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Every individual fingertip contains 700 highly sensitive sensors – which is an incredible number! The most decisive are the so-called Pacinian corpuscles. These are so sensitive that they can feel unevenness smaller than a fifth of a millimetre. There is no other part of the human body that can match such sensitivity. What these corpuscles feel and experience is transported directly to our brain. Without filters and without detours. They create trust and closeness without a word being uttered. Imprint up to 5 colours on the clip of each model

DS8 Special colours from 10’000 writing instruments and above, as close as technically possible to your desired PMS

Give the Pacinian corpuscles something to enjoy.

• 4 Soft Touch colours • Clip/ Button combination in 15 transparent and polished standard colours • Optional metal button • Only on DS8, also body and side cap can be printed in black, white or silver

Open issue 01 (en)  
Open issue 01 (en)  

Why quiet is the new loud, why canyoning trips in Ticino are so breathtaking, what search engines reveal about Switzerland, what the new DS9...