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14. Travel- The Road Less Travelled 16. Rush for Gold 20. Festive Sparklers


22. Indian School Celebrates 26. Breathe and Live Easy 28. One on One with Hrithik Roshan 30. Car Feature- The Passat 31. Dive into Delicacy 34. Reader’s Speak

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12. Fun Facts


10. Bahrain Science Centre


08. Life Just Got Easier


06. Bringing DIwali to Life



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Editor’s Letter Complimentary Copy

Dear Readers,

Online edition at November 2013 Volume 2


Delights The Indian School New Riffa Campus

Rush for Gold The Road Less Travelled

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Lights, crackers, shopping, gifts and lots and lots of food, it’s that time of the year again. Yes! Diwali is right here and there is so much happening that we just had to get in on some of that FUN! We cannot tell you how excited we are for bringing this issue out! Bahrain Confidential has put together a special Diwali Edition just for our readers, celebrating this happy occasion. This edition is filled with interesting articles is guaranteed to entertain. One of Bahrain’s favourite school has done it! Indian School has crossed sixty three glorious years and they are definitely celebrating. Read all about how Indian School was born and what they are up to in the near future. For those who are adventurous and love travelling, we have your guide ready. India has many places that we probably did not even know about. Discover the beauty of India in our article, “The Road Less Travelled”. It’s definitely on our travel list. We got a one on one with India’s favourite actor, Hrithik Roshan. Find out all about his latest movie, Krrish 3. That’s not all! Read all about Diwali celebrations between North and South India, fun facts that you probably did not know, interesting gold articles, recipes and Bahrain favourite Indian dishes and restaurants.

We wish our readers a very happy and prosperous Diwali...! Happy Reading!

The Confidential Team




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Diwali To Life

New Indian School teachers Mrs. Lalitha Chandrashekar and Ms. Soumi Mondal share their Diwali experiences with us.


he Country of Festivals, India, leaves a strong legacy of its own with its multicultural approach. Being home to diverse cultures, celebrations are an integral part of India. Each festival and tradition has a story behind it. The story is the key reason to all the rituals and customs that are performed during festivals. Regardless of what festival it is, the spirit of festivity remains the same amongst Indians. It is also during these festivals and celebrations that adorn India, where people shed their differences and disparities, just to observe the days with full zest and vigor. Diwali is one such festival where

the wave of good spirits and wellbeing runs across the country. We explore the differences in the celebrations of Diwali in North and South India. In South India, Diwali is celebrated a day before the celebrations in North India. While this beautiful festival of lights is popularly known as Diwali in northern parts of the country, in the south, it is generally referred to as Deepavali. Bahrain Confidential talks to Lalitha Chandrashekhar and Soumi Mondal, teachers of New Indian School and finds out interesting differences between North India and South India. Keep reading to find out more interesting diversities!

Mrs. Lalitha Chandrashekar

6 | BC Diwali Delights | November 2013

Diwali Legends and Celebrations in the North and South

The festival celebrated in the North revolves around the faith associated with the return of Lord Rama to his Ayodhya. Legend says, when Lord Rama returns to his Kingdom after killing the demon, King Ravana, the people in order to rejoice the moment, lit up their homes with clay lamps and lights and burst crackers. In South India, Deepavali is celebrated to commemorate the victory of Lord Krishna over the demon, Narakasura. When the Lord returned home before the crack of dawn after his battle, it was announced that it was the day for celebration. Since then, people have lit lamps and adorned their houses with lights. Soumi Mondal describes how the North Indians gears up for the festival of lights. The Diwali celebration in North India begins at Dusshera (The 10th Lunar day of the Hindu calendar month). Though observed throughout the country, Diwali celebrations in the north stands out for its sheer rituals, pomp and grandeur. People gear up with the preparations much in advance to mark this extravaganza. People clean their houses, get their houses whitewashed and throw all the old junk out in order to give place for new ones. Even shopkeepers whitewash their shops; they update their stock for selling on the occasion. During Diwali, almost every home, every street, lane-by-lane, buildings, temples are adorned with lights. In the evening, an elaborate pooja of Goddess Laxmi, known as the Goddess of wealth and prosperity and Lord Ganesh are performed at every Hindu home. After the pooja, everybody enjoy bursting crackers. People distribute sweets, gifts to spread the message of love and warmth. At almost every corner one can find temporary stages for holding the Ramlila- a dramatic rendition of the epic story of the Ramayana. Lalitha Chandrashekar smiles while she explains Deepawali in South India. It’s definitely grand! In South India, Deepawali is celebrated in a grand way. It is definitely the most awaited Indian festivals. Everyone indulges in

Diwali is a festival where the wave of good spirits and wellbeing runs across the country. We explore the differences in the celebrations of Diwali in North and South India. shopping for the biggest shopping spree of the year. Preparations for the celebrations begin days and weeks in advance. The day before the festival, the house is washed decorated with Kolam, patterns (Rangoli) and Kavi (red oxide). In the pooja room, betel nuts, flowers, fruits, sweets, kumkum, gingelly oil, turmeric powder, scented powder are kept.Crackers and new dresses are bought. It is a belief that having an oil bath early Deepawali morning is as good as taking bath in the Ganges. Various dishes like vela papa, idly, chutney, and samba are prepared to mark the occasion and cows are worshipped as incarnations of Goddess Lakshmi. After taking the blessing from the elders, they burst the first crackers of the day. In the evening, lamps and fireworks illuminate the darkness. Diwali is a festival filled with messages depicting one or more aspects of ancient tradition. Indians around the world celebrate this festival with uniqueness and fervor 

Ms. Soumi Mondal November 2013 | BC Diwali Delights | 7


Life Just Got


For over 40 years, Bahrain Financing Company, the Kingdom’s oldest and most trusted money transfer company has been sending money safely and securely across the globe from Bahrain.

Furthermore, BFC has an online money transfer product - Smart Money, for customers that prefer sending money online. It allows customers to send money overseas at any time, from the comfort of their home or office.

8 | BC Diwali Delights | November 2013

“India remains as one of BFC’s key receiving markets.”


can send money in minutes to their beneficiary’s bank account or for cash collection at any of their convenient locations. In addition, BFC presently has a network of 27 BFC Forex branches across India where customers can collect their inward remittances and experience the same high quality service that customers have come to know from its sending branches. BFC Forex also offers the EzRemit Card - a remittance card whereby customers can receive their remittances from overseas directly onto the card. The card, in partnership with Axis Bank is free to all BFC Forex customers. Customers have access to over 10,000 Axis Bank ATM machines, where they can withdraw their money 24/7 at no extra charge. The registration process is simple and customer details are linked to each individual card. Customers in Bahrain can send money directly onto their beneficiaries’ card by giving the card number at any BFC branch 



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Bahrain Science Centre Here are some inclusive FAQs about the Bahrain Science Centre.


hat is a Science Centre?

Globally, Science Centres and interactive museums have taken the lead in handson, inquiry based learning. They focus on promoting discussions and debates while learning, and on deriving explanations, rather than just providing answers, for important scientific discoveries and phenomena. They also endeavour to promote social engagement across generations and cultures as well as an ethos of lifelong learning. Science Centres are places where construction of meaning takes place, and scientific and technological advances are understood in their appropriate contexts.

How does a Science Centre differ from a museum? One of the main roles of a museum is to make, store, study

10 | BC Diwali Delights | November 2013

and display collections of cultural and natural history objects. All their displays are designed from the outset to be educational and they are all available for interaction with the public.

What do you do at a Science Centre? These are places where you ‘learn by doing’. Visitors engage with interactive displays in order to learn about human health, human senses and talents, the dynamic planet, biodiversity, animal skeletons and many other topics. Visitors can also participate in debates, discussions, quizzes, demonstrations and dissections.

What subjects do you cover at the Science Centre? Initially, the Science Centre will offer interactive exhibits on engineering, human health, the five senses, earth sciences, biodiversity and animal anatomy. In addition, the educational programmes will cover aspects of biology, geology, physics, chemistry and astronomy. In future, topics such as energy, biotechnology and environmental sciences will also be covered.

Is the Bahrain Science Centre a fun or a serious place? The Bahrain Science Centre is a place for fun where you learn about

BSC life skills, starting new hobbies and becoming a smart Bahraini citizen.

What are the benefits of a Science Centre to Bahrain?

serious things. It is a ‘safe place for dangerous ideas’ where you can ask questions and find out about stuff without being tested or punished.

How many Science Centres are there in the world? There are over 2500 interactive Science Centres in more than 90

Is the Science Centre justabout science?

The Science Centre is likely to bring many benefits to Bahrain, including: • Strengthening the science and technology culture among the youth. • Providing the youth with opportunities for constructive learning during and after school hours. • Providing a new destination for family edutainment. • Promoting hobbies and leisure activities on science, engineering and technology topics. • Creating opportunities to debate and discuss topical issues such as cultural reconciliation, multiculturalism and the Bahraini identity in a nonconfrontational environment 

No, the Bahrain Science Centre is not just about science. It is about fun, innovation, discoveries, inventions, crafts, developing your talents and

Bahrain Science Centre, Isa Town. Tel. +973 1768 6466 Visit:

countries worldwide. They receive over 310 million visitors per year.

November 2013 | BC Diwali Delights | 11

Did You Know?

Fun Facts! arrive in Bahrain was in 1932. The first scheduled commercial airliner to aircraft called ‘Hannibal’. an on Delhi to on Lond It was a flight from flight from London had the and Hannibal carried only 24 passengers per hour. Through miles 100 of s speed in flying of days al taken sever lished as the estab me beca in Bahra e, servic this regularly scheduled Arabian Gulf’s first International Airport. Bahrain replaced the rupee with its own currency, that is the Bahraini Dinar in 1965. It is interesting to note that till today,100 fils in Bahrain continues to be referred to as ‘rupee’ or ‘rubiya’ in Arabic. Non-nationals make 54 percent of Bahrain’s population. From this, a vast majority comes from South and Southeast Asia. There are roughly 290,000 Indians, 125,000 Bangladeshis, 45,000 Pakistanis, 45,000 Filipinos and 8,000 Indonesians. If Bahrain were your home instead of India you would... • Use 28.3 times more electricity • Consume 22.6 times more oil • Make 12.4 times more money • Spend 9.2 times more money on health care • Have 69.96% less chance of dying in infancy • Live 8.94 years longer

is the first bank in

• Standard Chartered Bank 1920. hrain, having started in


in, established in

• State Bank of India, Bahra in. t Indian bank in Bahra

firs January 1977, was the

Bahrain in India 12 | BC Diwali Delights | November 2013

e rest ’s first link to th 1864: Bahrain ean op ur the Indo-E of the world to e. bl ca ic ph ra undersea teleg y Department cit tri ec El : ’s 1930 try’s first un co e th operated with 15 staff, 2 ge an telephone exch es in operation. cars and 39 lin line fixed telephone 1982: 50,000th in Bahrain launched 1995: Internet e h mobile phon 1999: 100,000t ected customer conn sed d launched ba an db 2001: Broa gy lo no on ADSL tech East first in Middle ain hr Ba : 03 20 cial er m m E/3G co to launch EDG service

In Bahrain

! E L A S 80% o t t n p U scou Di

OUR BRANCHES: MAIN: 17253397 | YATEEM CENTER (2): 17225315 | MODA MALL: 17534998 | EXHIBITION ROAD: 17310203 MUHARRAQ: 17344641 | CITY CENTER: 17179012 | CITY CENTER ( OKYALI ): 17179317 SEEF MALL: 17580565 | AL AÁLI COMPLEX: 17581085 | EAST RIFFA: 17779369 BUKAWARA: 17774061 | HAMAD TOWN: 17414040 | NAJIBI CENTER – Saar: 17691244 | ISA TOWN MALL: 17685636

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The Road Less


Kerala Athirapilly Falls

Romantic backwaters and lots of coconut trees, Kerala is known for the Athirapilly Falls. No wonder they call Kerala, God’s Own Country. Athirapilly Falls is truly the Niagra of India. Around 55kms northeast of the Kochi Airport, the entrance to the falls is steep. The quietness of the forest with just birds chirping is an experience by itself. The falls are so huge; you will not believe your eyes!

Ladakh Ladakh is a land like no other. Surrounded by two of the world’s strongest mountains, Himalaya and Karakoram, Ladakh is a young beautiful land. It lies in altitudes from about 9,000ft at Kargil to 25,170ft in the Karakoram. It is a favourite destination for sports enthusiasts as it offers trekking, mountaineering, river rafting and camping in the wilderness. There are year round flights from Delhi, Srinagar and Jammu to Leh. 14 | BC Diwali Delights | November 2013


ravelling to so many has become a passion, an adventure and India has been the destination. India has emerged to be one of the world’s most popular adventure destinations. It can be because of the number of adventure activities it offers. But, it’s mostly because of its natural beauty. So, if you have the urge to explore, Bahrain Confidential helps you unlock the mysterious beauties of India.




Amidst the mighty Brahamputra, Majuli in Assam is known to be the largest river island on Earth and is declared a “World Natural Heritage” by UNESCO. 20kms from Jorhat town, the cultural tradition, wildlife sanctuary and the exotic island are your reasons to go visit. The population free environment blended with beautiful art and craftsmanship will eave you convinced of its beauty.



Head to Munnar, India’s ‘other’ mountain range. 130kms from Kochi, Munnar is the ideal tourist destination. With unending tea plantations, exotic nature, forests and wild animals, Munnar has all this more. This peculiar landscape is sure to astonish you. Want your taste of nature? We recommend Munnar. While your enjoying this lovely sight, don’t miss out on the endangered Nilgiri Tahr (a mountain goat).


Kashmir Pangong Tso Want a perfect picture moment? Pangong Tso is your answer. Situated in the upper reaches of Himalayan Mountain range in Leh district of Jammu and Kashmir, you will definitely notice ever-changing hues of the lake. Pangong Tso is around five hours drive from Leh in Ladakh. It passes through the beautiful Ladakh countryside, over Chang La, the third highest motorable mountain pass (5289 m) in the world. November 2013 | BC Diwali Delights | 15

Gold Review




It is not all about the price, but more a matter of trust. “Indian expatriates

have come to realise that buying gold will always be a sound investment.”


ndia and China are the world’s largest consumers of gold. Gold is a very valuable and soughtafter metal. Mostly for Indians, Gold will always hold its position as one of the most sentimental gifts given as a token of appreciation. Traditionally, Gold in India has served a dual purpose of consumption and investment, because many believe that it is a more reliable role as a hedge against inflation than saving in financial instruments. Through the vast cultural differences in India, citizens remain united in their trust for gold. In some regions, particularly South India, the practice of buying gold is more pronounced. Gold purchase in India is entwined with religious and cultural beliefs. It is an Indian custom to buy gold for special customs like weddings, birth of a child, birthdays, in celebration of various festivals and to offer gold to Indian deities. In 16 | BC Diwali Delights | November 2013

ase Some Tips for Purch nts me na Or of Gold rural India, harvest festivals are big occasions to buy gold. It is customary for Indian expatriates to buy consumables like clothing, electronic items, perfumes, etc for their friends and family back home in India whenever they on their vacation. Indian expatriates in Bahrain are no exception to this. But, due to the recent trend of exchange rate and Bahrain market, Indian expatriates are cautious about spending and prefer to send their entire savings home. Consumables are available at affordable rates in India. Due to high taxation, the price of gold in India is always higher than in the Gulf. It is believed that gold quality in the Gulf is also better than that in India, in terms of purity. Indian expatriates have come to realise that buying gold will always be a sound investment as opposed to buying consumables. So, yes, it is a matter of trust and Gold has never betrayed! 

certified  Always purchase

’t buy Gold Ornaments, don fied erti unc from ornaments rs. ele jew and get the  Check for purity t done. /tes ate tific cer ity pur ark, llm Ha ,  Check for BIS rat. Ka and rity Pu ld Go ge  Bargain for wasta roved imp h wit s, rge cha ed technology and advanc stage machinery the gold wa nil. percentage is almost o Zer for y pre fall ver Ne  is no re the s, rge Making cha king such thing as Zero ma charges.

online.  Never buy jewelry

Gold coins & Diamond pendants October 24th - November 23rd, 2013

to be won

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Travel Smart! Let AIR INDIA help make your dream travel experience a reality.


ir India Express, a subsidiary of AIR INDIA operates daily flights between Bahrain and Calicut/ Kochi and twice weekly to Mangalore on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Flight IX 474 leaves Bahrain at 1840 hrs and arrive Calicut at 0320 hrs. In the return, flight IX 473, Calicut-Bahrain will operate nonstop, leaving Calicut at 1550 hrs and arriving in Bahrain at 1740hrs. The fares are extremely competitive and start at BD 67 OW, inclusive of taxes. Bahrain –Cochin – Bahrain daily flight IX 474 leaves Bahrain at 1840 hrs and arrives in Cochin at 0535, and IX 473 departs Cochin at 1405, and arrives in Bahrain at 1740 hrs.

18 | BC Diwali Delights | November 2013

For the Bahrain Mangalore Bahrain sector, there will be two direct flights on Wednesdays and Saturdays. IX 820 departs Bahrain at 1245 hrs and arrives in Mangalore at 1915 hrs effective 30th October 2013. In the return, IX 819 departs Mangalore at 1005 hrs and arrives in Bahrain at 1155 hrs. The Daily AIR INDIA flight to Delhi departs from Bahrain at 2045 hrs and arrives at 0520 hrs and on the return, it departs from Delhi at 1820 hrs and arrives in Bahrain at 1945 hrs. AIR INDIA’s add-on fares for passengers travelling onward from Delhi has become extremely popular with

the passengers that deploying a bigger aircraft for the Bahrain Delhi sector seems to be in the near future. A passenger travelling beyond Delhi on AI 940 flight has to pay an additional of BD 10 (one way) only and BD 20 (return) for travelling to Lucknow, Patna, Hyderabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Kolkata, and Chandigarh etc. Passengers are pleased travelling through Air India’s Delhi Hub, as its latest World Class Terminal 3, offers very convenient connections. Passengers arrive and take their onward flights from the same terminal with less connecting time 

For further details please contact our reservation office at 1722 0787 / 788 / 789.




It is the season of lights. With Diwali festivities around the corner, DEVJI gives you select options which could have you standing out and sparkling during the festive season.


The Tanvi collection is crafted for the show stopper in you. Antique finished 22k gold in varying textures, embellished by age old techniques, these statement pieces are a must have for the glamorous woman in you. Available at all DEVJI stores in Bahrain

20 | BC Diwali Delights | November 2013


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November 2013 | BC Diwali Delights | 21


The Indian School New Riffa Campus


midst joy and jubilation, The Indian School is marching ahead proudly. It’s time to let the world know the success story of the school, the challenges faced, the trials and the final triumph! Sixtythree Glorious Years in pursuit of excellence! Indian School definitely has every reason to celebrate.

Chemistry, Engineering Graphics, Biology and Home Science. Three well-stocked libraries, two in the Isa Town campus and one in the Junior School, Sitra, a Gymnasium-cum Multi Purpose Hall and a Swimming Pool, Multi media classrooms, Resource Centre for staff and internet facilities in all the staff rooms. These learning facilities makes Indian School

“By the selfless devotion and untiring hard work of many individuals, on the auspicious day of Dussehra, in 1950, the Indian Primary School, had its genesis with just 35 students and 3 teachers and Mrs. Vasanthi Ben, the Head Mistress.” The Indian School, Bahrain is a co-educational school, located in two campuses. It is the home to students from LKG to class XII. The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The school provides excellent infrastructure that includes state-ofthe-art laboratories for Computer Science, Biotechnology, Physics, 22 | BC Diwali Delights | November 2013

a premire centre of learning in the GCC region. The school pursues the highest ideals of scholarship that is evident from the results of the CBSE examinations held every year for class X and XII. The students, apart from topping the schools on the island and in the region, perform equally well in competitive exams and entrance tests

and manage to secure admissions in reputed universities in India including the IITs, NITs, medical colleges and management institutions as well as universities abroad. Co-curricular activities and Physical Education are given a prominent place in the curriculum. Cultural and Literary competitions are conducted on the basis of a House system that enlists students into one of the four Houses namely, Vikram Sarabhai, Aryabhatta, C V Raman and J C Bose named after eminent Indian scientists. A large number of students contest in the Inter House Youth Festival. At the sporting front, Indian School students have already made their mark, consistently winning medals and trophies in the CBSE National Sports Meet, Gulf Zonal, and Cluster Meet etc. But how did all this start? One may wonder!

“Productivity and Achievements are never an accident”

Between 1932 and 1945, the migrant manpower witnessed a greater increase, with the discovery of oil. This ‘Gulf Boom’ brought in an unprecedented influx of Indians into


Bahrain, which naturally brought to light the need for starting a school. Quite interestingly, the inception of The Indian School coincides with the not so fortunate episode of an Indian boy, who was injured in a road accident, which prompted Sir Charles Belgrave to enquire of Mr. Lalchand as to why the Indian children were playing on the roads when they were supposed to be at school. His silence spoke – “there was no school!” The need to start a proper school became imperative. Mr. Lalchand, the much-respected entrepreneur in those days, requested the then Government through the

Administrator Sir Charles Belgrave for permission to start a school, which was granted immediately. Thus, the dream became a reality. The Indian School, Bahrain opened its doors in 1950 to cater for the educational needs of the Indian community. By the selfless devotion and untiring hard work of many individuals and with the help of many establishments, on the auspicious day of Dussehra, (September, 1950), the Indian Primary School, had its genesis on the first floor of Abdul Wahab Khunji Building of Al Khalifa Road, in downtown Manama. It had its humble beginning with just 35 students and 3 teachers and Mrs. Vasanthi Ben, the Head Mistress. The Indian Community financially supported the school. Within the next two decades, in

the year 1969, it got its affiliation to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. The school then moved to bigger premises in Manama because of the increase in student strength. In 1970, the constitution of the school was drafted and the emblem was conceived and designed. Starting a bigger school in a bigger campus became an imperative to accommodate the growing student admissions. With the help of the then Indian Ambassador to Bahrain, His Excellency P. M. S. Malik and a committee headed by our great God father, late Jashanmal and other well-wishers, a collective request for land was made to the Late Amir H.H. Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa. The land was donated. The foundation stone was laid in Isa Town, on 20th July 1978 by H.E. Sheikh Abdul Aziz Mohamed Al Khalifa, Minister of Education, Bahrain. In 1978, the CBSE granted permission to go ahead with the +2 system. On 31st December 1979, the new school building in Isa Town was inaugurated. Later, on 27th April 1985, the Jashanmal Auditorium, the cultural and sports centre were November 2013 | BC Diwali Delights | 23


inaugurated by the then Education Minister Dr. Ali Farooq, and the Gandhi Block on the campus was opened by Mr. Hassan Al Mehri, erstwhile Asst. Under-Secretary of Ministry of Education. The student enrolment from LKG to class XII has reached an incredible strength of about 11,000 students and a committed workforce of about 475 faculty members makes the Indian School Bahrain one of the largest schools in the Arabian Gulf. Today, it has grown not only

a great honour to the Indian School and the recognition for the teaching community of the school.

What makes Indian School special and unique?

The ISB offers a value based academic curriculum in a warm and caring environment that supports the intellectual, physical, emotional and social development of the child. It is a dynamic and cosmopolitan learning community of students

and skills to make the world a better place. Indian School provides their students with the very best environment and facilities to work in. It is a school with a constant track record for achieving the highest academic results among the CBSE affiliated schools in the region.

DJ Building

As the student strength has been gradually increasing, there was the need for another building in the

“Some of the recent improvements to the school are: 400 mts. athletic track, Volley Ball Court with roofing, facelift to the Jashanmal Auditorium with brand new centralized aircondition, Cafeteria for visitors, facelift to Tagore block, fountains, gardens.�

quantitatively but also qualitatively, as this is the only private school having the ISO 9001:2008 certification. It has reached new heights with top class achievements in the whole of Middle East. This proves that ISB is special and unique. The contribution of the Principal Mr. V R Palaniswamy in the field of education has earned him the national award twice. The first award was the CBSE national award in 2008 and the second one was the best teacher award in 2011. This is 24 | BC Diwali Delights | November 2013

belonging to 14 different nationalities. Every effort is being made to enable these students to reach their full potential and prepare them to think globally and use their knowledge

Diamond Jubilee year (2010). Loving hearts and helping hands came forward and generously contributed. The Diamond Jubilee Building was all set with modern facilities and was

Education ready for use in a record time to everyone’s surprise. Thanks to the efforts of the Executive Committee headed by the dynamic and down to earth personality Mr. Abraham John, Honorary Chairman, they have managed to build it all, without touching a single penny from the school’s fund.

Lab, the Smart Board classes, the canopied open space and play ground connecting Netaji block and RP block to name a few. All the notable achievements have been made possible through the teamwork of the Management, Administration, Staff, students and parents. The Indian School has been blessed

with the providence of the Almighty, the goodwill of the Rulers and the people of Bahrain. The dedication and the commitment of the staff; and the unconditional support of the community leaders and well-wishers help the school achieve the desired progress towards the vision: “Serve the community and the society at large.” 

The New Riffa Campus

The need arose to choose a new campus for the Junior School. Taking the advice and suggestions of the parents, it was decided to find a new campus at an ideal location. The new campus dream became a reality. A land area of 40,000 square meters was taken on lease from the Riffa Club. The construction work has almost been completed at the cost of BD 2.25 million (construction cost). The building with the state-of-the-art facilities is more suitable for education in all aspects. The Riffa Campus presently consists of 6 blocks of 3 storey buildings (13,592 sqm) with 102 class rooms, 15 toilet blocks, Multipurpose hall of size 600 square meters, 2 prayer rooms, 7 staff rooms, 2 computer labs, 2 science labs, art room, music room, 1 lift, 7 staircases, 2 first aid rooms, Offices for Principal, Vice Principal, Academic Supervisor, Administrative Office, Library, 5 canteens, spacious parking for 203 cars and 50 buses, 10,000square meters play ground area, 9 drinking water ports with 14 taps each. Apart from these, the entire building is fitted with CCTV, public announcement system, shaded areas for drop off/pick up students, Central Air-Conditioning, etc. The school and the entire community are indebted to the rulers of this great Kingdom and the officials of the Riffa Club for their support and encouragement for this noble venture.

The Executive Committee

Mr. Abraham John Chamathayil Hon. Chairman

Mr. R Pavitharan Hon. Vice Chairman

Mr. Sambasivan Ramesh Hon. Secretary

Dr. Ashraf Hon. Asst. Secretary

Mr. Kannappan Sevugan Hon. Member-Academics

Dr. Shine Mary Hon. Member – IT

Mr. Stalin Joseph Hon. Member - Sports

Mr. E A Salim Hon. Member

Mrs. Rosaline Roy Hon. Member

Mr. Jatinder Singh Gill Hon. Member

Mr. Thomas Abraham Hon. Member

Mr. V R Palaniswamy Principal

Mrs. Sreedevi Panicker Staff Representative

Administrative Heads

Some of the upcoming additions are:

Higher Education offering degree and diploma courses, High profile English Digital Language

Mr. V R Palaniswamy Principal

Mr. Maria Waltin Vice-Principal - Sr. School

Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed Vice-Principal - HR

Ms. Ravina Gandhi Vice-Principal - Jr. School

November 2013 | BC Diwali Delights | 25


Breathe and Live Easy Do you feel less in control over your own life? Is everything spinning out of control and you want to do is to just slow it down or scream?


ur everyday life is filled with circumstances where we physically cannot do anything. Bahrain Confidential digs deep and finds the benefits of taking it easy and just‌. Breathing! Yes, yoga and mediation helps. A lot!

Helps Control Stress

Regular yoga and meditation help reduce stress responses in your body and this directly reduces anxiety, panic disorders and any chance of stress-related problems like high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Better Diet, Better Health

Believe it or not! Yoga and meditation are techniques that help improve your overall fitness. Reducing stress, healthy eating and more exercise will only lead to a better health. It helps in Include a small dose of both to your daily routine and enjoy the possibility of a better quality of life. 26 | BC Diwali Delights | November 2013

Keeps the Emotions Under Control

It improves the mental focus and provides calmness. With meditation, you will feel completely relaxed. The best part is, you can do it anywhere. Shut your eyes, focus on calming your muscles and breathe deep.


Three Decades of Exceptional

Service & Quality

Trafco Group was established in 1977 with a single objective - To entice and enhance the taste buds and health of Bahrain’s population.


he last three decades, Trafco has achieved many milestones and earned itself a welldeserved reputation for being at the forefront of Bahrain’s food industry. With group annual sales turnover exceeding US$ 105 million, Trafco offers an extensive range of products including general commodities, fresh fruits, vegetables and livestock from Australia, Brazil, Europe, the Far East, India, UK and USA. Some of Trafco’s international brands include Sadia, Rainbow,

Omela, Noor, Raindrops, OKI, Tetley & Tata Tea. Trafco’s primary focus is to ensure the availability of the best quality food and other products in Bahrain, and stringent quality control systems are in place to realise these objectives. Trafco is now developing the food industry in Bahrain by acquiring BWBB & BFFC, creating TRAFCO Logistics Co., owning a majority stake in Awal Dairy, Bahrain National Cold Storage Company (BANZ), Bahrain Livestock Company. The company

has also established Qatari Bahraini Food Trading Company (QBC) for import and distribution of food and other products 

AFCO Group

Subsidiaries of TR

its Company Bahrain Fresh Fru ater Bottling W in hra (BFFC), Ba BB), Awal W (B and Beverages s and tic gis Lo fco Tra , Dairy ts. Metro Marke

November 2013 | BC Diwali Delights | 27


One on One with

Bollywood’s Hottest Hrithik Roshan gets exclusive with Bahrain Confidential. Read all about the upcoming movie Krrish 3.


ou are one of the biggest stars in Bollywood, where does your determination and passion come from? My family has been my biggest inspiration – they are my true role models and they continue to be. My parents and my grandparents have seen and experienced all shades of life, the good, bad, and have always faced any situation God presented to them fearlessly together. We share a bond that I’ll instill into my own family.

2013 sees Krrish 3, a movie 28 | BC Diwali Delights | November 2013

that you are renowned for. What can the audience expect? I think the audiences are going to be in for a treat with Krrish. If you loved the first two films, you will adore this edition. Krrish is our home production and it was like coming home.

What are your thoughts on Superhero movies created in Bollywood? The Indian cinema industry is amongst the best in the world and has created movies of par excellence for years. Being our home production, Krrish 3 will

“I know it sounds cliché, but I love what I do and I do what I love!”

Interview master the superhero genre in Indian cinema and internationally. We hope to present a superhero entity that will appeal to all audiences globally, in the same zest and fervor that they appreciate other superhero films like Superman and Batman. I am sure that regardless of the language Krrish 3 is shot in, the performance, and narrative and overall content will help extend to audiences beyond the Indian market. We are very excited to see the audiences’ response.

People like Hrithik as a dancer, the dance seems to be missing in his movies these days, is it intentional?

breath taking, how much time was devoted to making these sequences? My father wanted to do all of the special effects in India, it is common in Indian cinema to outsource the special effects for a film to other countries, but my father and I believe that we have the talent in India. We just need to give them the support and time they need to make a polished and believable end product. The sequences that you have seen in the trailer are the result of this and I think they look fantastic.

What else would you do if you weren’t a Bollywood actor?

Not at all! However clichéd this sounds, I guess the scripts I’ve currently been working on just haven’t demanded any breakthrough dance sequences. Never say never! Krrish 3 does feature some iconic moves that will become synonymous of Krrish 3.

I cannot imagine doing anything else. I know it sounds cliché, but I love what I do and I do what I love! It really is in my DNA and whatever my parents, grandparents, uncles achieved in this industry are an intrinsic part of who I am.

Some of the special effects that we saw in the trailer are truly

Your body is obviously very important to you, as millions of

women have probably noticed. Do you have any tips for our readers trying to fight off the Christmas weight? I work out a lot and have a strict diet and exercise regime that I follow religiously. Being fit isn’t just about being physically strong but also mentally. My fitness workout is important to me. It’s my way of chilling out!

What does future with you look like? 2013 was a busy year with Krrish 3 and the filming of Bang Bang with Katrina. 2014 is another year packed with lots of exciting projects including some other ventures outside of the film industry 

Marry Gold Massage

& Beauty Parlor

For Men & Women Other Branches

T&G Ayurvedic Treatment Centre Cutical Ayurvedic Pharmacy Marry Gold Ayurveda Spa Yas Body Care & Health Club for Ladies

Hair Services

Hand & Feet Services

Massage Services Tel: +973 1749 1958, Mob: +973 3977 6882 East Riffa, Near Riffa Charity Fund, KIngdom of Bahrain E-mail:, November 2013 | BC Diwali Delights | 29

Car Review

The Passat

A Revolution in

Affordable Luxury



he Passat brings innovative German-engineered motoring with stylish design to the Kingdom. Dominant style is created with clear forms and lines with horizontal body elements, reflecting Volkswagen’s unique design. The Passat strikes the muscular appearance, with powerful sculpted wheel arches. Passengers will be able to enjoy an increase in seating space. Filled with technology, this beauty features tyre pressure sensors, insulating glass and a special acoustic film that keeps out external noise. Definitely a plus point there! The interior styling of the Passat follows the maxims of functionality. With smart chrome bezels, the tachometer and speedometer are split by a digital multifunction display. All controls are easy to reach, following Volkswagen’s definition of its own completely new ergonomic standard. The Passat combines innovation and style, and makes driving a whole lot more fun by using Volkswagen’s 30 | BC Diwali Delights | November 2013

2.5-litre MPI five-cylinder engine in the Passat. Developing 170hp at 5,700rpm and paired with a six-speed automatic tiptronic gearbox, the innovative German-developed engine strikes a sporting balance between power and efficiency.

Here’s where you are in for a treat!

There’s a Passat for every need. The entry level model – the S - is designed for corporate customers, featuring ABS and ESP safety systems, driver and passenger head curtain and side thorax airbags, a Bluetooth system with voice command, multifunction steering wheel with audio /phone controls, cruise control, radio with MP3 and CD player, a 60/40 folding rear seat, armrests in the front and rear and electronic vehicle immobilisation. The SE model includes a six-CD changer with MP3 player, a leather multifunction steering wheel, rear air

able Avail rting ta s for a e of c i r p ,690/ BD 7

vents and 16-inch San Jose alloy wheels. The SEL gives you 17-inch Sonoma alloy wheels, a high-end sound system from Fender with a subwoofer in the boot. A media input with an iPod and iPhone cable, front fog and cornering lamps, keyless entry, pushbutton start, a sunroof and dual-zone air conditioning with air quality sensors. The SPORT has 18-inch Bristol alloy wheels, a touch-screen navigation system with a 30GB hard disc, SD card reader and DVD drive and a memory function for the driver’s seat. All Volkswagen cars come with a Service Excellence package that offers an inclusive 5-year Volkswagen warranty, a 45,000km or 3-year free service contract and 3-year 24/7 roadside assistance  For more information or a test drive, contact Volkswagen: Tel: +973 1745 9977


Dive Into


Celebrate the festival of lights with Bahrain Confidential’s favourite Diwali recipes. Healthy Masala Crackers

Coconut Barfi

Yes! You heard us, Healthy Masala Crackers. Let’s get a healthy regime going.

Your sweet tooth will definitely have no complaints this Diwali. It’s deliciousness guaranteed!


• All Purpose Flour (Maida)-

1 ½ cups • Butter - ½ cup (softened at room temperature) • 1 Tbsp combine Ginger paste + coriander leaves finely chopped + finely chopped green chilies + finely chopped curry leaves – MIX • Baking powder - 1 tsp • Salt - 3/4 tsp • Sugar - 1 tsp • Yogurt – 1 ½ tsp

Method: 1. Sieve sugar, all purpose flour, salt and baking powder. Add the softened butter in intervals. Knead well to make dough. Add the MIX and combine well to make stiff dough.

2. Add 1 tsp of yogurt and mix well. Make sure that the dough is stiff. Add another ½ tsp yogurt only if required.

3. Pre-heat the oven to 350 F. Grease a cookie sheet and keep aside.

4. Take a small portion of the dough and roll into a large circle until it is ¼ inch thick.

5. Using a cookie cutter, cut into required shapes. Place it on the cookie sheet.

6. Continue doing this until the dough is finished. Prick the top with fork and brush with oil on each of them.

7. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown.


• Fresh coconut (grated) - 1 ½ cups - Should be about 2 coconuts.

• Sugar – 2 cups • Ghee – 200 gms • Cardamom powder (Elaichi) – 1 tsp Method: 1. Heat ghee in a thick-bottomed pan. 2. Add grated coconut to the heated ghee.

3. Add sugar and mix well, stirring continuously on a till the mixture becomes thick and starts leaving the edges.

4. Add cardamom powder to this mixture and mix well.

5. Grease a flat surface with ghee and turn over the coconut mixture on it. Spread it evenly on the plate. Leave it aside to set completely and then cut it into pieces of desired shape. November 2013 | BC Diwali Delights | 31


INDIAN RESTAURANT GUIDE Aachi’s Chettinand Kitchen  1723 3110 Gudaibiya 10.30am - 3.30pm, 5.30pm - 1130pm

It’s Mirchi 1772 7230 Ramee International Hotel, Juffair 12pm - 3pm, 7pm - 12am

Akbar 1729 6660 Ramada Palace Hotel 12pm - 3pm, 7pm - 12.30am

Kalpaka 1729 7000 Windsor Tower Hotel 12pm - 3pm, 7pm - 2am

Asha’s 1717 9751 Bahrain City Centre

Khazana 1727 4767 Manama, 7am - 3.30pm, 5pm - 12am

Al Osra 1729 7771, 1729 6776 Hoora, Exhibition Road 10am - 1am

Lanterns Budaiya 1759 0591 Adliya 1724 6777 12pm - 3pm, 7pm - 12am

Al Osra XL 1749 1491 Lulu Hypermarket Riffa 11.30am - 11.30pm Bu Ali International Hoora 1729 1171, Zinj Jid Ali 1768 0010 11am - 11.30pm

Charminar 1726 1896 Manama, 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 12am Charcoal Grill Manama 1722 3531 Um Al hassan 1772 9115 12pm - 3pm, 7pm - 12am

Mantra 1721 1133 Best Western Plus Olive Hotel 12pm - 2am

Clay Oven 1771 7008 Adliya 11.30am - 3pm, 6.30pm - 11.30pm Copper Chimney 1772 8699 Um Al Hassam 12pm - 3pm, 7pm - 12am Hyderabad House 1772 0031 Umm Al Hassam 12pm - 3pm, 7pm - 12am

32 | BC Diwali Delights | November 2013

Saravana Bhavan Riffa 1700 6809 Gudaibiya 1724 5577 7am -11pm Sangeetha 1727 2768 Gudaibiya, 7.30am - 3pm, 5.30pm - 11pm Shamiana 1717 8085 Bahrain City Centre, 10am - 12am

Sri Gowri Krishna 1724 3366 Gudaibiya Star Night 1367 1111 Adliya, 12pm - 3.30pm, 7pm - 2am

Moti Mahal 1782 5333 Juffair, 12pm - 12am

Taka Tak 1725 4848 Gudaibiya, 12pm - 3pm, 7pm - 11pm

Mumbai Spices Bahrain Mall, 10am - 10pm

Tamburu 1367 1111 Adliya, 12pm - 3.30pm, 7pm - 2am

Nattinpuram 1729 0600 Ramee Baisan Hotel, 12pm - 12 am Navaratna 1749 0955 East Riffa, 7am - 11pm

Curry Tree 1603 0662 Amwaj Island, 12pm - 12am

Sahar 1772 5117 Umm Al Hassam, 8am - 12am

Spices 1753 1122 Crowne Plaza, Diplomatic Area 12pm - 11pm

1724 2432

Bright Candle 1722 9076 Manama, 11am - 3pm, 6pm - 12am

Saffron Curry 1722 3014 Enma Mall, 12pm - 12am

Nirvana 1758 9318 Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa 12pm - 3.30pm, 7pm - 11.30pm Oottupura 1363 3495 Gudaibiya 11.30am - 3.30pm, 6.30pm - 2am Papadom 1756 4434 Seef Mall, 10am - 12am Rasoi 1711 1999 Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa, Seef 7pm - 2am Rajdhani 1771 5222 Gudaibiya, 7am - 2am

The Great Kebab Factory 1769 0629 Jawad Dome, Budaiya 12pm - 3pm, 6.30pm - 12am The Yellow Chilli 1758 0480 Seef Mall, 12pm - 10.30pm Vrindavan 1723 4454 Manama 7am - 3.30pm, 4.30pm - 11pm Wholesale Budaiya 1759 5980,1759 5950 12pm - 3pm, 7pm - 12am


Light your Diwali

With Lanterns W

hile most Indians celebrate the Festival of Lights with family at home, Lanterns Lounge & Restaurant promises an exciting, fun-filled day in case you want to spend time with family, friends or colleagues out of your house. Light a candle, enjoy the marvelous romantic songs performed by an Indian singer and indulge in their Maharaja Feast: Kabab platter, curries, tandoori breads and biryani rice, salad, raita, papadam and a tasty array of sweets of your choice. Along with the celebration of Diwali at the beginning of the month, November will bring more news to

enhance your experience at Lanterns Lounge & Restaurant. A special and new menu for the garden area, the “Garden Grill”, invites you to enjoy your favourite grilled food during the day hours (from 12 pm to 7pm) in the beautiful green garden in the heart of Adliya. A variety of events will capture your attention at Lanterns Sky Lounge. It’s the place to spend most evenings with friends, enjoying the night and “dance under the stars”. The Sky Lounge is also the perfect venue for your private gatherings: whether professional or private, cocktail parties or buffet dinner. Whatever your

heart fancies, Lanterns is the right place to make it come true. 

Adliya, Kingdom of Bahrain Reservations Tel: +973 1724 6777, 1725 0999 e-mail: November 2013 | BC Diwali Delights | 33


Reader’s Speak Bahrain Confidential decided to find out what

people in Bahrain think about Indian food. “I really like Indian food. Definitely not frightened of the spiciness. My favourite Indian dish is Chicken Makhani. Best Indian restaurant in Bahrain? Hands down Asha’s.“

“My favourite Indian dishes are Rogan Josh and Jalfrezi. Favourite restaurant, I guess is Lanterns. It’s the only legit Indian restaurant that I have eaten at, but Elite Crystal Hotel has great Lamb Curry. Butter Naan is a must.”

Bayan Rashad, Bahraini

“Diversity in India can be recognised through the food. Each taste reflects a specific part of India. There is always something for everyone I have to say; you do not need to be an Indian to connect with Indian food. I am a huge fan of rice. Chicken Biriyani from Copper Chimney is SO GOOD!”

Dan Masters, American

Ameena Adel Bucheeri, Bahraini “I like Indian food. My favourite dish is Prawn Curry and my favourite Indian restaurant in Bahrain is Lanterns.”

Adam Salem, BahrainiBritish

“I love the Chicken Biriyani from Asha’s in Bahrain City Center. Lecker!”

Selma Carolina Jemouai, German

“My favorite is the thali from Sangeetha in Manama. I get a variety of dishes in one go!!”

Redia Castillo, Filipina

34 | BC Diwali Delights | November 2013

Savor a contemporary dining experience that does not compromise the traditional flavors that embody the festiveness of Indian cuisine. by Subir

Rasoi takes you on a culinary journey. Savor a blend of sophisticated flavors thatcelebrate the vibrancy of Indian cuisine. Opening Hours Lunch 12:30 PM to 03:00 PM Dinner 06:30 PM to 11:00 PM

Bahrain Confidential Diwali Supplement Oct 2013  
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