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CHRISTMAS BUFFET OUR STARTERS Crudities for prepare your own salad Prawns waterfall Varied cheeses Spanish ham Marinated salmon Varied Pikles, cold sauces, mixted salads Cold soup of Melon with creaking Cold mirrors; Salmon cake Spinach with seafood cake Pudding of three crustaceans Rabbit’s pâté

CHRISTMAS BUFFET CHRISTMAS SPECIALITIES Cream of gourd to the perfume of coriander

Christmas Turkey stuffed with raisins … Lamb chops to the Mint Hungarian stew of veal Sole in “Beautiful Molinera” Hake loins in sauce of seafood

Varied garnishes; Vichy carrot glassed Green Beans to the garlic flavor Baked stuffed Zucchini Parisian Potatoes

Roast Stuffed suckling-pig

Show Cooking Entrecote to the Pepper sauce

CHRISTMAS BUFFET THE SWEETNESS OF OR GASTRONOMY Christmas cutlet Selection of small sweet cakes Flan & Custard squares Fruits Waterfall Macedonia de fruta Fruit salad Christmas delicatessen