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INTRODUCTION • We all are aware of the importance that smartphones have in our life. Day by day smartphone will getting new features. • A smartphone an integrated mobile broadband cellular network connection for voice, SMS, and Internet connection as well as smartphones also support Wi-Fi. • In Day today life many companies have to competition in smartphone area just like that Apple, Samsung, Vivo, HTC, LG, Nokia.

• Smartphone is the way to communicate with people, interact with friends, playing game, listening music.

REVIEW ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY 1.Password manager is must :• we need to secure phone with the others then Password manager is required. • Mostly time third party apps are automatically install in the devices. Then this application are damage our devices. Password manager are secured to mobile form the virus attack. • Password managers don’t only keep you safe, they also simplify your life. • We all have lots of account on the site, each account has to unique password that may be secure your account from hackers.

2.THE MOBILE SYSTEM SHOULD BE UPDATED • Many companies have to every months releasing new updates. This update has to secure your device from virus. • Mobile have to lots of bugs are inside the devices , but system updates to be fixed these bugs. • Many times updating to the latest version of a mobile OS isn't always easy. would be many difficulty to use. To keep your devices should be updated.

3.MAKE USE OF TRUSTED ANTIVIRUS • Google play stores available lots of antivirus software. but there are only few antivirus good . You should be use trusted antivirus. • Like avast,360 total security ,AVG,CM security , Bitdefender Antivirus , Avira. • All of the antivirus available on the play stores and also free. And useless antivirus are decreasing performance of the devices then after facing lots of problems like heating. • Anti-virus checked our phone if any condition any virus to be there then anti-virus detected them.

4.PAY ATTENTION TO THE PHONE • Your phone away and paying attention to those who are talking to you. because sometimes someone has to install any unaunauthorize application and also these kind of application are hacked your devices. • You should be keep switch off your bluetooh, because anyone can send to unuseful application and the application can harm your device.

5.USE VPN ON PUBLIC WI-FI • Those are open hotspot in the public sector they are silently hackers. They are can easily access you data and they can easily access your device. • If you are using open wi-fi in the public you can use VPN shield, the basic fundamental of VPN is that they are hiding all the details form the devices. • You can visit any site to use the VPN shield ,VPN are controlling the traffic between you and sites your visiting.

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important tips fr smartphone technique  

To know about the important tips for smartphone technique for secure you can visit: For all the latest updates on the...

important tips fr smartphone technique  

To know about the important tips for smartphone technique for secure you can visit: For all the latest updates on the...