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Tendencias en Ropa Interior - Agosto & Septiembre

TENDENCIASLINGERIE Nuestra primera edición de TENDENCIAS busca mostrarle al Empresario Colombiano las ultimas inclinaciones del mercado en Estados Unidos en el sector de Ropa Intima y proporcionarle información relevante que le permita mejorar su oferta.

Intimates Trend: The Great Bright Way Taking a cue from the recent runways, lingerie designers are adding a heady dose of neon and jewel tones to their latest looks. FROM: WWD Issue 07/23/2012 WWD Intimates Issue 07/23/2012

Neones en Ropa Interior Influenciado por los recientes desfiles, los diseñadores de ropa interior están dándole un poco de brillo y colores vistosos a sus últimos diseños.


FASHIONMONTHLY September 17, 2012

Sabrina Nadal’s cotton jersey and lace T-shirt and shorts. Photo By Franck Mura

Bodas’ polyamide and elastane tulle bra and panties. Photo By Franck Mura

Yasmine Eslami’s polyamide and elastane bra and panties. Photo By Franck Mura

Natural Wonders: Seventies Looks Making a Comeback in Intimates By Samantha Conti

FROM: WWD Issue 07/23/2012


WWD Intimates Issue 07/23/2012

Triangle bras, sheer fabrics and a naturallooking silhouette that doesn’t require underwire or padding are increasingly in demand, leading European brands, including Agent Provocateur, Eres, Bodas and Yasmine Eslami, to report an

uptick in sales of softer and less-constructed silhouettes. The reasons range from comfort to fashion and aesthetics to changes in the way women project their femininity.

Resaltando la Silueta Natural


Brasieres triangulares, telas ligeras y un look natural es la tendencia que estamos viendo en ropa interior femenina, la cual busca resaltar el cuerpo de la mujer y su silueta natural, recordándonos esos looks de los 70s donde no se requería estructura.

FASHIONMONTHLY September 17, 2012

Intimates: Control-Top Chic By LAUREN MCCARTHY FROM: WWD Intimates Issue 07/23/2012 WWD Issue 07/23/2012

Natural Wonders: Seventies Looks Ever since the days of Jane Austen, women have been faking their figures with Making a Comeback in Intimates: Panties Plus, parent company of the Kathy Ireland and Lady Princess brands, has added decorative designs to its garments, as opposed to the basic micro-fabrics predominantly used in the past. “Shapewear is worn as underwear today, so people want to feel good about their shapewear the same way that they do about the lingerie that they wear,” said chief executive officer Abe Hanan.


And while the category has obviously progressed since the days of whale-bone constructions, modern slimwear still remains a carefully concealed item. Yet the latest wave of tummy-tuckers is begging to be shared. “A lot of companies are doing this new ‘shapewear you can show,’ and I think it’s great,” said Mia Holtzman, sales and marketing manager at Julie France. “You can’t always dress in a way to hide everything from your neck to your ankles. Sometimes, something is going to show.

With the resounding sentiment, “This is not your grandmother’s girdle,” shapewear firms are noting a rise in sales across all ages, with clientele including high school prom-goers, brides-to-be and yes, even grandmothers. Current best-selling trends, they report, include when you take off your clothing you feel lace detailing, thinner fabrics and camisoles and comfortable and confident wearing it,” said leggings that can be worn as clothes. Ranu Mukherjee, brand marketing manager at Dreamwear Inc., which controls Bethenny Still, as demand grows, some companies are Frankel’s Skinnygirl Solutions. “But you really struggling to balance the fashion and function have to be careful about adding hardware or elements of design. details that you can actually see through clothes.” “We have to make sure that it’s sexy so that

Ropa de control Chic Las tendencias en ropa de control han cambiado desde sus inicios donde las barillas metálicas e incomodas eran usadas; actualmente la ropa de control se usa como un artículo de moda el cual incluye no solamente micro fibras sino también diseños innovadores con telas inteligentes, buscando un balance entre diseño y funcionalidad, para adaptarse a un gran número de mujeres que demandan mas estos productos sin importar la edad.


FASHIONMONTHLY September 17, 2012

Spring 2013 Intimates Trend: Time After Time Victorian influences abound for spring as lingerie designers tap the era with demure lace, scalloped trimmings and the softest of pale cotton voiles. Styled By Bobbi Queen

Primavera 2012 Para la primavera del 2013 esperamos ver una influencia Victoriana en la ropa interior la cual presenta el uso de algodón con un diseño recatado y conservador resaltando la figura natural de la mujer.


FASHIONMONTHLY September 17, 2012

Invista to Launch Revolutionary New Technology

A marketing image for Lycra fiber W Technology.

Photo By Courtesy Photo

Invista Inc. hopes to shake up the textile and intimate-apparel industries with the retail launch of the new Lycra fiber W Technology in branded lingerie for spring 2013. By KARYN MONGET

Invista Inc. hopes to shake up the textile and intimate-apparel industries with the retail launch of the new Lycra fiber W Technology in branded lingerie for spring 2013.

Invista lanza nueva tecnología en ropa interior Invista espera revolucionar a los productores de ropa interior con la inducción de su nueva tecnología llamada Lycra fiber W Technology la cual tiene características especiales como la uniformidad, la facilidad para moldear y la claridad para los colores diseñada especialmente para ropa interior y ropa de dormir.


The new technology — which was introduced to the trade in Shanghai in fall 2011 — has enhancements that Invista claims will upgrade all categories of intimates and sleepwear, as well as elastics and laces. The new level of

Watch a Video on the New Technology Here >>

performance in elastane fibers is designed to offer improved whiteness retention, uniformity, better color clarity and better molding for fabrics and garments.

Steve Stewart, Invista Apparel’s global director of intimate apparel and swimwear, described the new technology as providing “styling flexibility and technical and fashion Bob Kirkwood, executive vice president of Invista’s technical and options that weren’t possible before.” marketing unit, said the new technology will provide customers “This technology package with a “better starting point in incorporates new spinning garment-making.” technology and proprietary dye“Over the years, the Lycra fiber pickup technology that enables the brand has delivered multiple fiber to become the invisible secret breakthroughs in the apparel that delivers truly visible industry. We are proud to be improvements for today’s intimate providing this new technology to our customers as we continue to apparel,” explained Stewart. push the needle forward in the apparel industry,” said Kirkwood.

FASHIONMONTHLY September 17, 2012

Innerwear Trend: Counter Points Color is a big deal in ready-to-wear this season, but what’s more classic than blackand-white? Lingerie designers are working the combo to chic effect with lace, oversize bows and simple shapes. WWD Issue 08/20/2012

Tendencias en Colores No hay nada mas clásico que el blanco y el negro a la hora de escoger que usar en esta temporada en ropa interior que vienen fuerte usando diseños chic con una silueta natural.


FASHIONMONTHLY September 17, 2012

Spring 2013 Trend: Dot to Dot Whether large or small, sweet or sexy, polka dots are back in the lingerie and legwear markets for another season. By CATERINA SANDOVAL

Tendencia Primavera 2013 Para la primavera del 2013 esperamos ver los puntos predominar el patrón en ropa interior, medias y ropa de dormir.


FASHIONMONTHLY September 17, 2012

Intimates Trend: Under the Influence A slew of richly costumed TV shows is influencing lingerie in the consumer market.

Whether it’s gossamer sheer gowns or deconstructed corsetry in exotic mixes of fabric, metal and leather in HBO’s medieval fantasy, “Game of Thrones”; handcrafted, built-in corsets that prop up bustlines in Showtime’s Italian dynasty drama, “The Borgias,” or slinky silk camis and slips decked with embellished necklines in the Twenties tale “Boardwalk Empire,” also on HBO, lingerie is helping to capture the ambience and look of the story line.


FASHIONMONTHLY September 17, 2012


RELATED STORY: Costume Designers Behind 'The Borgias,' 'Game of Thrones' and 'Boardwalk Empire' Movies and TV shows have had a role in fashion costume designer Gabriella Pescucci says late design for decades, especially when the cast is 15th-century artists are her favorite source. dressed in highly stylized apparel, undergarments “[Portraits by] painters like [Agnolo] Bronzino, and accessories. Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs [Sandro] Botticelli, [Domenico] Ghirlandaio, and Prada were among the top designers who Pinturicchio [Bernardino di Betto], Raffaello, looked to the first season of AMC’s hit series [Vittore] Carpaccio and [Pietro] Perugino “Mad Men” in 2007 for their collections, and feature noblemen with their ladies and the Vera Wang got into the act a year earlier with lifestyle of that world,” she told WWD. “That her “Deadwood”-inspired lineup, influenced by became for me the main inspiration for ‘The the HBO frontier drama. Borgias.’ Paintings are very important during any [historical] research process for me to get It’s no surprise that lingerie and sleepwear inspiration of any kind.” designers are also influenced by such shows, particularly the new breed of period dramas and The fascination with TV dramas and period historical fiction and fantasy series.  costumes was supercharged by “Mad Men,” which continues to bring Sixties style to the fore “These shows give me lots of amazing ideas,” via its Madison Avenue ad agency story line. said Sara Romoli, who launched her Trappola di Vintage bras and girdles — tailored yet buxom Venere collection of corsetry on silhouettes — are obviously key to the look. this month. “There is no That influence spilled into the retail world in doubt that the popularity of ‘The Borgias’ has 2011 when Banana Republic successfully had an influence on me with my Italian launched the Banana Republic “Mad Men” background. It’s interesting for me to see how Collection for men and women. Italian life and styles from the past are depicted in the series. Janie Bryant, costume designer for “Mad Men,” believes it’s no accident that designers and “I love how the amazing vintage jewelry is consumers are infatuated with period dramas. incorporated with the corsets as well as the “Viewers want ‘Camelot,’ especially after all of different kinds of jacquard fabric,” continued the mean cop and ER shows and ugly reality Romoli, who said “Game of Thrones” and “The shows,” she said. “They want to get into their Tudors” have also influenced past designs. “One favorite period or fantasy shows because the of my new corset styles, The Rhea, was images are beautiful and nostalgic, and they influenced strongly by the costumes in this make an impact on how people feel, look, shop show. I developed it using a black jacquard and dress. I love watching what other costume fabric with a print on the front and added some designers are doing on shows like ‘The Borgias’ unique vintage jewelry as an accessory.” and ‘Boardwalk Empire’ because they inspire me, too.” As for the actual costumes in “The Borgias,” its

FASHIONMONTHLY September 17, 2012

From a sleepwear designer’s perspective, Flora Nikrooz says period dramas on TV have been “huge” for her aesthetic. “I’m a big fan of these shows and for spring 2013, the influence of ‘Game of Thrones’ is very strong in my collection. I did a long pleated, sheer chiffon gown based on one of the characters, Daenerys, Mother of Dragons, as well as very rustic-looking Venise lace accents that have an earthier look embellished with miniature shells,” said Nikrooz, whose namesake label is produced by Age Group. “From ‘The Borgias,’ I focused on opulent looks, like highly decorated bodices encrusted with ornate pearls and glitter. I continue to be inspired by ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and I’m doing playful rompers with mushroom pleats, flapper-style camis and tap pants, and feathers and Art Deco paneling. I expect these Twenties-inspired looks to continue being bestsellers at retail.”

Influencias en Ropa Interior La televisión y la películas tiene una gran influencia en las tendencias de moda que vemos a diario, y para una muestra de esto es la ropa interior que viene siendo fuertemente influenciado por programas como The Borgias, Game of Thrones” and “The Tudors y que han sido tomados por grandes diseñadores como Michel Kors, Prada y Marc Jacobs, que se han inspirado en estos programas para sacar sus colecciones, en las cuales encontramos un estilo renacentista y de película.


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