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Varios 560 offers three power modes selectable to the tip fastened to the handpiece; “G” (general), “E” (endodontics) and “P” (periodontics). Power level can be fine-tuned within the range of given power mode. In particular, P mode offers minimal yet steady power for more effective periodontic teratment.

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Lightweight and Compact Weighs only 33g, Varios handpiece’s slim and easy-to-handle body offers superior performance while reducing your fatigue even in long use. The vibration unit is built of solid titanium.

Circular Optic Illumination A luminous target spot helps you to make faster and precise treatment. NSK also offers non-optic model.

Automatic Tuning A special circuit monitors the applied load and instantly compensates as the load increases. This automatic monitoring technology delivers consistent power output at any power level setting.

Wide Tip Range A wide choice of Varios tips greatly expands the horizons of ultrasonic treatment. Currently 80 Varios tips are available and more will come to satisfy your increasing needs.

Both Optic and Non-optic are available for Varios 560


VA-LUX-HP Varios 560



Varios 560 Complete Packs Optic

Varios 560 LUX Complete Pack MODEL

NSK Varios Ultrasonic Scaler Tip Book


Varios 560 Complete Pack MODEL


VA560 LUX 120S Y141-225

VA560 120S


VA560 LUX 230S Y141-228

VA560 230S


The ultrasonic tips are available for general scaling, endodontics, periodontics, restorative, crown loosening and plugging. The application for each tip is shown in the Varios TIP BOOK.

Contents • Control unit • Handpiece • Handpiece cord • 3 Scaling tips (G1, G4, G6) • Water filter set • Water supply connector • Foot control (FC-60) • Tip replacement wrench with torque limiter • Tip holder • Power cord • Tip cover S Specifications • Power Supply : AC 120V or 230V 50/60 Hz • Dimensions : W109 x D194 x H95 (mm) • Unit weight : 1.2 kg • Frequency : 28~32 KHz • Max. output : 8 W (G mode)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

PR-D305E Ver.3