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Rosmersholm by henrik ibsen

Rosmersholm by henrik ibsen

A Gonรงalo Waddington project in conjunction with CCB and Take It Easy Films

Context The play Rosmersholm was written in 1886 by the Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen. Alongside The Wild Duck (1884), it is considered by many critics to be his masterpiece. As articulated by its protagonist Rosmer, its main theme is the socio-political change undergone when traditionally dominative classes reliquish their right to impose ideals on the rest of society. Here this is enacted through the particular experiences of the ‘free-thinking’ Rebecca, her morally ambiguous actions coming to undermine the political and religious beliefs of Rosmer, a man of great influence within the community. Rebecca not only abandons Christianity itself but also, in contrast to Rosmer, the entire system of ethics therein, thus forming Ibsen’s exploration of a question which greatly concerned him: would Christian ethics be able to outlive the religious doctrine which formed them? The first performance of this production was on the 10th of February 2011 continuing until the 13th with a total of four performances. This was in the BlackBox performance space of the Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon. This performance is co-produced by Centro Cultural de Belém and Take It Easy Films, with the sponsorship the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.

Synopsis The action takes place in Rosmersholm, an old manor house in the outskirts of a small city, built next to a fjord in western Norway. Johannes Rosmer renounces his ministerial role after the suicide of his wife, Beata. But his growing liberal ideals place him under the suspicion of the other figures of power within the community, especially due to the presence of a younger woman in his home, the old companion of his dead wife, Rebecca West. As the isolation around Rosmer and Rebecca increases their relationship also becomes stronger, while the mounting moral pressures of the community presses them inexorably towards their fate; death.

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Characters Johannes Rosmer – Owner of Rosmersholm, former parish minister. Rebecca West – Resident in Johannes Rosmer’s home. Professor Kroll – Rosmer’s brother in law, headmaster of the school. Ulrik Brendel – Old tutor and friend of Rosmer. Peder Mortensgaard – Editor of the newspaper which Rosmer previously denounced as sexually liberal. Ms. Helseth – Governor of Rosmersholm.


Gonçalo Waddington

Carla Maciel

Pedro Lacerda

Johanne s R os m er

Re b e cca W e s t

P r o fe s s o r K r o l l

Peter Michael

Flávia Gusmão

João Lagarto

Peder Mo r t e n s g aar d

Ms . H e ls e th

Ulrik Brendel

Director: Gonçalo Waddington Set Designer: Fernando Ribeiro Costume Designer: Carla Maciel Lighting: José Álvaro Correia Video: Gonçalo Waddington and Mário Costa

Gonçalo Waddington speaks with rare fluency and appropriateness on Ibsen’s Rosmersholm! João Carneiro in Expresso (Newspaper)

Brilliant directing, gentle, restrained, almost timeless. A great piece of art that holds us from beginning to end. Nuno Domingos in “Correio do Ribatejo�

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