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Continent Awards 2015 Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards Magazine is recognised all over the world for our comprehensive awards programs we run, taking votes from countries all over the world to recognise the most prestigious professionals in their specialised areas of practice. The Continent Awards 2015 recognises a select number of leading professional firms around the world working both nationally and internationally in their field of expertise. Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards selects the best professional & financial institutions from around the world and showcases there work ethic and skills within their area of expertise. The Awards Magazine is aimed at not just the large corporations but the smaller companies of the advisory business sector. Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards is currently being read by Lawyers, Advisers, Consultants and corporate executives. We aim to showcase every company individually and to its full potential.

Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards Magazine Continent Awards 2015 20 Essex Street Chambers Commercial Arbitration Lawyer of the Year – UK Campbells Insolvency & Restructuring Law Firm of the Year – Cayman Islands Cavendish Corporate Finance LLP IT & Technology Advisory Firm of the Year – UK Deep & Far Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year – Taiwan Gagrats Advocates & Solicitors Banking & Finance Law Firm of the Year – India George Z. Georgiou & Associates LLC Civil Law Firm of the Year – Cyprus Gober Hilgers PLLC Government Law Firm of the Year – USA Goodrich, Riquelme y Asociados IP Law Firm Of The Year – Mexico Id est avocats sàrl Data Security & Privacy Law Firm of the Year – Switzerland

ING Belgium Leveraged Finance Provider of the Year and Bank of the Year – Belgium Intercorp Group Taxation Law advisor of the Year Konecna & Zacha Real Estate Law Firm of the Year - Czech Republic Mackrell Turner Garrett Full Service Law Firm of the Year UK Meyerlustenberger | Lachenal Rechtsanwälte Real Estate Law Firm of The Year – Switzerland Morton Fraser LLP Asset Based Lending Law Firm of the Year – UK O'Gradys Soliciotrs Corporate Law Firm of the Year – Ireland PCB Litigation LLP Asset Recovery Law Firm of the Year – UK

Sadis & Goldberg Domestic & Offshore Hedge Funds Law Firm of the Year – USA Saxinger, Chalupsky & Partner Rechtsanwälte GmbH (SCWP Schindhelm) Advisor of the Year 2014 - M&A, Real Estate, Banking & Finance and Corporate Law firm of the Year - Austria

IT & Technology Advisory Firm of the Year - UK

During our 25 years, Cavendish has only acted for business owners. Over the past 12 months we have advised on the sale of 22 businesses, helping proprietors achieve the best possible price for their companies, in what remains a tough economic environment, and finding new owners who can take those businesses forward and accelerate their growth and performance. Understanding the range of businesses and technologies to a micro level is the challenge we at Cavendish have set ourselves. Helping us achieve this objective are our specialist team led by experts with backgrounds in fields such as engineering and finance together with years spent in corporate finance. Our entrenched expertise in so many subsectors is matched by unrivalled contacts with leading UK and multinationals. In addition we can leverage centres of excellence within M&A International such as the oil and gas team in Dallas, our aerospace team in Seattle or the automotive and aerospace hub in Germany. M&A International Inc. was created in 1985 to harness the entrepreneurial spirit of a group of highly specialised and focused merger and acquisition advisory firms across the globe. The professionals within M&A International Inc. possess extensive experience in completing transactions with global organisations in a wide range of industries. This achievement, on behalf of our clients, has afforded M&A International Inc. outstanding success in mergers and acquisitions, placing us in a leading position among advisory firms worldwide. The Exit Review is an essential component of the Cavendish approach to marketing businesses because it is the most effective way to achieve the highest value for your business. The Cavendish Exit Review is part of a uniquely holistic approach to selling combining the disciplines of management consulting with corporate finance in a way that old fashioned corporate finance houses and accountants simply cannot deliver. This detailed, stringently conducted, strategic process can be concluded within two months at any time from 6 months to 3 years before sale – in corporate terms not a long period but it can yield disproportionately enormous benefits.

It has been a great year for Cavendish, with a highlight being the sale of Scott Dunn, the award winning luxury travel brand to Inflexion Private Equity Partners LLP. The Scott Dunn process launched in midSeptember 2014 and completed in December 2014, which is exceptionally quick for a business of this size and complexity. Another outstanding achievement for Cavendish was the sale of Fandstan Electric Group Limited to Wabtec Corporation, a US based Global provider of value-added, technology-based products and services for the rail and transit industry, which was completed in just over a year, with the company selling for £131m. To achieve such success against such a difficult market backdrop, we have developed an unrivalled knowledge of potential buyer pools and established teams of sector specialists, who are recognised authorities in their areas offering business owners expert advice on the best preparation, strategy and likely buyers to ensure a successful sale. Utilising our international network of M&A advisors we have continued to source overseas buyers, who typically pay a premium for UK businesses – about half of the companies we sold last year were to international buyers. There are almost no other firms that operate in the corporate finance arena that have the sole purpose of selling businesses; most represent buyers as well and this invariably begs the question by astute owners of business, are our advisors completely aligned with us? For 25 years, Cavendish’s answer has been unequivocally “yes”.

Contact Details: Cavendish Corporate Finance LLP 40 Portland Place London W1B 1NB

Tel: 020 7908 6000 Email@

Tax Consulting Firm of the Year – Brazil Intercorp Group is a privately owned high-level consulting firm, which provides tax, estate planning and fiduciary structures solutions to high net worth families. Intercorp Group provides advice with responsibility, liability and execution. It functions as an accessible interface, streamlining intelligence from an elite global network of professionals and specialists; ultimately bestowing on clients knowledge, confidence and solutions to handle their matters in the best possible way. With a strong heritage in tax consulting, the scope of Intercorp Group’s expertise has evolved and developed in observation of its clients’ changing requirements, while maintaining a tradition of outstanding client service and the very best intelligence for our clients. The majority of the firm’s engagements comprise the application of an international perspective to traditional concerns such as estate planning and succession, investment structuring, wealth protection, and corporate restructuring. Intercorp works closely with major law firms, consultancies and professional services firms across the world, commissioning and curating a unique library of tailored expertise. Intercorp Group’s clientele is largely represented by high-net-worth Brazilian families whose circumstances benefit from global expertise in the handling of their matters. Families and family businesses across a diverse range of industries retain Intercorp Group as global counsel to design and implement new solutions through a use of widely international resources. Intercorp therefore, becomes part of a consulting committee, contributing a deep multi-jurisdictional understanding to the complex opportunities and challenges they may face. Because of this, we have accrued an unparalleled understanding of matters in the context of many different sectors, affording us the scope to provide bespoke expertise to each family as their needs diversify and evolve.

The resolved approach is always to maintain an omniscient character to the work we provide, never imparting advice or developing solutions in isolation of the context in which they will operate. Intercorp Group operates as a pivotal structure to reconcile the broader needs and nuances of each family with exceptional skill in handling matters internationally whilst retaining its capability to apply a variety of different solutions to ensure the very best outcome. On the occasion that a client’s needs fall outside our sphere of understanding, we will assume the role of that client, engaging our first-class network of professionals to proffer the most effective result. Through our work with many successful and prosperous families, our consultants have developed a deep understanding of the tax systems throughout many jurisdictions across the globe. This expertise is consulted during each of our engagements, from personal estate planning to corporate restructuring of a family business. Intercorp Group provides counsel to clients who are looking to explore the benefits an international perspective may bestow upon their matters. As part of our promise to clients, advice and execution manifest as one service. Intercorp Group is involved throughout the entirety of the process: from determining the scope of the project and explaining its consequences to carefully mapping out its implementation. We are advisors that see ourselves in alliance with the client both unyieldingly liable and responsible for the advice we provide.

Contact Details E-mail:

+44 (0) 20 342 733 08

COMMERCIAL ARBITRATION LAWYER OF THE YEAR UK CHARLES N. BROWER has been a Judge of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal for 30 years, has served as Judge ad hoc of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, and currently serves also as Judge ad hoc of the International Court of Justice. He is also a member of 20 Essex Street Chambers in London. He has served as Acting Legal Adviser to the United States Department of State and as Deputy Special Counsellor to the President of the United States. Judge Brower in 2009 was awarded the American Society of International Law’s Manley O. Hudson Medal for “pre-eminent scholarship and achievement in international law . . . without regard to nationality”; in 2010 received the Stefan A. Riesenfeld Award of the University of California Berkeley School of Law (Boalt Hall) in recognition of “outstanding achievements and contributions in the field of international law”; in 2013 received the American Bar Association’s Section of International Law’s Lifetime Achievement Award; and in 2013 received the Pat Murphy Award of the Institute for Transnational Arbitration of the Center for American and International Law “For Exceptional Civic Contributions and Extraordinary Professional Achievements in International Arbitration.” In October 2014 he became the first inductee into the Legal Media Group Euro money “Hall of Fame” for “significant contributions to commercial arbitration during his career.” In February 2015 he was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from Global Arbitration Review at its awards ceremony held in Washington, DC.

Contact Details The Honorable Charles N. Brower

20 Essex Street Chambers 20 Essex Street London WC2R 3AL England Telephone: +44 20 7842 1200 Fax: +44 20 7842 1270 Email:

Full Service Law Firm of the Year – UK Mackrell Turner Garrett are International Solicitors in London and Surrey. As a founder of Mackrell International, an international network of 4,200 lawyers in 90 firms in 110 offices around the world, we can offer immediate international legal advice and assistance in any jurisdiction worldwide. Nigel is the Managing Partner and Head of Litigation and Dispute Resolution in the London office of Mackrell Turner Garrett. He is experienced in complex litigation matters, and various forms of dispute resolution. Clients include in the banking and hedge fund sector [Indus Capital LLP, KBC Bank NV]; Information Technology and Management [AFD Software, Blue Cube Group]; Property [William Pears Group]; Motor [JLC Ltd (Jaguar Land Rover), Imperial Carriages Limited]; Publishing [Financial-I, Grapo AS]; Restaurant & Entertainment [Sketch, Wainscott Studios]; Architecture & Design [Space Projects Ltd]. Nigel has considerable experience in defending FCA prosecutions, and HMRC Appeals. He is an International committee member for EMEA on Mackrell International, the independent network of 90+ law firms around the world and Chairman of the Business Development Committee for Mackrell International. As a result of the firm’s membership of Mackrell International, Nigel is very experienced in cross-border disputes, and multi-jurisdictional litigation. In 2012 Nigel was named England and Wales Dispute Resolution Lawyer of the Year as well as being appointed Fellow of the Litigation Counsel of America, Member of the Diversity Law Institute and Member of the Trial Law Institute. Contact Details Tel: 00 44 (0) 20 7240 0521

Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year Taiwan Deep & Far attorneys-at-law was founded in 1992 and is dealing with all phases of laws with a focus on the practice in separate or in combination of all aspects of intellectual property rights (IPRs) including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, and/or licensing, counselling, litigation and/or transaction thereof. Area of Practice: Intellectual Property, including patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret. The patent attorneys and patent engineers in Deep & Far normally hold outstanding and advanced degrees and are generally graduated from the top five universities in this country. Our prominent staffs are dedicated to provide the best quality service in IPRs in this country. As a proof, about one half of top 100 incorporations in this country have experiences of seeking patented their techniques, but more than one fifth of the top 100 incorporations has ever used services of this firm. Furthermore, Hi-Tech companies in the science-based industrial park located at Hsin Chu had ever played the most important role in booming the economy of this country. About one half of them has experiences in seeking patented their techniques, and out of more than 50% of the patent-experienced companies in that park have ever entrusted their IPR works to this firm. Experiences: Mr. Yu-Li Tsai, a patent attorney graduated from Department of Electrical Engineering of National Taiwan University (NTUEE), which is the best engineering school in Taiwan. Because of interest in communication system, he then attended in the Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering (GICE) of NTU. During his research life in GICE, he also started to get involved in knowledge and skills of patent-related matters for taking and receiving the qualification of patent attorney. Mr. Tsai also attended to receive an IP master from Law School of University of New Hampshire, also known as Franklin Pierce Center for Intellectual Property, had an internship with InterDigital, Inc., and passed the U.S. Patent Bar Examination. Currently, Mr. Tsai is working for Deep & Far Attorneys-at-Law as a patent attorney.

It is our philosophy to provide competent legal services that other firm cannot comparably provide. The necessitated ensuing problem is how we can so provide? Deep & Far so achieve by selecting, edifying and nurturing peoples who have the following personalities: learned in expertise, morally earnest and sincerely behaved in mind and strictly disciplined between give and take. It is well-believed that such properties are key factors for peoples to properly and competently behave themselves. Because the clients become more understood in the knowledge of IP and more budget-sensitive, they usually want to select an agent who can more efficiently and effectively deal with their IP matters. They often invite bids, set out tenders and call for interview before they decide to entrust a service provider. Taking patent for example, they gather information of costs for patent prosecution, previous works, and firm introduction materials in a preliminary choice stage, and hold an interview to obtain further details of the firm which has passed the preliminary choice stage. We represent international giants, e.g. InterDigital, MPS, Schott Glas, Toyo Ink, Motorola, Cypress, Google, Armani. We always keep updating the newest state of this firm, recruiting elite patent engineers and strictly training them the essential skills, improving the efficiency and quality of service, and developing new strategies that can assist the clients effectively protecting their intellectual property rights. This firm believes that if the efficiency, quality, and enthusiasm of the services can be consistently monitored and maintained, overcoming complexities, challenges or changes is just a result rather than an issue. Our aspiration and directions would be developing more potential clients either in domestic or foreign countries, and expanding the size of this firm to assist more clients in pursuing most satisfactory IP protection. Although the domestic IP market, especially in the patent field in 2013 shrank a little, we expect this situation may finally change because there is a phenomenon that the gross economy is starting to recover in 2014.

Contact details Deep & Far Yu-Li. Tsai Tel: 886-2-25856688#900 Fax: 886-2-25989900//886-2-25978989 Add: 13th Fl., 27 Sec. 3, Chung San N. Rd., Taipei, Taiwan Web: Email:

DEEP & FAR Attorneys-at-Law 13th F1., No. 27, Sec. 3, Chung San N. Rd. Taipei 104, Taiwan, R.O.C. Tel: +886-2-2585-6688 Fax: +886-2-25989900/25978989 Deep & Far was founded in 1992 and is one of the largest law firms in this country. The firm is presently focused on the practice in separate or in combination of all aspects of intellectual property rights (IPRs) including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, and/or licensing, counseling, litigation and/ or transaction thereof. Since this firm edges itself into the IPRs field, the firm quickly comes to fame. As an illustration, this firm often is one of the largest sources from which foreign filing orders originate. The fascinating rise of this firm begins from the founder of Deep & Far attorneysat-law, C. F. Tsai, who is the one first patent practitioner in this country who both has technological and law backgrounds and is qualified as a local attorney-at-law. The patent attorneys and patent engineers in this firm normally hold outstanding and advanced degrees and are generally graduated from the top five universities in this country and/or the university in the US. Our prominent staffs are dedicated to provide the best quality service in IPRs. As a proof, about one half of top 100 incorporations in this country have experiences of seeking patented their techniques, but more than one fifth of the top 100 incorporations are/were clients of this firm. Furthermore, Hi-Tech companies in the science-based industrial park located at Hsin Chu play an important role in booming the economy of this country. About one half of which have experiences in seeking patented their techniques, and out of more than 60% of the patent-experienced companies in that park have ever entrusted their IPR works to this firm. We have experienced in seeking IPR-protections for our clients in more than 100 territories all over the world. We have thousands of IPR-cases respectively prosecuted before official Patent Offices of major industrialized countries. This firm not only is the most competent in IPR-related matters in this country but also is very familiar with IPR-practices in major industrialized countries. As a matter of fact, this firm oftentimes tries and makes precedents of new claim-drafting styles. While we might have become wonderfully famed locally with remarkable appreciation and respects, we would like to extend our services for internationalized or quality service-requiring foreign conglomerated giants, corporations or individuals. We strongly believe that we will win more

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR ISRAEL Ehrlich & Fenster is a leading Israel based Patent and Trademark Attorneys Firm, offering premiere expertise in all matters concerning the protection and prosecution of Intellectual Property. The synergism between highly personalized service and unrivalled expertise in all technological fields has made Ehrlich & Fenster the most reputable IP firm in Israel. The Firm provides Patent, Design, Trademark, Litigation Support and Breeder’s Rights services to Corporations, Institutions, Governmental Institutes, Universities and Individual clients around the world. The firm and its team are renowned for excellence in both the local and international professional arena. Extensive professional knowledge and experience, along with scientific insight enables Ehrlich & Fenster to offer an optimal Intellectual Property strategy, and assisting in managing the intellectual property portfolio, for clients in light of the client’s business strategy, be it in licensing, investment, financing and multi-billion buyout exits and deals. The technical depth of the firm and the industrial and academic experience of the key patent attorneys enables our attorneys to get to the heart of the technical and business aspects of the client’s R&D and product line so that it can provide the protection that the client needs and to which the client is entitled. Key clients include all the major universities and medical and research institutes in Israel such as Ramot at Tel-Aviv University Ltd.; Yeda Research and Development Co. Ltd. at the Weizmann Institute of Science; Yissum Research Development Company of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Ltd.; Technion Research & Development Foundation Ltd.; Ben Gurion University of the Negev Research and Development Authority. The firm has filed patent applications for several Nobel and Wolf Prize laureates as well. Private and public companies for which the firm have performed substantial Intellectual Property work in the recent year include, inter alia, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.; IBM Corporation; Stratasys; Protalix Ltd.; Cheetah Medical; Ceragon Networks Ltd.; Biosensors International Group, Ltd.; Elminda Ltd.; Mobli Media Inc; Nintendo Co Ltd; Plasson Ltd; Playtech Software Ltd; Real Madrid Club de Futbol; Kaiima Ltd. and Cyber-Ark Software Ltd. Main Areas of Practice: Biotech: The department specializes in IP matters in fields such as nucleic acids, peptides, proteins, diagnostics, cell therapy, embryonic stem cells, adult stem cells, protein production, nucleic acid production, modulation of biochemical pathways, immunoreactive and immunomodulating molecules and cells, and their use in the treatment and/ or diagnostics of cancer, cognitive disorders, diabetes, inflammatory

disorders and genetic disorders, genetically modified organisms and their uses in, e.g., agriculture, plant breeding, hybrid seed technology and nutrition to list a few. Contact: DR Hadassa Waterman, Patent Attorney Email: Pharma/Chemistry: The department specializes in IP matters in fields such as pharmacology, chemistry, nanotechnology, material science, energy conversion, cleantech, agrochemistry, cosmetics, nutrition, etc. Contact: DR Revital Green, Patent Attorney Email: Physics: The department specializes in IP matters in fields such as energy conversion, radiotherapy devices, optical waveguides, micro- and nanotechnology, medical signal analyses, medical devices, mechanical devices, solid state devices and many types of imaging technologies. The department also specializes in protecting of non-tangible inventions such as inventions related to data analysis and image processing. Contact: DR Eran Naftali, Patent Attorney Email: Hi-Tech: The department specializes in IP matters in fields such as communications engineering and signal processing, imaging technology, image processing, digital printing technologies, digital electronics, electronic design and simulation technology, semiconductor technology, measurement and sensing, including laser sensing, and ultrasound technologies and touch and smell-based sensing, applications of numerical analysis and algorithms including cryptography and steganography, data security and digital rights management, also Data Storage Technologies and Systems and Data Migration, Network Technologies and Network Management Technologies, including Network Security, and Robotics. Contact: Geoffrey L Melnick, Patent Attorney (Israel), European Patent Attorney, UK Chartered Patent Agent Email: Software, Information System: The Software department has substantial experience in advising clients in relation to intellectual property protection for computer implemented inventions in a wide range of technologies (hardware and software), including search engine technology, electronic commerce and financial services, content distribution, database and memory management, internet security, gaming machines, cellular communications, telecommunications, cloud computing, social network platforms, wireless communication, image processing, multi-media data streaming and management, and network management. In providing invention extraction services to startups and inventors, the Software department includes a team of patent attorneys with strong industry experience and legal background. The department provides services to private inventors, start-up companies, universities, medical centers, and international corporations. Contact: Roy S. Melzer, Advocate, Patent Attorney, Email: Medical Devices: The department specializes in IP matters in fields such as Medical Devices and Methods, Cleantech, Mechanics, Bio-Tech & Industrial instrumentation, Medical Imaging and Interdisciplinary fields such as

Bioinformatics and Computational Chemistry. The department also specializes in strategic design of patent portfolios, value-oriented approach to IP decision making, patent mining services for TTOs, managing re-examinations with licensing and litigation at stake and fine-tuning patents and patent applications for specific needs. Contact: Maier Fenster, Patent Attorney, US Patent Agent Email: Litigation Support: Headed by Dr. Paul Fenster, who has over 20 years’ experience in this area, this department deals with cases which involve actual or potential litigation or which involve due diligence or analysis of patents or patent portfolios during acquisition or investment. The firm advises clients on preparing for litigation and help clients to find suitable representation overseas. The firm continues to be involved in the technical and interface aspects of these litigations remaining deeply involved in these cases during their entire lifetime. The firm has a major part in cases of this type in the US, the EPO, the UK, Germany, Japan, China and Singapore. The firm also represents clients in discussions with foreign patent holders who assert their patents against our clients. Contact: DR Paul Fenster, Patent Attorney Email: Trademarks, Design Patents: The firm provides trademark availability and infringement analysis, advising clients on practical ways to enhance protection of their IP rights by searching and clearing proposed trademarks, obtaining local and foreign trademark registrations, complex prosecution of 3D trademarks and slogans, trademark oppositions, rival proceedings and cancellation actions before the Israeli Trademark Office. Clients range from individuals and start-ups to large Israeli and foreign companies. Example of foreign clients includes Giorgio Armani, Nintendo, Real Madrid, Ulker, Re/Max International. Contact: Yoel Sztybel, Advocate, Email:

Contact Details: G.E. Ehrlich (1995) LTD., The Rogovin-Tidhar Tower, 15th Floor, 11 Menachem Begin Road, 5268104 Ramat-Gan, Israel Tel: +972-73-7919199 | Fax: +972-73-7919100 | |

International Structuring & Domestic Transactions Law Firm of the Year USA Worldwide Financial Advisor Magazine has named Orlando’s Entrepreneur Law Center as the winner of its prestigious Golden Advisor Award and International Structuring & Domestic Transactions Law Firm of the Year in the United States in 2014. Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards selects the best professional & financial institutions from around the world and showcases their work ethic and skills within their area of expertise. The Awards Magazine is aimed at not just the large corporations but the smaller companies of the advisory business sector. The Golden Advisor Award is based on a global study of research and analysis of law firm achievements over the past year, including the complexity, strategic nature, scale, and any groundbreaking or innovative processes that the firm undertakes. The Entrepreneur Law Center, with offices in Orlando and Tampa, Florida, is a unique boutique law firm that offers a wide range of specialized multidisciplinary services. The firm not only offers services related to business planning, mergers & acquisitions, venture capital and private equity, and strategic planning, but its forensic accounting and fraud examination services truly sets the firm apart. This small boutique firm has engaged in a wide range of advisory services, including conducting merger and acquisition due diligence for large multinationals on crossborder transactions as well as advising and structuring foreign acquisitions of companies in the United States. The firm has also been engaged by the Metropolitan Bureau of Investigation, a multi-jurisdictional task force established to fight organized crime, narcotics, racketeering, and vice-related offenses, such as human trafficking. Providing forensic accounting and other financial services related to investigations evolved into a general counsel and outsourced CFO role with the Fraternal Order of Police. Ken Hamner, the firm’s Managing Member said, “having no prior law enforcement background, I never saw myself working on Civil RICO and forfeiture cases or managing the financial affairs of police officers. This is some of the most rewarding work I’ve done.” Steve Klapka, the District 7 Director of the Fraternal Order of Police said, “Hiring Ken as our General Counsel is one of the best moves this organization has ever made. He not only has helped us tremendously with helping us manage our financial and legal affairs, but he has helped many of our members through their lodges negotiate higher compensation in their contract negotiations with the counties. His combined financial and legal skills make him an invaluable strategic advisor.” The firm’s Managing Member, Ken Hamner, began his career in the financial services practice at Arthur Andersen, and after a stopover at Ernst & Young’s consulting practice, became the CFO of an early stage venture before returning to school to retool. Already holding a BS in Accounting and a BS in Finance from George Mason University, Ken went on to earn a JD and MBA from Florida State University, a MS in Entrepreneurship in Applied Technologies from the

University of South Florida and a Master of Accounting in Forensic Accounting from Florida Atlantic University. He is a Master Analyst in Financial Forensics, a Certified Fraud Examiner, a Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor, a Certified Due Diligence Professional, a Certified Business Intermediary, a Licensed Real Estate Broker, and holds a Series 63 FINRA securities license. Internationally, he also completed specialized certificate programs in law at Humboldt University in Berlin, Germany, the China University of Political Science and Law in Beijing, China, and the University of the West Indies in Barbados. Dennis Wilkinson, the General Manager of Transpacific Services for DHL Global Forwarding and previously a senior executive with Kuehne + Nagle and Worldlink Logistics said, “I have worked with many attorneys and Ken was absolutely the best. Without a doubt his common sense approach coupled with flawless strategy produced positive results far greater than expected. Ken has so many skill sets not commonly found in even large law firms. I have called on Ken’s expertise to structure M&A deals, to conduct due diligence on acquisition targets, and for general business insight into a wide variety of matters over the years.” Ken said, in closing, “I’ve enjoyed a career ranging from negotiating cross-border acquisitions in the hundreds of millions of dollars down to buying and selling small businesses. I’ve also had the opportunity to help in turnarounds of companies and help small companies grow to be large and successful. Globalization has started to erode borders and make relationships viable that never would have been possible. I’ve had clients all over the United States, in Canada, the Caribbean, South Korea, Japan, China, in Europe and South America. Technology and global markets have changed our world and will continue to provide opportunities for this firm to help companies expand into new markets and find new customers. This is just the beginning.”

Contact Details The Entrepreneur Law Center, P.L. 250 North Orange Avenue, Suite 1200 Orlando, Florida 32801 Phone: 407-601-4980 Fax: 407-601-4981

Bankruptcy Law Firm of the Year – Mexico Alonso Rivera Gaxiola is a Mexican attorney with more than 20 years of experience. He is a specialist in civil, commercial, corporate and administrative litigation, in bankruptcy proceedings, in national and international financial restructuring, as well as in national and international commercial arbitration. He is founder and directing partner of Rivera Gaxiola, Carrasco y Barrera, S.C. (indistinctly “RGCyB”) Throughout his career, Alonso has faced the most complex cases with tremendous challenges and superb success. Given the complexity and sophistication of international commerce, relations and transactions, financial restructures regularly involve more than one judicial system and culture. This implies that Alonso must exercise great understanding and abilities, as well as a great deal of creativity. When dealing with shareholder disputes, Alonso’s greatest challenge is to avoid a negative effect on the company’s operations and business while the shareholders resolve their differences and the courts adjudicate claims. The cases Alonso takes on regularly require complex strategies focused on solutions that meet his clients’ goals and objectives. Rivera Gaxiola, Carrasco y Barrera (formerly Rivera Gaxiola y Asociados) is a law firm dedicated to litigation, made up of professionals who have the highest level of responsibility and care for its clients. Our main office is located in Mexico City and we have an office in Monterrey, Nuevo León. Our firm has practice throughout Mexico, through our own staff, and by strategic alliances with the most prestigious local firms. Rivera Gaxiola Carrasco y Barrera’s practices include: civil, commercial and administrative litigation in its vast areas, such as bankruptcy proceedings, financial restructuring, shareholder disputes, national and international commercial arbitration, telecommunications, anti-trust, aviation and maritime law, amongst others. “Our firm specializes in civil, commercial and administrative litigation and our practice covers each and every type of litigation in those areas. The added individual experience of our members is incomparable. Some of our partners have more than 20 years of experience litigating at the most diverse courts, both local and federal, in Mexico, in addition to participating in countless disputes that involve bi-national and multi-national litigation. Also, Rivera Gaxiola, Carrasco y Barrera is nationally and internationally recognized as one of the best firms specialized in litigation and in bankruptcy proceedings. Our practice includes the defense of companies under court supervised restructuring proceedings, as well as creditors and government agencies. We have participated not only in countless national proceedings, but the most relevant ones in Mexico, as well as in parallel proceedings in other jurisdictions. Our practice includes counsel and representation to national, international and multi-national entities, governments and governmental agencies. We continuously and very specifically face conflicts between shareholders and their by-laws and regulations, both in public and in privately-owned companies. We know which situation could lead to a

potential dispute, and we either pave the road to mitigate it, or we identify the moment when it is convenient to take actions for our clients. Additionally, we counsel our clients on how to face actions when they are brought up by antagonist groups. In our practice we have represented multiple companies in procedures and amparos (constitutional challenge) against laws, regulations and several general rules. We also provide representation against different administrative actions like those related to public bids and administrative rescission proceedings, for instance. We have great ability and experience in arbitration, having participated in several national and international proceedings, in accordance with the ICC and AAA rules, among others. We have the experience necessary to counsel any operator in the aeronautic, maritime and port industries. Our counsel is not only limited to administrative proceedings directly related to the industry, but includes any other related conflict and dispute, be it against authorities or between individuals.” Despite the economic recession being experienced globally and locally, the biggest challenge for Rivera Gaxiola, Carrasco y Barrera was to ensure that the economic downturn would not affect our customers in the way that is happening in the rest of the world, by ensuring the effective completion of those procedures entrusted to this firm. In addition, today's world requires professionals prepared to face the new challenges that society increasingly demands. The market has become competitive with professional degree in law being graduated by thousands each year, and that is why RGCyB believes on added values of an attorney to stand out from the crowd professionals. Rivera Gaxiola, Carrasco y Barrera has always pursued excellence and success from rigorous recruitment processes for paralegals, lawyers and other professionals involved in the firm in order to maintain the highest levels of competitiveness, with full commitment of all our members with the objectives of this law firm and our clients. We have a large capacity network and its success largely depends increasingly on our ability to interact with other law firms and potential customers. Rivera Gaxiola, Carrasco y Barrera is a law firm that can overcome any obstacle given the strength and solidarity of our team work, effort, knowledge and effectiveness, in costumer benefits. We are professionals able to innovate, to generate favorable results for our clients, and be a trusted agent that transmits honesty, solidarity and confidence. We are increasing our number of of-counsels and making strategic alliances with other professionals that potentially complement our development as a leading law firm in México. Contact Details •Boulevard Manuel Ávila Camacho 32, 11th floor Torre Esmeralda III, Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, Ciudad de México, CP 11000 Distrito Federal, México. • Telephone: +52 55 1084 1230 •

FULL SERVICE LAW FIRM OF THE YEAR PORTUGAL Raposo Bernardo is full service international law firm born 20 years ago, with offices in 9 countries, two continents (Portugal, Spain, Poland, Romania, Angola, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Sao Tome and Principe). Our 70 lawyers are specialized in the structural economic sectors such as Banking and Financial Markets, Energy and Infrastructure, Construction and Real Estate, Health and Pharmaceutical, Insurance, Tourism or Transports. The firm has been consistently recommended by Legal500 EMEA, Chambers and Partners and IFLR1000 in all the relevant practice areas covered for the jurisdictions where it acts. Furthermore, Raposo Bernardo has been recognized by its performance by Finance Monthly, Corporate INTL, ACQ, and many other specialized legal publications. The firm stands for delivering top quality in every operation performed, wherever its jurisdiction, thus enhancing the sharing of relevant knowledge and local experience and transforming it into something useful by all our lawyers in their daily work. We believe this award is further evidence our firm makes a valuable long-term difference in our clients’ businesses. Areas of expertise: Corporate and M&A Banking and Finance Capital Markets Energy and Natural Resources EU and Competition Employment Tax Dispute Resolution Arbitration Public Law Real Estate Intellectual Property Raposo Bernardo managing partners are strong technically, academically best reputable lecturers, and experimented lawyers in complex and innovative international operations. The managing skills are clearly identified by the hierarchy of managing global partners and country managers, who are able to produce a sustainable decision making process to respond to the needs of the international network, in real time. Nelson Raposo Bernardo is the global managing partner of Raposo Bernardo. His reference practice areas are banking and finance, capital markets, corporate law, M&A, project finance and private equity.

He advises national and multinational leading players in operations concerning debt, equity, structured finance and securitisation, M&A, project finance, private equity, restructuring and regulation. He is also strongly experienced and reputed in legislating, being co-author of the present Portuguese Securities Code and has led several legislative reform committees, in several countries, in banking, financial, real estate and construction areas. He has published books and articles on corporate law, banking and contract law, and participated as a speaker in seminars and conferences in Portugal and abroad. He was a member of a commission of the Conselho Superior da Magistratura (Supreme Judicial Council), for the approval of ad-hoc judges (2000) and consultant for Capital Markets of the Portuguese Auditors Association (1998-2006). He holds a degree in Law from the Law School of the University of Lisbon, a Masters in Juridical Sciences (Corporate Law) from the same School, where is he is also presently working on his doctorate in Corporate Law. Assistant Professor of Corporate and Commercial Law at Law School of the University of Lisbon and in Entrepreneurship and Family Enterprise Start-Up and Management courses at INDEG/ISCTE (Audax) (2005-present), one of the best reputed business schools in Portugal. He is chairman of boards of general meetings of several companies and associations. He is fluent in Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. Joana Andrade Correia co-heads Raposo Bernardo’s corporate and M&A department. For over ten years, she has dedicated her work to this area, building a solid experience and notable reputation. Throughout her career, she was involved in numerous relevant domestic and international operations, concerning corporate restructuring and mergers and acquisitions for reference players of different sectors, like pharmaceutical, banking and finance, tourism and energy, among others. Outside the Portuguese jurisdiction, Joana has also participated in elaborating several legislative packages, by invitation of different governments and of the World Bank. She holds a degree in Law from the University of the Lisbon Law School and is a post-graduate in Business and Corporate Law (by the Catholic University of Lisbon), in Legistics (by the University of Lisbon Law School) and in Tourism Law (by the Estoril Tourism School). She is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, French and English.

Contact details Av. Fontes Pereira de Melo, Ed. Aviz, nº 35, 18º, 1050-118 Lisboa – Portugal Tel: (00351) 21 312 1330 Fax: (00351) 21 356 2908 • E-mail: •

IP Law Firm of the Year - Italy Studio Legale Sutti was founded in 1953 by Dr. Angelo Sutti, Knight of the Italian Republic, as an Italian law firm with a strong focus on Company-commercial law and Intellectual property & competition Law, offering its services to local businesses and entrepreneurs. In the late seventies the Firm began an uninterrupted growth cycle, making it eventually one of the ten largest Italian firms, according to a number of independent sources (see for instance the front page of the Wall Street Journal 27/10/1998, or, in Italy, the surveys published by Il Mondo 23/04/1999, ItaliaOggi 03/02/2000, Lombard – The Italian Magazine of International Finance 01/02/2003 and more recently Acquisition International of The Legal Awards 2012. As part of this process, SLS established a Labor & Related Matters Department with its own premises, staffed by lawyers who had already collaborated with the Firm in this area for a number of years. Thus, the Firm was dramatically reorganized – profiting also from an early investment in state-of-the-art IT infrastructures – into a structure based on firm-wide departments, which is still in place. In the mid-eighties, SLS’s practice, while retaining most of its original features – including its emphasis on human resources and teamwork, its commitment to excellence in dispute resolution and its loyalty to a substantial core of domestic clientele – became increasingly involved in the international arena, and began interviewing foreign candidates in its Recruitment operations. This also led the Firm to establish in 1992 its two first representation offices abroad, namely in London and Tokyo, offering the Firm’s services to the local markets; and to participate actively to the life of a number of foreign chambers of commerce and trade associations in Italy. The domestic operation of SLS, which had already included two regional offices serving Northern Italy, respectively situated in the area of Bergamo and Brescia (originally in Trescore Balneario) and in the area of Pavia and the southern Milanese province (in Abbiategrasso), was significantly reinforced in 1993, when the Firm merged with Monti & Partners – another well-known Milan-based law firm active since 1927 in international investments and trade matters, as well as banking and financial law -, and moved its Head Office to the current prestigious premises in Milan, via Montenapoleone 8. The merged firm kept the name Studio Legale Sutti, while Marco Monti, formerly Senior Partner of Monti & Partners, became the new Senior Partner after the premature death of Angelo Sutti. Guido Monti, who founded Monti & Partners and had been its Senior Partner until 1975, remained Of Counsel to Studio Legale Sutti until the age of ninety-eight and 2002, as the dean of Milan Bar and one of the oldest practicing lawyer in Italy. Contact Details: Via Montenapoleone, 8 20121 Milan, Italy

“litigation powerhouse“

—The American Lawyer, L.A. Business Journal, IP Law & Business, Chambers U.S.A., Focus Europe

The last word in Litigation.

Quinn Emanuel Deutschland: Hamburg/Brussels: Dr. Nadine Herrmann Tel: +49 40 89728 7000 (Hamburg) Tel: +32 2 416 5000 (Brussels)

urquhart & sullivan, llp

Litigation only

Mannheim: Dr. Johannes Bukow Tel: +49 621 43298 6000 Munich: Dr. Marcus Grosch Tel: +49 89 20608 3000


Advisor of the Year - 2014 - Maritime Law Firm of the Year – Egypt Nabil Farag Law Firm is dealing with all aspects of business, Trade, Maritime, Arbitration and Financial affairs. We also handle both straightforward and complex legal matters, the firm is covering all aspects of litigation, Legal defence and all other legal affairs, the partners are charging for each department in the firm and may act as a focal point for the client's contact with the firm. Many of our lawyers are specialists in their legal field. In fact, they are experts in their legal work in the firm. Nabil Farag Law Firm was founded in 1991 by its managing partner, DR Nabil Farag. The firm has grown up steadily and is now one of the largest firms in the field of Maritime Law and all aspects of litigation in Egypt. The head office is based in Port Said, and headquarters are based in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez. Each of our clients is unique with particular business concerns. We are giving a personal commitment for all of our clients to understand their cases and objects rapidly and effectively and to expedite solutions by means of clear and practical legal advice and action. The practical application of excellence and cross-utilization of special skills which are provided by all of our lawyers, as professional, culminate in the production of a comprehensive legal package and tailored to the specific circumstances of each client. We have a huge numbers of clients from Europe, USA, Asia, Africa and all over the world, each of our clients is unique with particular business concerns. We are giving a personal commitment for all of our clients to understand their cases and objects rapidly and effectively and to expedite solutions by means of clear and practical legal advice and action. The practical application of excellence and cross-utilization of special skills which are provided by all of our lawyers, as professional, culminate in the production of a comprehensive legal package and tailored to the specific circumstances of each client. Practice Areas: Banking & Finance Commercial & Corporate Litigation Intellectual Property International trade agency disputes

Capital Markets Insurance & Reinsurance Oil & Gas Privatization Tourism & Hotels

Tax Law Mergers and Acquisitions Accounting & Auditing Company management Business Formation Taxation & insolvency Credit work Business consultancy Marketing services Anti-dumping and Trade disputes

Travel & Services Translation Services Project Finance & PPP Law Probate Law Guardianship & Conservatorship Franchising Immigration Bankruptcy & Restructuring Family & Divorce Law School Law (and Special Education).

The Arab Transport Ministers Council, Which was hold on the last year in Alexandria, Egypt, had decided to adopting "The suggestion of establishing specialized maritime courts in the Arab World" which was submitted by Mr/ Nabil Farag, The managing partner of Nabil Farag Law Firm, The Arab Transport Ministers Council, had decided in the article No 4 of his decisions to highly adopted this suggestion and to move this suggestion to "The Arab Justice Ministers Council" to take the necessary steps to execution. Our law firm is handle both straightforward and complex legal matters, We study the case by extra-ordinary ways and preparing searches in full in a high class levels such as a master and doctorate searches exactly to be presenting to the courts in order to get the full success and progress to the clients Our law firm is aspire and preparing to prolong the branches in Europe, USA and Asia through the next few year, The firm is see the market in 2013/2014 is good but it's expected to goahead and straight-forward in 2015.

Contact Details: Nabil Farag Law Firm. ------------------------------------------------Office: 23 July & Abou El-Feda St., El-Shark. Second Floor, El - Shammaa Tower, 42111. P. O. Box: 1036. Port - Said, Egypt. -------------------------------------------------Tel: +20 66 3208888 - +20 66 3208963. Fax: +20 66 3355061. +20 66 3208255. -

Arbitration & Litigation Law Firm of the Year Indonesia Mohamed Idwan (‘Kiki’) Ganie is the Managing Partner of Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo (LGS). He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Indonesia and holds a PhD in Law from the University of Hamburg. Dr. Ganie is a Chairman of the Association of Indonesian Anti-Trust Lawyers, a member of the Regional Panel of the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC), a fellow (FSIarb) of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators, and a Panellist of the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration (KRLCA). Dr. Ganie has more than 30 years of legal experience, and specializes in commercial transactions and commercial litigation, including alternative dispute resolution and has acted as an expert in a number court and arbitration proceedings. His expertise covers general corporate/company law, banking law, finance, bankruptcy and restructuring, mining, investment, acquisitions, infrastructure projects/project finance, antitrust, and shipping/aviation, with a particular focus on corporate governance and compliance. Dr. Ganie’s international commercial transactions and litigation clients include: Goldman Sachs (US), Temasek Holdings (Singapore), Hutchison Whampoa (Hong Kong), and Mitsui (Japan). In the course of Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo’s more than 29 years of service, they have secured their position as the premier Indonesian corporate transaction and commercial litigation law firm. This combination of commercial law experience and litigation uniquely positions LGS to deal with the full range of commercial issues faced by their clients, who include domestic and multinational corporations, public and private companies, Government instrumentalities and State Owned Enterprises. LGS have recently entered into an association with Clyde & Co., an international law firm based in the United Kingdom with offices throughout the world. The goal of the association is to serve the firms’ clients throughout Indonesia and to cater to Indonesian businesses that conduct business abroad, some of their clients are: Adaro Indonesia; American Bureau of Shipping; Astra International; Astratel Nusantara; Bank Mandiri; Charoen Pokphand Indonesia; DBS Bank Ltd; Goldman Sachs; Hitachi; Hutchison (Hong Kong); Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund; Indonesian State Electricity Company (PLN); Japan Tobacco International Indonesia; Krakatau Steel; Liga Primer Indonesia (LPI); Medco Energi International; Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia; Mitsui & Co., Ltd; Mitsui Banking Corporation; Mitsui Indonesia; Pamapersada Nusantara; Sampoerna Strategic; Sime Darby (Malaysia); Simpson, Spence & Young (SSY); Standard Chartered Bank; Sumitomo; Temasek Holdings (Private) Limited; and Unilever Indonesia. LGS’ Founding Partners: Timbul Thomas Lubis heads the Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo litigation section. Mr. Lubis specialises in commercial transactions and company law, as well as labour, property and real estate law.

Mohamed Idwan Ganie is the Managing Partner of Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo. Dr. Ganie specializes in commercial transactions and commercial dispute resolution, and has a focus on corporate governance. Arief Tarunakarya Surowidjojo specializes in corporate law and has acted as the lead lawyer in hundreds of IPOs, rights issues and other capital market transactions, and more than 100 M&A deals. Partners: Abdul Haris Muhammad Rum’s field of expertise includes general corporate, restructuring, capital markets, M&A, project finance, syariah, and oil and gas law. Harjon Sinaga has a strong general corporate background and specializes in commercial litigation, concentrating in the fields of bankruptcy and antitrust. Arisia A. Pusponegoro specializes in M&A, banking and finance and more recently, infrastructure and public private partnerships. Rofik Sungkar’s practice focuses on litigation, debt restructuring and general corporate law. One of their unique selling points is the combination of long-standing commercial law practice and our premier litigation department that has extensive experience in dealing with commercial disputes in the context of alternative dispute resolution as well as litigation in the Indonesian courts. This allows their corporate transaction departments to benefit from such litigation experience to ensure that any transactions handled by the firm are carried out with a view to the potential for future disputes and any existing risks.

Contact Details:

Dr. Mohamed Idwan (‘Kiki’) Ganie Managing Partner Lubis Ganie Surowidjojo Address: Menara Imperium 30th Floor Jl. H. R. Rasuna Said Kav. 1 Kuningan Jakarta 12980, Indonesia Tel: +62 21 831-5005, 831-5025 Fax: +62 21 831-5015, 831-5018 Email: Website:

Advisor of the Year 2014 - Greece Corporate Finance Accountancy Firm of the Year KPMG in Greece is member of the global KPMG network of professional services firms. With a presence in Greece since 1971, we are 400 outstanding local professionals providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services, to help our clients meet their goals. Our team combines cumulatively over 100 years of expertise related to various industries and areas of expertise, such as investment banking, industrial companies, audit, tax and legal, thus being able to source the ideal experts for each engagement in order to deliver a unique and value added service to the client. The corporate finance practice of KPMG Greece has served as a pioneering advisor to a large number of clients and decision makers including global corporations in the retail/consumer goods industry, manufacturing, telecoms, banking, infrastructure and pharmaceuticals. Services offered include M&A, Valuations, Capital Raising, Restructuring, and Structured Financial Modelling as well as Private Equity Advisory services. KPMG’s corporate finance arm has been among the leading advisory firms to be appointed as advisors to the Hellenic Republic in advising them in privatizations and restructuring projects. Our Corporate Finance practice is led by professionals having a vast combined experience of over 30 years in advisory and investment banking practices. Certain macroeconomic conditions in Greece have driven many companies in financial difficulties and indebtedness. In this context, companies have to strive dealing with correlated difficulties such as high unemployment, low private consumption, lack of liquidity, low investing appetite, real estate properties devaluation and increased corporate taxation. KPMG has met each client’s expectation in a very challenging and demanding environment, where creativity is also required when taking all these factors in consideration when providing the best advice to our clients. Indicative List of Clients we have worked with recently, include: Forthnet S.A. (listed telco) Power Public Corporation National Bank of Greece

Ilva Group A leading resorts operator (undisclosed) Eurobank SA Starbulk (NASDAQ listed company) Hellenic Republic – restructuring and privatization projects Delhaize Group Goodyear Hellas Dromeus Capital We normally build our solutions based on our previous experience in similar cases, and are flexible enough to draw on the relevant expertise outside our organization when required. That being said, we do also deliver tailor made services to meet our clients’ objectives in very complex projects. The local market will be highly affected by the progress in the political scene and the results of the elections which are to take place by the end of January. The debate for the so-called “Grexit” has come up again, but we believe that a smoother solution will prevail. Assuming that no macroeconomic accident will occur in 2015, we will continue to grow the Corporate Finance practice with a focus on the most promising sectors of the Greek economy such as tourism, the financial sector and telecommunications. Debt restructuring and refinancing issues will continue to be of priority within 2015 too.

Contact Details KPMG Greece Thanos Tsotsoros Director, Financial Advisory Services, Head of Corporate Finance & Restructuring. tel. + 30 210 60 62 100

IP Law Firm Of The Year – Mexico With more than 75 years of experience, Goodrich has a long tradition of standing alongside its clients when helping them make their business objectives a reality. By means of a cross practice among service areas and industry teams, our carefully trained lawyers achieve an innovative approach towards the rendering of contemporary legal services tailored to the demanding business community worldwide. We pride ourselves in knowing what drives key industry sectors and are able to provide on a daily basis, the best creative and cost-effective business solutions beforehand. Our clients are medium-size, as well as leading global companies of numerous nationalities and economic sectors. We ensure that our clients are competently represented wherever their businesses take them. This is why, in addition to our network of correspondents in Mexico and our own office in Paris (since 1971), Goodrich actively participates as founder firm of the Bomchil Group, an association of independent law firms with offices in practically every Latin American country. Today, Goodrich has a professional and administrative staff of over 250. Professional ethics and effective team work, leading to solid solutions and constant innovation are embedded throughout our firm. In addition to sponsoring training programs for our lawyers, both, nationally and internationally, we encourage the participation of our partners as part time lecturers and research fellows in high ranking law schools in Mexico. Goodrich actively participates in trade associations, local and international bars. Some of our members are frequently invited to speak at both, domestic and foreign conferences, as well as to hold leadership positions in sections of bar associations and industry organizations. Last but not least, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, pro bono work and gender equality are also essential elements of our existence. In our firm we are constantly striving to renew ourselves and in being prepared to face the everchanging legal challenges that lie ahead. We are a firm of young lawyers with the highest professional and ethical standards. Practice Areas: Antitrust Banking & Finance Bankruptcy Corporate & M&A Environment Law & Climate Change

Immigration Intellectual Property Labor Law & Social Security Litigation & ADR Mining & Natural Resources Oil & Gas Power Generation & Clean Energies Real Estate & Tourism Tax Law & International Trade TMT Transportation The vast majority of our intellectual property work is for non-Mexican companies conducting business in Mexico. Our staff of attorneys, engineers and computer specialists helps adapt foreign patent specifications and claims to Mexican law, secure patent inventions and trademark registration and maintain them by handling the necessary renewals. Our computer system, which is linked to the Mexican Patent and Trademark Department, permits us to provide our clients with a timely notice of their intellectual property matters. We also perform trademark searches and prepare and register license agreements. Due to recent changes in technology, we are increasingly being called on for assistance in licensing and litigation relating to computer software as well as for complex licensing negotiations and settlements involving patents, trademarks and copyrights. Our lawyers handle litigation for clients in all areas such as licensing, patent and trademark infringement, including counterfeiting, unfair competition cases, pirating and unlawful duplication of computer software. We are active players in Entertainment and Sport deals. In keeping with our pioneering spirit and desire to be in the vanguard of international legal developments, Goodrich opened a European office in 1971 in Paris. Today the Paris office is attended by qualified Mexican attorneys who speak French. They handle the needs of our European clients with interests in Latin America. The lawyers travel widely throughout Europe, maintaining close contacts with leading European law firms, companies and business organizations and participating in international conferences and forums on matters affecting Latin America. Modern communications allow us to support our Paris office with the full resources of the Mexico City office. Goodrich recognized long ago that our clients’ needs required us to extend our presence beyond Mexico City. Today, we have collaborating attorneys throughout Mexico. Our office in Paris and participation in the Bomchil Group associated with offices in every Latin American country enable us to ensure that our clients are competently represented wherever their businesses take them. As our clients’ needs continue to change, Goodrich, Riquelme will grow to satisfy them.

Contact Details: Paseo De La Reforma 265 06500 Mexion D.F. Telephone: (52 55) 55 33 00 40 Fax: (52 55) 55 25 12 27


Continent awards 2015  
Continent awards 2015