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Atomic Authenticity words: lauren cullen photos: tara mcwatters


awrence Blairs’s Atomic Design is not just a shop, but a destination - the kind of place that one must frequent. The more time spent in Blairs’s design hub, the more it becomes clear that a repeat visit is necessary. Because one can never truly catch a glimpse of all there is to see in just one stop.


hile Atomic is bursting with art objects and statement pieces for the home that look like they came out of the office of Don Draper, the small studio store does not feel cluttered or overwhelming.

Rather, Atomic is like a delicious gallery exhibition offering the best of ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s design. White walls and well-lit showcases allow for everything in the store to be displayed impeccably, highlighting the primary and solid colours of each rare find and accentuating the clean lines and form that are so characteristic of mid-century and modernist design. Everything in the store feels special, unique, and effortless. The vast collection includes functional and beautifully-designed pieces that vary in size, price, and purpose.


PRODUCT Toronto Issue 2  
PRODUCT Toronto Issue 2  

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