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BIOCATE Biocate Ltd., was founded in 2003 by a group of professionals in the areas of chemical engineering, mechatronics, medicine, microbiology, marketing and advertising, and business administration in order to carry out R + D + i interests of agro-industrialization of the avocado. Biocate Ltd is a company dedicated to agro-industrial development of the avocado oil through processes of research, development and innovation, production and marketing of avocado oil and natural alternative products for the healthcare and beauty.

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Julian Garcia (57) +1 702 9535 Bogota, Colombia

Products: Biocate avocado oil is 100% natural, derived from the pulp of this fruit. Biocate is obtained through a fully physical process ensuring that the nutrients are preserved without any alteration or damage in their physicochemical properties, beneficial for health care and beauty.

COOPARMAYO Cooparmayo, is a company of people dedicated at 100% to the agricultural activities in which two native communities are included, these are: Camentsa ethnicity, and Inga ethnicity. We produces essential oils and herbal extracts of herbs grown in the fertile fields of campos del Valle de Sibundoy, in Putumayo (Colombian Amazon). The great biodiversity of the region allows to grow different types of native plants, aromatics, and frutal ones. The company counts with the essencial facilities and machines necessary to make and produce any kind of essencial oils that due to their high purity allows them to be competitive at international levels.

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Carlos Portilla (57) 312 854 5538

Cooparmayo Sibundoy - Putumayo, Colombia

Products: Citronella oil Lemongrass oil Thyme oil Basil oil


Research and development of biocosmetics with exotic fruits and herbs from Colombia. Products: Organic cosmetics: Skin & Body care, Hair care, Well -being items.

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Jonh Garzon (57) 300 212 2634 Bogota, Colombia


Kahai SAS is the first company in the world to industrialize and commercialize the Kahai Oil. This oil is extracted by cold pressing the almonds of the Kahai tree. This natural serum is an extraordinary anti-aging oil that reunites the best qualities of the top oils in the market. It has 3 times more Vitamin A than Rose Hip Oil, 50% more Vitamin E than Argan Oil and contains 77% Vitamin F. Products: Kahai Oil

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Alberto Jaramillo (57) 314 662 9789 Bogota, Colombia

LABORATORIOS FRANCOL Laboratorios Francol was established in 2002 in Colombia. Inspired by natural and pristine surroundings we create formulas that combine botanical treasures with scientific research, and modern techniques. We are committed to support sustainable practices and environmental friendly methods to clear Colombian rivers. The natural resources of our products are fair traded and benefit local communities. Laboratorios Francol has partnered with the Corporacion de Defensa de la Meseta de Bucaramanga- CDMB to protect, to preserve water sources and to promote farming best practices.

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Oscar Mauricio Franco Ulloa (57) 315 805 5342 Bucaramanga, Colombia

Products: Essential Oils: Sweet Orange Lemongrass Spearmint Eucalyptus Tangerine Rosemary Spikenard Lippia Alba

Basil Tarragon Calendula Bay Leaf Oregano Thyme Lemon Verbena


Neyber is a company that since 1986 has been dedicated to comercialize raw materials for cosmetics and cosmoceutical industry and also has a reseach department of colombian native plants from its crop to its expotation, respecting the environment and achieving stable natural extracts. Products:

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Oscar Bernal Calle (57) +1 231 6074 Bogota, Colombia

- Cupuaรงu butter (INCI name Theobroma Grandiflorum Seed Butter). - Lippia alba Leaf/Stem oil: the essentail oil obtained form the aerial parts of Lippia alba. - Lippia Origanoides essential Oil - Thymus vulgaris essential Oil, Oenocarpus bataua - Oil and Aloe barbadensis leaf extract.

TROPICOIL LTDA TropicOiL Ltd is a Colombian company established with the objective of developing and producing new speciality oils from Colombian native plants that can be used as active ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. We follow sustainability principles throughout the production process, aimed at generating positive impacts not only in the conservation of the forests where we obtain the raw materials, but also in the lives of our suppliers. TropicOiL is a strategic partner in the process of sourcing new vegetable oils and in the development of new natural cosmetics. Contact E-mail Phone Website

Jose Andres Diaz (57) +1 311 9045 Bogota, Colombia

Products: Vegetal Oils

WALIWA Waliwa Amazonian Natural Products is a manufacturing company which wants to bring to the world the best products and ingredients from the Andean and Amazonian biodiversity. We have partnerships with native Amazonian communities and women foundations looking for welfare of the people we work with. Labels and Certificates: BPM Cosmètica in our laboratoy, PETA (No animal testing)

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Myriam Moya Suta (57) +1 247 5166 Bogota, Colombia

Products: - PEACH PALM EXTRACT OIL : Bactris gasipae oil extract, Origin: Amazonian rainforest - WALIBLEND™: passiflora eduils / passifloraceae oil mixed with bactris gasipae oil. - Campomanesia lineatifolia Hydroglycolic extract. - Tibouchina Lepidota, hydroglycolic extract - Myrimol: Erythrina edulis extract

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