability to do all exercises correctly. The videos are divided into 3 phases, including instructional videos that explain and demonstrate all of the yoga poses and sequences to turn you into a pro! We are picky about what we recommend, so the fact that we’ve decided to write a review already shows that we are happy with this program

Yoga Burn Review 2018


The Yoga Burn System for Women The 3 main phases or workouts of this fitness program are everything you need to do yoga. Each phase includes 3 videos (+ bonuses), which are about 15 minutes in length and repeated 3 times. Hence, each workout is 45 minutes long and should be completed once per week. A 4th phase, called the tranquility flow, included as a free bonus. You can qualify for the bonuses by clicking through here!

Yoga Burn Review 2018


The Yoga Burn System for Women Phase 1: Foundational Flow It this phase, you get a solid introduction to yoga and learn how to improve your skills while building a strong link between your mind and body. These foundational poses are very important and help you throughout the rest of the program. Phase 2: Transitional Flow This phase is a lot of fun, because here you start to combine the poses from before into seamless sequences of continuous motion, moving from one pose to the next. This is called a “flow�. Phase 3: he Mastery Flow This phase adds more advanced poses and combines your knowledge from the previous lessons. The sequence taught in this phase increases your metabolism and helps you lose the most weight, if you keep it up.

Yoga Burn Review 2018


What is included in Yoga Burn? Apart from the three phases described above, there are 2 bonuses coming with the Yoga Burn system. Bonus 1: Follow-along audio classes

Bonus 2: Phase 4 – The Tranquility Flow When you purchase Yoga Burn, you get both a digital and physical video course. This way, you are able to watch it anywhere, on any device. The price is only $37 for the everything, which is cheap for a whole yoga burn DVD program.

Also, there is a 25% discount package (click here) that includes two copies of the program for $57, so if a friend or second family member also wants to jump in, you can both save some money! Zoe Bray Cotton believes in her program and gives a 60 day money back guarantee (no questions asked), which we find very generous

Yoga Burn Review 2018


Positive Aspects Yoga Burn is decent and does a good job of teaching what it aims to teach. It is always refreshing for me to deal with a program that is normal and doesn’t make flashy claims or have exaggerated marketing behind it. Our extensive blacklist of bad products is a testament of all the nonsense we have weeded out on our blog. 1) Credible and Well Done As a fellow yoga teacher, Zoe Bray-Cotton knows what she is doing. She teaches yoga with a passion and a great deal of experience. Her DVDs take us on a loving journey into the most tranquil type of fitness that you do. Not only are all of the exercises well done, Zoe also manages to get people into yoga who never thought they might like it. 2) It works for everyone No matter if you are 16 or 66 years old, yoga is one of those sports that can be done by anyone almost anywhere. All you need is a mat and a bit of room! Once you know the sequences by heart, you can just do them without following the videos.

Yoga Burn Review 2018


Positive Aspects 3) It targets to the root of all weight issues There are no magic systems or supplements that can get you to lose weight. A lean and healthy figure is all about eating real food and doing exercise. It really is that simple: the only issue is that people want to get to the goal without work. What do Hollywood actors do when they need to lose weight for a new role? Simple, they eat properly and go to the gym. That’s it! Yoga is a type of exercise that many people enjoy more than pure workout, so even if you don’t like exercise, it is a way to start liking it! 4) 60 day Money back guarantee As mentioned before, this is a generous things to do and it removes all reasons to be unsure about this program. You can test it for two months, after all! 5) Bonuses If you click here to go to the official website, you get the important bonuses with your Yoga Burn order.

Yoga Burn Review 2018


The Neutral 1) Discipline Yoga Burn is great, but like all exercise it needs discipline. You need to actually stick to it and really do those exercises regularly to see and maintain results. This is just how it is! People fail at losing weight only because they either don’t want to give up on unhealthy food or they can’t get themselves to do any kind of fitness. 2) Limited to Yoga I love yoga, but remember that you also need to eat well in order to be healthy and good looking. Trust me, nutrition is not as intuitive as it seems, but also not as hard as some people want to make it sound. Soon, we will review some guides for eating here on our blog and we shall link to them here. Negative Aspects None! We’re talking about a proper yoga fitness program, not about some diet scam or weird supplement nonsense. We don’t even bother writing reviews for bad products and simply put them on our blacklist for everyone to see and avoid! So if you found here by googling “yoga burn scam review” or something like “yoga burn negative reviews”, rest assured: proper fitness always works. It works better than any diet and any supplement (better stay away from those).

Yoga Burn Review 2018


Our Results! Monica, our friend here in Honolulu, is 34 years old and was 62 pounds overweight when we started our Yoga Burn review 3 months ago. For our review, Monica has not changed anything about her lifestyle or eating habits and only followed the Yoga Burn system to the letter. Although Ellie and I are already fit and slim, but we accompanied Monica and did all of the exercises together every other day for 3 months. The goal was to get Monica on a path to significantly reduce her 62 pounds of extra weight. Have we succeeded? Important: When you start working out, you are going to lose some weight (fat) but also gain some weight (muscles) at the same time! Since muscles are denser than fat, you can get heavier at first before you start getting lighter. So don’t be discouraged! Building up musculature is good and we don’t mind the weight it adds to our bodies. It is the fat we are trying to get rid of! After the first month, Monica had lost around 10 pounds, which is perfectly fine given that she didn’t change her eating habits at all and built some muscle mass along the way. After the second month, she was down by 22 pounds overall and her muscles were getting noticeably more firm. Yoga Burn Review 2018


Our Results!

At this point, Monica was really getting into yoga and berated herself that she had never listened to me before. Finally, after the third month, she had reduced her overall weight by 37 pounds, still building muscle. Note that heavier people lose more pounds in the same period of time. Obviously, we want our friend to get down to a lean figure, so we have started to change her eating habits and told her to put different food on the table. No more pizza for you, Monica! By making small changes in her diet and by keeping up the Yoga Burn sequences, we estimate that she should reach her ideal weight in another 3 months. Zoe Bray-Cotton does a great job and if you apply her yoga program consistently, I have no doubt you get positive results. After all, this is proper exercise, not a some “method�! You can get the program if you click here

Yoga Burn Review 2018


Yoga Burn Review 2018  
Yoga Burn Review 2018  

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