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Why Sunset Orange is our Colour of the Year

0. First of all because it’s an amazingly strong colour (which doesn’t actually count as a full point because we have other colours that are amazingly strong, too, that’s why it’s point 0). 1.

Sunset Orange is one colour of the new DS9.

2. Orange is Orange, because Oranges are. It’s one of the few colours that takes its name from something that really exists. 3. That is to say: What you are is what you get! Just as a fruit turns into a colour and then into a writing instrument, so will your brand become a colour and a ballpoint pen. 4. The word Sunset in front of Orange stands for emotion and heightened awareness – but also for calmness and relaxation.

the injection-moulding machine since the colour’s granules are too sensitive to survive undamaged when heated to 240 degrees for the normal duration. The head of our research department calls this thermostability. And because difficult problems are also often interesting ones, they tried everything until they succeeded. To say “it wouldn’t work”, just wouldn’t work for them. 7. Prodir Marketing thought the development engineers were so passionate because they had grown up watching the TV series Baywatch. Do you remember? The lifeguards’ swimsuits and the buoys were orange. 8. These are the reasons why we’re Sunset Orange in 2015. It simply tells a bit of our story – maybe yours too?

5. We can recognize ourselves in all of this. After all, Orange is the colour of communication and nutritionally speaking, it stimulates your appetite. 6. This also means the appetite of the men and women in the research department who made it possible to achieve what at first appeared to be impossible. For them Sunset Orange was a true challenge, at least at the beginning and especially the clip. Because in order to produce the DS9 in Sunset Orange, modifications had to be made to

Open issue 01 (en)  
Open issue 01 (en)  

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