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THE TASTE OF NEW YEAR’S EVE….2009 STARTERS Toast of Fresh Cheese with his Mojos's touches. Escalibada's spoon to Modena's Vinegar with Marinated Salmon Small Sword of Pearls of Melon and pineapple with Shrimps Bonbon of sweet black pudding with almonds Tartlets of Mousse of Salmon Sea fruits Caviar and Patés Toast of Iberian Loin with his small sweet onions Mini surprise puff-pastries Buns of Cod

NEW YEAR’S EVE SPECIAL GALA DINNER Queen Cream with small pieces of Spanish ham to the Aroma of old Brandy with small dices of Cheese

Snuff loins to the Oven on Mash of Sweet-potatoes watered with Sauce of Lobster and accompanied on a ragout of Mushrooms and Cake of Spinach

Cold sorbet of Raspberry and Kiwi To the Grand Marnier Touch and his creaking one of Chocolate

Medallions of Sirloin of Red Veal Boletus Sauce with his Bouquet of Beans, Duchess Potatoes and Grilles’ tomatoes

Chocolate in two textures to the wild fruits On Soup of soft Custard

Grapes of luck and cotillion Christmas specialities Consommé to the aroma of mint Chocolate and “churros”