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Close up and focussed

PROEXPOSURE works with aspiring photographers and filmmakers from different PROEXPOSURE works with aspiring corners of the world, empowering them to tell their photographers and filmmakers from own storiescorners from their unique perspectives. different of own the world, empowering them to tell their own stories from their own unique perspectives.

We showcase and sell our photographers’ work.

Our photographers provide a diverse range of images of life in their countries

Capturing life in a fresh and intimate way.

Letting you get close up and in there.

Our photographers are based in a diversity of countries and situations, not only geographically but also culturally

And their interests are reflected in PROEXPOSURE’s bank of images

As are their customs and traditions

The photographers can be commissioned just as special picture requests can usually be met.

PROEXPOSURE: changing the way we see the world.

Close up and focused