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In order to provide a safe and manageable technical environment, the server rack is increasingly being used. As servers have been reduced in size, techs can put many more in each server rack that results in a remarkable load of heat. This heat can increase fast and create a heat zone that can cause servers to shut down unpredictably. One method to avoid this is having a system in place that examines heat and humidity.

To overcome this problem the manufacturers of server rack have come up with sensors that come prepared with alarms. This is to ensure that the server’s room temperature does not increase above the danger level. These sensors can be built into the rack mount power strips or as a distinct unit within the server racks. These kinds of sensors can help prevent server damage and other related network problems. The benefit of having environmental sensors in your rack is instant notification that allows you to cool or shut down a server before major damage is made. Further to this there are varieties that manage water and airflow at various locations, apart from controlling humidity and temperature.

There is wide variety of humidity control tools available in the market; it is really up to you as to which variety of sensor alarm suits your business. But whatever you select, it is important to incorporate one of them to respond as fast as possible in an urgent situation.

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