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Because good products have a soul ―

Like a perfect tennis court at Wimbledon, with a tuft of grass sticking out Christoph Schnug has made a decisive contribution to shaping the DNA of Prodir pens. The desk in his office is covered in sketches of the new DS9. He belongs to a generation of designers who learned their craft without computers. At least to begin with. That perhaps explains the classical simplicity of his designs, always clear and direct.

Mr Schnug, how do you characterise the Prodir DNA? Christoph Schnug: The DNA is the list of ingredients or the formula that all Prodir products have in common. They offer something new time and again with surprising compositions and yet remain recognisable. It is precisely this that sets Prodir apart from other providers. We consciously focused on our DNA when we started work on the DS9. As a common denominator, it consists of circles, ovals, ellipses, squares, triangles and simple lines. These elements comprise the DNA’s visual language.

to oval. This elegant change in the shape is also evident when you hold the pen in your hand. The DS9 is an almost geometric pen, which also offers details to “break up” this stringent design: take, for example, the asymmetry of the connection between the clip and body, and the change in surface from shiny polished to matt. A “disruptive element” is often the detail that makes a design so effective. It is a feature that attracts the eye momentarily. A little like a perfect tennis court at Wimbledon with a tuft of grass protruding, which is exactly what makes it so beautiful.

And how is this DNA integrated into the new DS9? The oval and circle are the main shapes we use in the DS9. Its casing shape evolves gradually from round

One feature that immediately catches the eye is its striking clip. There are lots of details to discover. It is rather exciting to pick up the

Open issue 01 (en)  
Open issue 01 (en)  

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