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The Dynamic Universe We are life - broken into art. Visual vibes and venturous voyages. From Dynamica Comics to AVXP Music. Story & Art Drew Spence 2017ŠDrew Spence 2017Š AVXP Audio Visual Xperiment Productions Media Manager: Griffin Avid

The term Annihilator Class is applied to any humanoid asset level 5E or

higher. Force Six follows the Rise, the Fall and Redemption of a Specialist Unit created by Dr. Chris Carter and later sponsored by Dr. Rosalyn Coveryx. The team has seen continuous upgrades throughout their storied careers. They have used Bionic Prosthet-implants and strength augmentation from Mesh-Meas muscle Fiber Weaves (M.M.F.W.). The Annihilator cadre had an improved trauma-force rating from a ceramic inlaid bone support endoskeleton (C.I.B.S). This narrative follows their exploits and attempts to shed light on their controversial legacy. Each adventure will be marked to indicate the current place in their timeline. Enter the Annihilator Universe- where humankind has touched the stars and reshaped a thousand worlds. They live in the past and they live in the future. They are the inheritors of our yesterdays and the architects of our tomorrows. There will be justice and there will be vengeance. And in the end, there will be Annihilation. Welcome. Alliances were built and broken. Friendships, forged and forgotten. Allegiances were sworn to and many enemies were annihilated.

The Annihilators 10 Forced ENDtry  

It's the final episode of season I. We end at the beginning, backtrack and spin the clock back to Annihilator Day One. Get a great glimpse a...

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