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The new DS8 Writer’s box ―

When it comes to writing, we all have our very personal preferences Martin Walser liked to use NASA-tested ballpoint pens which could be used to write upside down. Ernest Hemingway forced himself to sit at his desk until he had written at least 500 words every day. Balzac needed litres of coffee to be able to write. Kafka wrote mostly at night and Kant liked nothing better than a brisk walk before and after writing. Nabokov was only able to write on a particular type of paper with a particular type of pencil. And my grandmother, also an avid writer, always used the same ballpoint pen to write in her diary every evening for 39 years. All the refills that she used in that time were also stored meticulously. Writing by hand is something special and highly personal – and that is why we have developed the Writer’s Box. Every written word is a pleasure with the Box’s beautiful, classical writing instrument ensuring an extraordinary writing experience thanks to its ergonomic design and new high-quality refill system. And to ensure that this first-class, yet practical tool is kept safe while travelling, in your briefcase or on your desk, we have enclosed it in a simple and beautiful case – which also makes it the perfect gift.

That is the story of our new DS8 Writer’s Box. A gift set consisting of a DS8 in two high-quality surfaces, Soft Touch and cellulose acetate, fitted with the new Prodir Premium ballpoint refill TechGlide®, enclosed in an elegant, light grey PS3 case.

Open issue 01 (en)  
Open issue 01 (en)  

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