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Anna und Luca Nizzola, Eldorado Ticino. The best collections of canyons in South Switzerland, 2010

What makes Ticino special is not the mere quantity of canyons, it is their quality. The steep terrain and abundant rain create perfect conditions for the formation of canyons. For eons water has cut down through thick layers of gneiss and granite to form narrow gorges with waterfalls and deep pools: the perfect canyoning terrain. Since the valleys are mostly bedrock with very little soil, the water stays crystal-clear. The moist canyon environment is the perfect habitat for moss, ferns, and other “tropical” plants; it makes you think you’re in a rainforest and not in Switzerland. Canyon-tours are available all over the world, but what makes them outstanding in Ticino – apart from its beauty and variety – are its “dynamic” canyons. In other places canyoning is often nothing but abseiling. There are few jumps and slides. Ticino is much more diverse. Its clear waters and deep pools invite sliding. Naturally, for all of those who love to abseil or are scared of jumping and sliding, there are tours available featuring mostly abseiling. In Ticino everyone finds the kind of canyoning that they like best.

Open issue 01 (en)  
Open issue 01 (en)  

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