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F  OOD AND BEVERAGE INDUSTRY Handling our raw materials sparingly and carefully. The rapidly growing world population makes this essential. And this certainly applies to our production processes; we simply cannot

afford to waste products through spills or other losses. P  ETROCHEMICAL INDUSTRY If there is one sector that places high priority on safety, it is the petrochemical industry.

In addition, the environment and legislation play an important role in the sector’s business operations and production processes. Therefore, handling raw materials sparingly is also the motto here.

WE ARE PRODUSAFE Optimising your production

consequences of this can be enormous. The

processes is a complex task.

preventive inspection of production installations

Many aspects play a role, in

avoids these problems. ProduSafe is your effective

particular those in the area of

partner in:

safety and quality requirements.

• Periodically checking the installations for possible defects;

It is here that we can help you.

• Preventive inspection of high-risk locations related to Preventive inspection

contamination or infection.

Millions are lost annually on products that do not

We have developed a unique system for our activities:

meet the quality requirements, let alone on products

IRAS | Inspect - Report - Advise - Solve.

that are put on the market when they shouldn’t be. The

A  GRICULTURAL SECTOR Many foodstuffs originate from the agricultural sector. Due to the increase in scale and specialisation, large farms and companies have arisen that place great importance on keeping their hygiene in order. For instance, this is essential for

equipment such as cutting, grading and milking machines. PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY The most stringent regulations and standards apply in the pharmaceutical industry. This makes sense, because

the contamination or the incorrect production of a product can have disastrous consequences for the consumer. Therefore, the industry is obliged to follow numerous national and international protocols and procedures.

Produsafe B.V. Rijksstraatweg 32 Geldermalsen The netherlands

PO box 105 4190 CC Geldermalsen The netherlands

t. +31 (0)345 59 60 70 INFO@PRODUSAFE.COM

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Optimising your production processes is a complex task. Many aspects play a role, in particular in the area of safety and quality requiremen...

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