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ABOUT US Rastelli Seafood is not your traditional seafood supplier. Going global doesn’t mean we forget about you. We are your local partner!


Fisherman, Local


Our Dayboat program offers the finest, freshest local seafood. From Cape May to AC to Point Pleasant, we work directly with the fishermen to secure the top of the trip! Scallops, Black Bass, Sushi Fluke and Tuna, it’s all available and all Jersey Fresh!

OUR GOAL: To provide only the

finest quality and the most wholesome fresh and frozen


products for our valued customers.


‘Taste Fresh’ Makes All the of


Our wild-caught and farm-raised seafood comes direct from the most desirable seas and fresh-water pins of the world. We carefully select the top grade fish and shellfish you can’t find anywhere except the finest sushi and seafood restaurants in the world.

RASTELLI SEAFOOD QUALITY PRODUCTS custom-cut and packed to order in our USDC HACCP certified facility.


Coconut Shrimp

Lobster Tail

Can be used for a variety of dishes such as salads, soups or combined with your favourite sauce. is non-breaded using only squid rings.

handmade using whole shrimp, lightly breaded with coconut shavings mixed in the bread crumbs. Simply deep fry and serve! makes a great presentation as an appetizer.

Often called the best lobster tails in the world! These warm or cold watered tails will have your customers coming back for more due to its wonderful flavor and amazing quality. Exceptional next to our quality steaks.

Clean ...

Shrimp Cutlet handmade using whole shrimp, fresh herbs, green onions and lightly coated with panko. Absolutely delicious! Simply deep fry and serve. Great menu option for sandwiches, buffets, quick snacks and grab-n-go meals.

Chilean Sea Bass Still one of the most popular fish to show up on menus everywhere. White and flaky with a rich flavor, it’s perfect grilled or baked. Just cut into thick juicy fillets for your favorite recipes.

Fresh Local Littleneck Clams Harvested off the coast of central New Jersey, our Littlenecks boast 30% more meat than the average clam on the market. More meat means more flavor ‌ more flavor means your customers will be ordering by the bushel!


Fresh ...

Crowned Stuffed Sole

Basa Fillets (striped pangas)

Farm Raised Atlantic Salmon Sides

A natural once frozen real sole fillet, rolled and filled with crab meat stuffing. This mixture is made from crabmeat, vegetables, surimi, and our special blend of spices. A unique flavor profile and appealing ‘stand-up’ presentation. Ideal for banquets, buffets, or center of the plate.

white fleshed fish with a mild sweet flavor. A great cost effective alternative to other whitefish such as Flounder, Grouper or Catfish.

With the highest Omega-3 content of any other Salmon and the tightest trim spec on the market, our sides are just waiting for any chef to work their magic. Poach or roast whole or cut into succulent fillets.

Succulent ...

Fresh Domestic Natural Dry Sea Scallops With a flavor so sweet, you could almost eat them right out of the sea, all with a true consistency in size and quality. And no additives. Just pure clean scallop flavor. Seared atop a sweet corn chowder may be just the call!

Ebi Fry Shrimp

Pacifica Seafood Mix

The quintessential combination of whole shrimp, hand-rolled and lightly breaded with panko. Simply fry and serve. Versatile menu applications. Great plate presentation. Convenient.

Clam meat, shrimp and diamond scored cuttlefish make this a unique seafood mix. Par cooked for your convenience. This is more upscale than the run-of-themill versions seen everywhere. Applications are as varied as your imagination. Uses include pasta, stir fry, soups, and chowders.


IQF Cooked Middleneck Clams This IQF product is fully cooked, cleaned and ready to be served. SteamED or sautéed, this truly is quality and convenience at its best!

Fresh Local Delaware Bay Oysters There’s nothing like fresh oysters. Especially when they’re from your own backyard. Try them shucked and drizzled with mignonette, on the half shelled, grilled, or a classic Rockefeller!

IQF Crabmeat Great for crabcakes, soups, stews, and all your favorite dishes!

Flavorsome ....

Live Maine Mussels Introducing some of the most sought after seafood in the world. Restaurant Ready Mussels grown in remote locations and brought to market following a stringent post harvest quality control process developed by American Mussel Harvesters, Inc. (AMH). For you, this means top quality mussels that are truly fresh, plump, and tasty.

Fresh Yellowfin Tuna Loins

Fresh Albacore Tuna Loins

Sushi lovers, rejoice! Without a doubt, the single most prized catches of all! Top grade and fresh with a bright red color and a rich flavor, our Yellowfin Tuna will be a hit on any menu. Enjoy seared rare or simply sliced and dressed with wasabi and soy!

An often overlooked gem when it comes to seafood. Still rich in flavor and is even more versatile than its cousin the Yellowfin. Great poached or grilled; atop salads or on a sandwich.


Tilapia A more flavorful alternative to your traditional flounder. Our portion controlled Tilapia fillets are a perfect fit for any menu application. Baked, broiled, or sautéed, they’re a real treat for any seafood lover.

Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus) What an exciting new entry to menus lately! Think of a flakier white fish along the lines of Mahi and you’ll get the true essence of Red Drum. It’s distinctively flavorful and is great baked, broiled, grilled or even blackened.

Rolled Basa Versatility and flavor in a convenient compact portion of our traditional Basa. Light and flaky. Perfect for surf-and-turf plates, banquets, and catering.



Atlantica Seafood Mix

Mild and white with a buttery flavor and texture similar to Chilean Sea Bass, Cobia is great pan-roasted or grilled. Great for sushi!

Clam meat, shrimp and diamond scored cuttlefish make this a unique seafood mix. Par cooked for your convenience. This is more upscale than the run-of-the-mill versions seen everywhere. Uses include pasta, stir fry, soups, and chowders.

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