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Among successful Broadway musicals, Wicked is unique in that the driving force for the project was its composer, Stephen Schwartz – who is himself a rarity among Broadway composers because he writes his own lyrics. As he read Gregory Maguire’s novel, he immediately saw its musicaltheater potential. And with hit shows like Godspell and Pippin behind him, he knows his way around such a piece. But it still took time to develop. “We spent a lot of time before starting to really write at all,” says Schwartz. “We spent about a year at least – Winnie (Holzman), who wrote the musical’s book, (producer) Marc Platt and I – working on an outline. We went through several drafts of the outline, until we really felt we had the storytelling right.”

As Holzman observes, the many layers of the novel had to be honored even as it was honed into a musical. “The whole idea is there’s more to this than you know, and it’s more complicated than you think,” she says, “which could be the subtitle for the musical. People are never what they seem on the surface.” To satisfy that, she intensified the relationship of Glinda and Elphaba. “In our version, it’s the central relationship. We feel a great responsibility to the characters to do them justice and to the people who love the characters.” Says Schwartz, “It’s a very complicated story to work out; there’s a lot of plot, there are a lot of relationships among the characters that either had to be used or dropped, there are a lot of surprises and twists and turns to the plot that needed to be figured out so that everything worked logically.” He likens the process to plotting a mystery “I novel, adding, remember reading in an interview with J. K. Rowling (author of the Harry Potter that she series) spent a year working out the world – for example, the rules of Quidditch – before she wrote anything. We did a similar amount of work. Once we started writing, even though things have changed and will

continue to change, songs get dropped or re-written, or scenes get combined, the essence of the show and the structure of it hasn’t changed.” Part of what drives the story is a world of dark politics, which Holzman found important to include. “The story is about a political leader who is unmasked as a fraud,” she explains. “Just as in our world, there is prejudice, there is darkness, there are the forces of evil. I don’t want to dictate what people should take away from it, but there is the whole idea of scapegoating people because they are different or because their message is unpopular, because they are saying what people don’t want to hear.” Schwartz found himself attracted to the idea of exploring another side of a familiar story, “like Stoppard’s ‘Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead.’ For me, if you take a familiar story – whether it be the Book of Genesis or The Wizard of Oz – and you come at it from another point of view, the tension between the audience’s preconception and the approach you’re taking to the story adds an extra level of response.” He also relished the idea of rethinking “one of the iconic villains of American culture, the Wicked Witch of the West, who is so much ‘the villain’ that we don’t even know her name.” Seeing the story from her point of view, he says, “seemed to me a brilliant concept. It was clear that a show about her could explore some of my favorite themes: the difference between surface appearances and what’s really going on underneath, how life is more complex

Oz is a fantastical, larger-than-life “ setting full of characters who almost

demand to sing, and the witch herself is so full of big emotions...

I knew the idea was screaming to be a musical.”

and has more ambiguity than we tend to be comfortable with and, certainly, than our public discourse admits to. And there is something so ingrained in our consciousness about the Wicked Witch of the West that she was already beloved, in a strange way.” Schwartz’s most powerful tool for bringing out the emotional shadings of the story is music, and Wicked boasts a score that’s both varied and memorable. And, in its way, a little other-worldly, which was deliberate on the composer’s part. But with a significant exception. “‘Wonderful’ is obviously a deliberate pastiche number because it’s sung by the Wizard, who is not from Oz and therefore is meant to sound American.

But for the rest of the score, I really did try to come up with a sound that you couldn’t quite place where it was from, that there was nothing that suggested a specific American or even sort of ‘Earth’ genre.” “Oz is a fantastical, larger-than-life setting full of characters who almost demand to sing, and the witch herself is so full of big emotions – rage and ambition and longing – I knew the idea was screaming to be a musical.” Opposite Page: Christine Dwyer, Marilyn Caskey, Timothy Britten Parker Above: Jeanna de Waal, Christine Dwyer Right: Marilyn Caskey Production Photos By: Joan Marcus

the men in the ‘Step in Time’ number, where I tap dance. So I get to be a triple-threat performer, singing and dancing and acting.”

When Mary Poppins brings its dazzling, colorful celebration of the story and songs you love to the Mainstage at Proctors, it also brings the triumphant return of a local actress who last played this theater almost a dozen years ago. Albany native Kerry Conte was an intern with the NY State Theatre Institute when she performed as Isabella in A Tale of Cinderella. She soon left for college, earning a degree in musical theater at the University of Cincinnati’s College Conservatory of Music.

But she’s also covering for the roles of the Mother and of Mary Poppins herself. She first went on as Mary during the month the show spent in Los Angeles, which means she also gets to fly – although she describes that aspect, floating above the heads of the audience, as in some ways the easiest part of her show. “They put me into the flying apparatus every week,” she says, “to make sure I’m always ready for it.”

From there it’s been a steady rise for her from regional shows to work Off-Broadway with the Irish Repertory Theater, always with musical theater, her first love, at the forefront. When she was cast in the ensemble of the Mary Poppins national tour, it was the realization of a dream. “I play several roles in the ensemble,” she says, “and one of the biggest challenges is keeping the characters straight. I’m a spinster, a Diva Doll, a customer – and I get to be one of

Top: Rachel Wallace, Case Dillard Bottom: The Company of Mary Poppins Photos By: Deen Van Meer

Rock and roll was born in the early 1950s when a number of visionary performers drew together musical aspects from many different styles and synthesized them into something fun to sing and play. Fun and not a little bit rebellious. The four principals of Million Dollar Quartet – Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Carl Perkins – jammed together on December 4, 1956, in the Sun Records

studio. Elvis had become a huge star, Cash was well on his way, Perkins was well established and Lewis was the new kid. Great lineup, great chemistry.

and others, and the best part of this dream show may be when the four play and sing together with an uncanny ability to channel the spirits of the people they portray.

The session was an impromptu affair, but the Broadway show drawn from that event puts the performers in a spotlight that celebrates who they were and lets us once again enjoy the hits they played in the way you love to see them play them.

A new type of sound was fusing into being, and this peculiar moment in American musical history suspended expectations and created a sound we’ll never stop singing.

Plenty of singers have covered “Great Balls of Fire,” but nobody sang it the way Lewis did – and the high-energy piano work you’ll witness is iconic. “Blue Suede Shoes” was a hit for Perkins, who wrote it, but he got the idea for it from Cash, who was no mean songwriter himself. His “Folsom Prison Blues” sounds as incendiary today as when he first recorded it. Then there’s Elvis. He’s here with “That’s All Right,” “Long Tall Sally,” “Hound Dog”

from the



to the stage

When you’re deeply immersed in an acting role, you’re never thinking of your next line. It emerges as what seems to be an autonomic response to the cue another actor delivers. But what’s it like if you’re also that other actor? Charles Ross faces that challenge and then some every time he performs his One Man Star Wars, a piece he developed that presents the original Star Wars trilogy – but in 75 minutes, complete with music and special effects. It’s a tightrope act for many reasons, not least of which is all those lines to keep in order. But the most compelling challenge is to get the facts right. The details. The minutiae, knowledge of which distinguishes the devotee from the dilettante.



POTTED POTTER Ross, who’s been a professional actor since he was 17, conceived the show in an offhanded but geekariffic manner. He played a game with friends (including T. J. Dawe, who would direct the show) that required each player to pronounce each successive line from the movies after catching a tossed frisbee. “And we played and did this for a long time,” Ross told an interviewer. “Enough so that we realized that, man, we really know this film well.” Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner at least have the support of one another as they navigate the potentially perilous world of Harry Potter. In Potted Potter, they impersonate 360 characters in just over an hour, condensed from the 4,000 pages of all seven books. Both are known in the U.K. from their work on the BBC’s children’s network. They’ve earned too much trust to risk betraying it with Potter errors. So Turner presents himself as the authority, while Clarkson tends at times to wander into The Lord of the Rings and Narnia. Thanks to a liberal use of Silly String, they’re able to devise an adaptable set, and the use of hairpieces verges on the manic. And there’s a game of Quidditch complicated enough to require audience participation. You became a huge fan of the film trilogy and the book series. Here’s a chance to celebrate them in the company of like-minded others. And if you don’t know the movies and books, what better way to fly through them?

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Gospel Jubilee with special guest star singer and actress Melba Moore is now on the Mainstage on Friday, April 19 at 7pm. After a hugely successful inaugural year, Gospel Jubilee returns for its second annual celebration of everything gospel, featuring Tony Award® winner and 4-time Grammy® Award nominee Melba Moore and the Jubilee Mass Choir. This soulful event has more roof-raising, inspirational and uplifting music than one room can handle, including local gospel singers, outstanding praise dancers and special musical guests.

PENN AND TELLER has moved to Friday, May 17 at 8pm. Join insane comic magicians Penn and Teller in an evening of acerbic wit and cutting-edge illusion. Taking a break from their acclaimed stay on the Las Vegas strip and filming of their hit SHOWTIME Series Bulls**t, the always vocal Penn and the ever silent Teller appear here in one of only three exclusive stops in the Northeast. *Mature content.

NEXT MOVE: FESTIVAL OF MODERN DANCE has moved to APRIL 5-6 at 7pm in the GE Theatre.

he idea of an old theater gave birth to the Broadway musical Follies, in which an old impresario begins a farewell party by saying, “Every year between the Great Wars, I produced the Follies in this theater. Since then, this house has been home to ballet, movies, blue movies, and now, in a final burst of glory, it’s to be a parking lot.” There are thousands of those sad parking lots today. But in the 1930s, the city’s downtown was a moviegoer’s paradise. In addition to Proctor’s, you could visit the State, the Erie, the Lincoln, the Van Curler, the Strand, and especially the Plaza, grandest of all, with a rotating ceiling of constellation display. The first Proctor’s Theatre opened here in 1912 when former vaudevillian Frederick Freeman Proctor took over a new vaudeville house at the corner of Liberty Street and what was then still the Erie Canal. A onetime resident of Nassau, New York, Proctor saw a need for more family-friendly theaters than he’d been performing in and wanted to cash in on Schenectady’s economic growth. By 1925, he was ready to commit to the ground-up construction of what his architect, Thomas Lamb, termed a “palace of the average man.” When this newest theater opened at the end of 1926, it presented both vaudeville shows and silent movies. So it had backstage space, fly space, dressing rooms. It had an arcade of shops as well as access to the neighboring Carl Co. department store. It had a Mighty Wurlitzer organ for silent movie accompaniment, and while it wouldn’t be the first area theater to show a talkie – that would be the Strand, where Jolson’s “Jazz Singer” played in 1927 – it soon leaped onto that bandwagon. As movies continued to flourish and vaudeville waned, Proctor’s persevered. Keep an eye on that apostrophe. Out of the Depression’s depths roared the Big Band era, and the Proctor’s stage accommodated Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, and the many other orchestras that passed through town. Bob Hope and Red Skelton played the stage. In 1927, the team of George Burns and Gracie Allen stopped by to perform. Burns remembered that occasion when he played Proctor’s again in 1990 as part of Schenectady’s tricentennial celebration, delivering an hour-long set showing the 94-yearold in top form. And he’s only one of many recent performers who have praised the Theatre from its own stage.

Archie Leach did a vaudeville turn here, and he, too, came back – in 1984, after finding film success as Cary Grant. It’s even been generational. When magician Harry Blackstone, Jr., performed on the opening night in 1979, of a revitalized Proctor’s, he paid tribute to vaudeville-era appearances here by his famous father. When a performer like that looks out at the house and makes a point of admiring the building’s beauty, you know this is someone who’s seen plenty to compare it with. And such praise has come from Tony Bennett, Hal Holbrook, Shirley MacLaine, and many, many others. Proctor’s almost succumbed to the decline that infected so many other theaters. Big movies of the 1940s and 50s came through here, but audience numbers declined, as they did in big downtowns across the country. By the time “Dr. Zhivago” hit this screen in the mid-60s, the theater was suffering from age and neglect. Paint was peeling and gone in places, the better days of the seats were behind them, and the price of simply heating the place continued to rise. A race of sorts began in 1977, when a consortium of people and downtown businesses began raising money to restore the theater, even as the city closed the facility for tax delinquency. With a half-million dollars and a keen group of volunteers, Proctor’s got its

glamour back. New plaster and paint, a new roof, new heating system, new sprinkler system, and a seat-by-seat repair job culminated in that 1979 reopening. A small piece of the theater ceiling remained unfinished through the early years of the rebirth, a reminder of the old look. The Wurlitzer was restored. Dressing rooms redecorated. Air conditioning added. And an everincreasing schedule of touring shows was offered alongside movies old and new. Sixty years after its founding, Proctor’s essentially was back in the vaudeville business, but how the face of entertainment had changed! Broadway shows had gotten bigger and bigger, and, as Proctor’s moved into the 21st century, it proved too small for the huge hits. A fresh wave of expansion and improvement began in 2004 – with yet another new roof. The enlarged stage still shows the evidence of its old boundaries, but now it can be home to anything Broadway offers. Look up into the fly space and you’ll see 86 lines that can handle more than half a ton apiece. The stage is so deep that some shows use the extra space for dressing rooms or costuming areas, but there’s still room for dressing rooms behind it, in addition to three tractor-trailer loading bays that can be used simultaneously, which are needed, because the biggest touring shows require up to two dozen trucks.

In 2006, the 450 retractable seat GE Theatre was built, with a wideformat screen, up-to-date multimedia capabilities and a three-story atrium as its lobby. The handsome Golub Arcade, which stretches from front to back of the building, was restored with new copperframed display cases salvaged when The Carl Co. closed. The box office, which had gypsied around the facilities for a while, found a home to one side of Robb Alley, from which you’ll also descend the stairs to a hundred-seat theater used for more experimental works. Given the scope of the expansion, it seemed too large and varied a space to be the possession of one man, and the apostrophe officially was dropped from Proctors. But it didn’t go away. It’s the name of Robb Alley’s Apostrophe Café and Lounge.



October 28

You marveled at METROPOLIS with live organ on our Mainstage. Now you can witness the epic struggle between good and evil in the silent masterpiece FAUST. Featuring the Filmharmonia Duo - Dennis James and Mark Goldstein - producing sounds from Proctors Mighty Wurlitzer Organ, a classic Hollywood theremin and Buchla Lightning Wands, portraying the forces of the divine and the damned. Director F.W. Murnau’s bizarre, surreal, sensual tale of Faust’s barter with Mephisto will explode your conception of a silent film.


November 17 The Capital Region’s 5th Annual Zombie Film Feast crawls up Route 5 from its former home at WAMC’s The Linda to its new landscape in the GE Theatre at Proctors. It Came From Schenectady presents this 13-hour movie marathon of undead delights, featuring a festering buffet of zombie film treats from both Romero’s Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead to Peter Jackson’s Dead/ Alive to Cuba’s Juan of the Dead and others both fresh and rotten. Join the Zombie Walk on Schenectady’s City Hall, a Zombie carnival with games, prizes and all the fun, surprises, special guests and comfy couches that ICFS film events offer. It’s a no-brainer.

BUDDY VALASTRO LIVE Homemade for the Holidays Tour


February 21

November 30 Celebrate the holidays this season Buddy style! TLC’s Cake Boss Buddy Valastro brings a special holiday show the entire family will enjoy. Sharing the holiday traditions and stories from his family at Carlo’s Bakery, Buddy presents an all new show demonstrating the techniques that have made him the most famous cake artist in the country.

They perform daring maneuvers atop a precarious pagoda of chairs, treacherous wirewalking, trick-cycling and gymnastics. They defy gravity with amazing displays of contortion, flexibility and control, pushing the envelope of human possibility with astonishing juggling dexterity and incredible balancing feats, showcasing tremendous skill and ability. They are masters of agility and grace. They are the world renowned Peking Acrobats.

The SELLOUT Comedy Tour

February 23

“Ask a black man anything...” This stellar crew of four veteran comics breaks down the walls of social stereotypes one joke at a time. Vince Morris, BT, Billy D. Washington and Louis Johnson rock the stage with a night of shockingly diverse comedy that ranges from hardhitting and raw to smooth and poetic. Like the best comedy, you never know what you’re going to get until you see it live. Check out SELLOUT!

YOU ASKED THE QUESTIONS & PHILIP ANSWERED! Q - Will you be booking Billy Elliot soon? Proctors patrons deserve to see a quality Equity production of this amazing show! A - Keep watching for our next season. I can’t really say, but...


with Philip Morris

Q - Any intent on bringing classic rock bands to Proctors? Classic rock bands instead of “3 hours of one member of several bands from the 1950s” might bring some people into your great venue. George Clinton would be great! How about shows that the Palace Theatre would get? A - Usually we try not to compete with things at the Palace. It makes it more expensive for customers and sets a tone between our buildings and towns that we think is not in anyone’s long term interests. Q - Are there any shows/events that you have just straight-up said “no” to? A - Oh yes. Sometimes it’s about money and sometimes it’s history. Sometimes we’re just not the right building.

Q - Tell us more about how you will include young and old, rich and poor in becoming regular theater patrons. A - Well, it’s the mix, right? Stuff for schools and school kids, stuff for families, free events, Cloud Club seats to everything, cheap movies and the best arts and entertainment things we can get! Q - Can you tell us more about Proctors’ involvement in actually producing some of these shows? What do you think about? How much influence do you have? What is the process like? A - As a producer, we like being part of the production company that created The Addams Family, you basically are part of a huge team. The trick is to be part of a great team, then the results are great.

ambo, salsa, cha cha, samba – even the names of the dances dance, and they all came out of Afro-Cuban musical traditions. There’s an indelible rhythm that comes through in percussion and brass. Think of Perez Prado’s horns, trumpet and sax players swaying, ruffled sleeves of their chamarras rippling with the beat. Cuban-born stars of American popular music also have included Desi Arnaz and Ernesto Lecuona, and especially Arnaz and his band playing the music of Lecuona. Lecuona left a legacy that doesn’t always attach the song hit to his name. “The Breeze and I” was a huge hit for Jimmy Dorsey and (Cuban-born) Xavier Cugat, among many others. Bing Crosby had a hit with “Siboney.” The National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba makes a stop here during its inaugural U.S. tour, a visit to 21 cities, with a program that includes Lecuona’s “La Comparsa.” The title translates as “carnival procession,” and the piece suggests sounds of hand drums, maracas, and other characteristic percussion.

Lecuona (1895-1963) was a wellknown concert pianist in Cuba before transplanting to the U.S., where his dance band, Lecuona’s Cuban Boys, gave an early boost to Afro-Cuban sounds. By 1943, he was successful enough in the U.S. to bring a symphony orchestra to Carnegie Hall. George Gershwin took a holiday in Havana in 1932, and the result was his Cuban Overture, which premiered later that year. It will open our concert, followed by Gershwin’s legendary synthesis of classical music and American jazz, “Rhapsody in Blue.” Piano soloist Nachito Herrera has been musical director of the famed ensemble ¡Cubanismo! for over two decades, and also has exercised his jazz chops with the Afro-Cuban All Stars. He has over 40 CDs to his credit as a pianist and composer, and now directs his own multi-style ensemble. The orchestra’s guest conductor, Guido López-Gavilán, is one of Cuba’s most famous living composers. He’s won that country’s National Composition Competition,

the Cuban Union of Writers and Artists Competition, and the 26th of July Competition, among others, and he’s also renowned for his conducting in his native country and throughout Europe. He’ll conduct his own “Guaguancó” as part of the concert, a work that draws on Afro-Cuban tunes and rhythms. Classical music – the stuff of large symphonic orchestras, solo artists, intimate chamber ensembles, and everything in-between – has a tough time with categories. Even the word “classical” can be argued as a misnomer, but alternatives like “serious” music, are worse. Classical has always been about a confluence of sounds and styles, even if some of them now seem charmingly antique. Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony is a work firmly rooted in the 19th century, yet it has endured as one of the most classic of classical works. As a featured piece on the second half of this concert, we’re betting it

will sound fresher than ever to ears already adjusted to Gershwin and Lecuona, and that’s a huge tribute to its revolutionary composer. Like the Afro-Cuban music that helped define America’s popular sound from the 1930s onward, Beethoven’s Germanic sound informed the American classicalmusic sensibility as the 19th century waned, and remains a deep part of compositional fabric of anyone who writes for an orchestra. There’s no need for categorization in a concert like this. It’s about the many international musical styles that are coming together in what’s also a significant gesture of international diplomacy.

Orchestra’s guest conductor, Guido López-Gavilán

Jeanna de Waal Š Joan Marcus

november 7 - 25, 2012

October 2 - 7, 2012



january 22 - 27, 2013

FEBRUARY 12 - 17, 2013


APRil 30 - MAY 5, 2013 Wicked, Mary Poppins, Million Dollar Quartet, Priscilla and Les Misérables are part of the

Disney and Cameron Mackintosh present


Oct 2 – 7 // Tues – Thur • 7:30pm // Thurs, Sat & Sun • 2pm // Fri & Sat • 8pm

MARY POPPINS is bringing its own brand of Broadway magic to theaters across the country, which has the New York Daily News calling it a “roof-raising, toe-tapping, high-flying extravaganza!” Featuring an irresistible story and unforgettable songs from one of the most popular Disney films of all time, plus brand-new breathtaking dance numbers and spectacular stage-craft, MARY POPPINS is everything you could ever want in a hit Broadway show! So get swept up in the fun of this highflying musical the New York Post gives 4 out of 4 stars and calls “a certifiable super hit!”


Fri Oct 19 • 8pm

This talented duo will knock your socks off—and make them disappear! Masters of magical mayhem Kevin and Cindy Spencer bring their cuttingedge illusions, drama and magical personalities to a never-before-seen staged spectacle that will surprise and delight fans of every generation.


Sat Oct 20 • 10am-5pm // Sun Oct 21 • 11am-5pm

Now in its fourth year, The Northeast Fine Craft Festival returns with more than 50 juried artists, exhibiting and selling their unique creations in wood, metal, yarn, stone, paint and more! This two-day event features craft demonstrations, music and fine food and a chance to see pieces worthy of a museum that you can make your own. Not just for Ladies Who Lunch, but a connoisseur’s delight! $6 in advance $7 at the door.


Sat Oct 20 • 7pm

Starring Rock and Roll Hall of Fame members Little Anthony and the Imperials, The Duprees, The Brooklyn Bridge, David Somerville (original lead singer of The Diamonds) and LaLa Brooks (original lead singer of The Crystals). Don’t miss this night to remember.


Thu Oct 25 • 8pm

Composed of recent cast members from the smash hit Jersey Boys, Under the Streetlamp delivers an electrifying evening of classic hits from the American Radio Songbook. These four magnetic vocalists put their unique blend of tight harmonies and slick dance moves to work on your favorite Doo-Wop, Motown and old time Rock ‘n’ Roll hits from The Drifters, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, The Four Seasons and more.

Ticket prices and discounts (subject to change) show


MARY POPPINS Tue-Thu MARY POPPINS Fri-Su Spencers Illusion Golden Oldies Under the Streetlamp 50.00





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60.00 50.00 35.00 20.00 Call for Group Pricing 75.00 65.00 50.00 35.00 Call for Group Pricing 35.00 30.00 25.00 20.00 31.90 27.40 22.90 28.80 24.80 20.80 51.75 51.75 44.75 36.75 46.98 46.98 40.68 42.20 42.20 36.60 40.00 30.00 20.00 20.00 45.40 36.40 27.40 18.40 32.80 24.80 16.80


An evening of auditory bliss on an unprecedented tour of the United States. Featuring world-renowned Afro-Cuban All Star pianist Nachito Herrera, this phenomenal orchestra’s repertoire includes exquisite renditions of works by Gershwin, Beethoven, Lecuona and Gavilan.



Sun Oct 28 • 3pm

Tue Oct 30 • 8pm

You marveled at METROPOLIS with live organ on our Mainstage. Now you can witness the epic struggle between good and evil in the silent masterpiece FAUST. Featuring astonishing musicians producing sounds from Proctors Mighty Wurlitzer Organ, a classic Hollywood theremin and Buchla Lightning Wands, portraying the forces of the divine and the damned. Director F.W. Murnau’s bizarre, surreal, sensual tale of Faust’s barter with Mephisto will explode your conception of a silent film.

The mudslinging comes from the left and the right in this hilarious, punditious show inspired by the boondoggles, shenanigans and pork barrel absurdities of our United States government. Whether they’re residents of the wild West Wing or the robed denizens of the Supremely Silly Court, they can all run, but not drop out, from comedic scrutiny.



Nov 2 – 4 // Fri & Sat • 7:30pm at Proctors Sun • 2pm at Capital Rep

This inaugural event, produced together by Proctors and Capital Repertory Theatre, will feature readings of two never-before produced plays and one musical. The best in raw theater and an opportunity for playwrights, directors, actors, composers and their audiences to share ideas, perspective and light fare. In addition, each of the 3 days of performance will be spiced with surprising new ways of engaging in live theater. The cost is $15 per day or $30 for a 3-day pass. Students get in for $10 a day or $21 for the full package.

This trio of children’s treasures reunites old favorites and new friends in an evening of innovative puppetry, delightful music and glowing visual effects. The Very Hungry Caterpillar crawls out of the pages and across the stage, followed by a whimsical cast of adventurous animals from Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? The final act is Carle’s Papa Please Get The Moon For Me, a poignant story of a young girl’s unusual quest. Three children’s tales in a much anticipated new production for children of all ages. Part of the Fenimore Asset Management / FAM Funds Family Series.

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National Orchestra of Cuba 55.00 40.00 35.00 35.00 20.00 49.90 36.40 31.90 31.90 32.80 28.80 28.80 Faust Regular 12.00 Students & Seniors 10.00 Capitol Steps 45.00 35.00 35.00 25.00 20.00 40.90 31.90 31.90 22.90 28.80 28.80 20.80 A Brown Bear - Eric Carle Adults 9.00 17 & under 7.00


Nov 7 – 25 // Tue – Sat • 8pm // Sat • 2pm // Sun • 1pm & 6:30pm // Thu Nov 8 • 2pm // Fri Nov 23 • 2pm No performances on Thanksgiving Nov 22 Back by “Popular” demand. Variety calls WICKED “a cultural phenomenon,” and when it last played Proctors in 2009, it broke box office records and sold out in record time. Winner of 35 major awards, including a Grammy and three Tony Awards, WICKED is “Broadway’s biggest blockbuster” (The New York Times). Long before that girl from Kansas arrives in Munchkinland, two girls meet in the land of Oz. One - born with emerald green skin - is smart, fiery and misunderstood. The other is beautiful, ambitious and very popular. How these two grow to become the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good makes for “the most complete - and completely satisfying - new musical in a long time” (USA Today).


Beatles expert and enthusiast Scott Freiman returns with his insider look at the Fab Four’s concept album magnum opus, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Share masterpieces like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and A Day in the Life with a new generation.

BUDDY VALASTRO LIVE Homemade for the holidays tour

ICFS presents: Zombie feast Fri Nov 17 • 11am - midnight

Fri Nov 30 • 8pm

It Came From Schenectady presents this 13-hour movie marathon of undead delights, featuring a festering buffet of zombie film treats from both Romero’s Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead to Peter Jackson’s Dead/ Alive to Cuba’s Juan of the Dead and others both fresh and rotten. Join the Zombie Walk on Schenectady’s City Hall, a Zombie carnival with games and prizes and all the fun, surprises, special guests and comfy couches that ICFS film events offer. It’s a no-brainer.

Ticket prices and discounts (subject to change) show


WICKED T-Th 8pm Th-F 2pm 150.00 WICKED F-Sat 8pm S 2pm Sun 1pm 150.00 Deconstructing Sgt. Pepper 25.00 Zombie Feast Cake Boss





Pack up your sleigh and head on down to the show, ‘cause Buddy is coming to town! Buddy Valastro, star of TLC’s Cake Boss, brings a special live holiday show the entire family will enjoy. Sharing the holiday traditions and stories from his family at Carlo’s Bakery, Buddy presents an all new show demonstrating the techniques that have made him the most famous cake artist in the country.

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80.00 65.00 50.00 35.00 90.00 75.00 55.00 35.00 20.00 Students 10.00 22.75 $25 all day $15 half-day 43.75 43.75 43.75 35.75



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39.78 39.78 39.78

35.80 35.80


Sat Dec 1 • 8pm

Need a break from your significant other? Kids got you wound too tight? Time for some female perspective? You’re overdue for a hilarious girls’ night out! Tweet your best friends, facebook your sister, call your mom and email your neighbors; it’s time to laugh away the holiday stress at Pumps and Punchlines. *Mature Content


The holiday favorite returns! A Christmas Carol, presented by the Nebraska Theatre Caravan, is a musical delight that will enchant your whole family. Scrooge, Bob Cratchit, Jacob Marley, Tiny Tim and all three ghosts of Christmas will be in attendance. Past, present and future audiences continue to find delight in this glowing rendition of Dickens’ holiday classic and have made A Christmas Carol a family tradition.

NORTHEAST BALLET’S ANNUAL NUTCRACKER under the ARTISTIC direction of Darlene Myers Sat Dec 8 • 7pm // Sun Dec 9 • 2pm

It isn’t really Christmas at Proctors without our own Nutcracker. The Sugarplum Fairy, prancing mice, the Rat King, Clara and of course the handsome Nutcracker Prince himself, are all part of this entrancing holiday ballet. Our Nutcracker headlines the beloved Wendy Whelan and Charles Askegard, principal dancers of the world-renowned NYC Ballet. Dec 9 - Begin the day at Lunch with Santa. 12:30pm Adults $20 Under 17 is $12.50


Experience the Magic! The Christmas Music of Mannheim Steamroller has been a favorite holiday celebration for more than 25 years. Grammy Award® winner Chip Davis has created a show that features beloved tunes and dazzling multimedia effects performed in an intimate setting. Let the spirit of the season come alive with the signature sound of Mannheim Steamroller. Don’t miss this musical holiday feast from the #1 Christmas music artist in history!


Dec 14 –16 // Fri & Sat • 8pm // Sat & Sun • 2pm

In an empty theatre, on a bare stage, casting for a new Broadway musical is almost complete. For 17 dancers, this audition is the chance of a lifetime. It’s what they’ve worked for – with every drop of sweat, every hour of training, every day of their lives. It’s the one opportunity to do what they’ve always dreamed – to have the chance to dance. This is A Chorus Line, the musical for everyone who’s ever had a dream and put it all on the line. Winner of nine Tony Awards®, including “Best Musical” and the Pulitzer Prize for drama, this singular sensation is the longest-running American Broadway musical ever. Now A Chorus Line returns. Come meet the new generation of Broadway’s best.

Ticket prices and discounts (subject to change) show






10% Discount Group or Frequent Buyer Premium

Pumps and Punchlines 35.00 35.00 25.00 20.00 A Christmas Carol 35.00 30.00 25.00 20.00 Nutcracker 30.00 28.00 25.00 20.00 Mannheim Steamroller Christmas 70.00 60.00 45.00 30.00 20.00 63.40 A Chorus Line 65.00 55.00 50.00 35.00 20.00 58.90



20% Group Discount C

31.90 31.90 22.90 31.90 27.40 22.90 27.40 25.60 22.90 54.40 40.90 27.40 49.90 45.40 31.90




28.80 28.80 20.80 28.80 24.80 20.80 24.80 23.20 20.80 48.80 36.80 24.80 44.80 40.80 28.80


Dec 28 – 30 // Fri & Sat • 8pm // Sat & Sun • 2pm

This international cast of more than 30 multitalented, brilliantly costumed artists reimagines the holiday season with gingerbread acrobats, tightrope-walking toy soldiers, dancing dolls, playful penguins, colossal candy canes and magnificent sets. Cirque Dreams Holidaze brings new sparkle and spectacle to the holiday season.



Jan 6 // Time TBA

Jan 15 – 20 // Tue – Sat • 7:30pm // Fri • 9:30pm // Sat & Sun • 1:30pm

Grow, Buy and Eat Local! Proctors strives to be the community’s living room. To that end, we’d like to invite you over to our house for a party! This firstannual, unique farm-to-table event is presented by Proctors, the Schenectady Greenmarket and local chefs. Outstanding in the Arcade is an event designed to bring the community to the table – one big, long white-clothed table down the center of Proctors Arcade. Mark your calendar. Details to follow.

Accio Laughter! Potted Potter is the story of everyone’s favorite boy wizard like you’ve never experienced it—two actors, all seven books in just 70 minutes! With the help of endless costumes, brilliant songs, ridiculous props and a generous helping of Hogwarts’ magic, this fantastically funny show features all your favorite characters—and a crazy game of Quidditch—for the unofficial Harry Potter experience that will put a spell on you.



Jan 25-27 // Fri – Sun • 7:30pm // Sat & Sun • 1:30pm

Jan 22 – 27 // Tue – Sat • 8pm // Thu, Sat & Sun • 2pm MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET is the Tony Awardwinning Broadway musical, inspired by the electrifying true story of the famed recording session where Sam Phillips, the “Father of Rock ‘n’ Roll” brought together icons Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins for one unforgettable night.

“Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope, I’ve got a bad feeling about this, Use the Force Luke, Do or do not, there is no try, I am your Father, My Sister? Yub-Nub!” Three movies, a classic trilogy, and just one talented and overworked Star Wars fanatic. Charles Ross does it all—all the ships, all the characters and all the music in one not-to-be-missed performance. The tour de force is with him!

Ticket prices and discounts (subject to change) show


Cirque Dreams Holidaze Potted Potter Tue-Sun Potted Potter Fri 9:30pm MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET Tue-Thu MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET Fri-Su One Man Star Wars





10% Discount Group or Frequent Buyer Premium



20% Group Discount C




50.00 45.00 40.00 20.00 45.40 40.90 36.40 40.80 36.80 32.80 55.00 45.00 49.75 40.75 36.50 60.00 54.25 48.50 60.00 50.00 35.00 20.00 Call for Group Pricing 70.00 60.00 45.00 20.00 Call for Group Pricing 25.00 22.75


INTERGALACTIC NEMESIS BOOK 1: TARGET EARTH // BOOK 2: ROBOT PLANET RISING Wed Mar 27 – Book 1 • 7:30pm // Thu Mar 28 – Book 2 • 7:30pm Fri Mar 29 – Book 1 •1:30pm // Book 2 • 7:30pm Sat Mar 30 – Book 2 • 1:30pm & 7:30pm

MOTIONHOUSE: SCATTERED // Sat Feb 2 • 8pm STORIES THAT DANCE // Thu Mar 28 • 7pm Green Day’s AMERICAN IDIOT // Feb 5 – Feb 7 KODO // Fri Mar 29 • 8pm CAPITAL REGION WINE FESTIVAL – ROMANCING THE GRAPE Fri Feb 8 • 6:30pm // Sat Feb 9 • 1pm PRISCILLA // Feb 12 – Feb 17 PEKING ACROBATS // Thu Feb 21 • 8pm TRACES // Wed & THU Feb 27 & 28 • 8pm HOW I BECAME A PIRATE // Fri Mar 1 • 7pm IRISH COMEDY TOUR // Fri Mar 8 • 7:30pm FELA! // Fri & sat Mar 8 & 9 FINNEGAN’S FAREWELL // Mar 14 – 17 THE IRISH TENORS // Fri Mar 15 • 8pm RICH LITTLE STARRING IN JIMMY STEWART – A HUMOROUS LOOK AT HIS LIFE // Sat Mar 16 • 8pm HOORAY FOR HOLLYWOOD // Fri Mar 22 • 8pm ‘60S SPECTACULAR // Sat Mar 23 • 7pm Śląsk POLISH SONG AND DANCE ENSEMBLE Sun Mar 24 • 4pm

ARTURO SANDOVAL // Fri Apr 5 • 8pm NEXT MOVE: FESTIVAL OF MODERN DANCE Fri & Sat APR 5 & 6 • 7pm ELVIS LIVES // Sat Apr 6 • 8pm CATHY RIGBY is PETER PAN // Apr 9 – Apr 14 GOSPEL JUBILEE // Fri Apr 19 • 7pm VOCA PEOPLE // Sat Apr 20 • 8pm ASK MRS. HONEY B. // Apr 23 – 27 • 7:30pm CIRQUE ZUMA ZUMA // Fri Apr 26 • 8pm JIM BRICKMAN // Sat Apr 27 • 8pm LES MISÉRABLES // Apr 30 – May 5 TOM CHAPIN AND FRIENDS // Fri May 10 • 7pM PENN AND TELLER // Fri MAY 17 • 8pm NOBODIES OF COMEDY // Sat May 18 • 8pM ANYTHING GOES // Jul 9 – Jul 14

Join Story Circle for a very telling 6th season at Proctors! At every Story Circle show, superb performers tell rare, contemporary and traditional stories about the complexities of being human. Discover the shared experiences of the Word Plays series and Tellabration, which combine the intensity of a solo performer with the intimacy of a face-to-face conversation. More info at


Now in its third year, MopCo Underground at Proctors is the longest running and most talked about improv show in town! These Masters of Making It Up create a totally unique show with the finest raw material: your suggestions. If you want, you just might become part of the onstage action! Favorite formats include the hilarious Chortle Combat, Spontaneous Broadway, You Never Know and Theatresports.

Classic Theater Guild, Inc. was established exclusively for the advancement of education in the theater arts through, among other things, the production of contemporary and classical plays. The Guild also works to strengthen theatre arts, support emerging playwrights, encourage education in the arts, present a diverse array of topics, and encourage persons to enter acting by promoting the benefits of dramatic entertainment to educational institutions and to the general public.

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offers contests special GREAT GIVEAWAYS



A battle between the age-old fairy tale of true love and a sobering reality transform into the poignantly tragic story of La Traviata. The magic of this live performance from Hubbard Hall Opera Theatre highlights the music of Giuseppe Verdi, featuring a 22-piece orchestra, stunning staging and costumes.

$30 for HHP members & students (not available online)

If there’s one word that describes the repertoire for the SSO’s 79th Season it’s “joyous.” From the opening notes of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9, considered by many to be his greatest achievement, to the lovely finale of his “Pastoral” Symphony, the SSO will perform four concerts of some of the most joyful and uplifting music ever written. Join us for a season of music that will make your spirit soar!

SEP 22, 1-10pm • ELECTRIC CITY UKEFEST ‘12 SEP 22, 7:30pm • FLEABAG! Electric City UkeFest Concert Jim & Liz Beloff, Moonshine Holler, Dos Eckies, Ron Gordon OCT 13, 7:30pm • THE GRAND SLAMBOVIANS (Gandalf Murphy) Anniversary Weekend: OCT 26, 7pm • OLD HOME NIGHT OCT 27, 7pm • CRIS WILLIAMSON, DAVID JACOBS-STRAIN & more Nov 3 • LOU & PETER BERRYMAN NOV 10, 7:30pm • THE NIELDS, CD Release: The Full Catastrophe NOV 17, 7:30pm • MULEBONE, CD Release: Bluesville Sessions DEC 2, 7pm • PRISCILLA HERDMAN & ANNE HILLS DEC 8, 7:30pm • PATTY LARKIN & RORY BLOCK DEC 15 • KIM & REGGIE HARRIS & MAGPIE SING SOLSTICE! JAN 13 • SALLY ROGERS & CLAUDIA SCHMIDT 3rd Thursdays, 7 pm • OPEN MIC & JAM

presents La TRAVIATA

Ticket Price: $40

The Joy of Music • 2012-13



Feb 7 & 14 • 7:30PM Feb 8 & 15 • 7:30PM Feb 10 & 17 • 2PM

SHUT UP, SIT DOWN & EAT! • Oct 5, 7:30pm THE FIRST NIGHT OF FUNNY • Dec 31, 8pm



Comedy Works Presents



Resident artists and friends that compliment our program

Story Circle



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Who are all these people? At the time of this printing, Proctors has nearly 13,000 Facebook friends. Our Facebook page is a living room couch where we sit, snuggied up with our theatergoers, theater fans, their families, real life friends and co-workers. It is there that we share entertainment news and trivia, views, insider information on shows, both upcoming or in the house already. Special deals, date reminders, contests with great prizes, beautiful photos and videos. Add to that our Twitter feed, which has much of the same but with the added bonus of being a fly on the theater wall at shows, in dressing rooms and in the meetings and special events that make us special. So come and join us, won’t you?

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518.382.3884 • Gail Wilson • x 139 •

NATIONAL SYMPHONY OF CUBA Motionhouse: Scattered Arturo Sandoval Voca People The Nobodies of Comedy

Fri Oct 26 Sat Feb 2 Fri Apr 5 Sat Apr 20 Sat May 18

8pm 8pm 8pm 2pm 8pm

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BECOME A SUBSCRIBER & enjoy these BENEFITS Can I still subscribe? Yes you can. Subscriptions are on-sale through the run of this fall’s Mary Poppins. By subscribing to the Key Private Bank Broadway Series, Wicked, Million Dollar Quartet, Priscilla, Les Misérables and Mary Poppins, you get the best seats, the deepest discounts and you walk away with tickets before the shows go on sale to the public. Don’t wait, save big and subscribe!

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As a subscriber, you may purchase tickets prior to the general public and receive up to a 10% discount for all other 2012-2013 season performances as well as new shows added throughout the season. Restrictions apply.

FILM 100 - The American Film Institute Essentials We will be presenting the Greatest Movies of All Time as tabulated by the AFI, from Yankee Doodle Dandy to Lord of the Rings to Citizen Kane. Emerging Pictures International, independent and exceptional cinema presented regularly in the GE Theatre. BALLET in Cinema From the Bolshoi to The Royal Ballet, the transformative experience of world class ballet at your fingertips in awe-inspiring hi-definition. Opera in Cinema The world’s greatest Operas from Puccini, Mozart and more, presented on the 4-story high GE Theatre’s GIANT Screen. It Came from Schenectady Crazy, Cult and Fantastic film festivals presented with games, prizes, surprises, comfy couches and special guests. ANIMATION FESTIVAL Come enjoy selections from every corner of toontown. There’s something for everyone and surprises to discover and treasure. QFEST Partake in our LGBTQ Film Festival! Expect interesting movies, fun events and thought-provoking conversations as we celebrate this community.

Visit for listing and up to date information

2012-13 season of

seriously good theatre 2012-13 MARQUEE SPONSOR:

One Great Song After Another

See what all the excitement is about at Proctors’ sister theatre on 111 North Pearl Street in Albany. Featuring five must-see performances, this season includes three regional premieres, a Tony Award® winning play, talent direct from the Broadway stage and a brand new musical. More info at


Sep 28 - Oct 28 2012

NOV 23 - DEC 22 2012

JAN 11 - FEB 10 2013

mar 1 - 30 2013

APR 19 - MAY 19 2013


Henry Schaffer TheatreTalks offer guests exclusive behind-the-scenes discussions with the cast, crew and industry professionals!

October 18, 2012 • 4:30pm

Educators, administrators and home school leaders are welcome to attend our 3rd Annual Educator Extravaganza. Come learn about all that Proctors has to offer you, the resources, programs and opportunities available to you and your students. Enjoy complimentary arts integration workshops, free previews and enjoy yourself for an evening, while earning professional development credit from Capital Region BOCES.


October 4, 2012 • Post 2pm matinee

The event is free to educators and school professionals, but advance registration is required. For more information and to

register visit


November 17, 2012 • Post 2pm matinee

MILLION DOLLAR QUARTET January 24, 2013 • Post 2pm matinee

A WICKED Perception

Art Show exploring views of Good vs. Evil


February 2, 2013 • Post 8pm show

Exhibition opens November 16, 2012


February 14, 2013 • Post 2pm Matinee


May 2, 2013 • Post 2pm Matinee

TheatreTalks are FREE with your ticket. TheatreTalks take place in Robb Alley at Proctors unless otherwise noted, check out for more information and more TheatreTalk opportunities.

SCVA Schenectady County Visitors Agency

Schenectady County Visitors Agency is the designated Tourism Promotion Agency under the auspices of Proctors. It is our mission to educate and entice the masses with all things wonderful in Schenectady County!

For more information: 518.382.3884 x187

In the art show A WICKED Perception, students are invited to submit artwork for exhibition that explores the themes of good, evil, the perception of what is true, and how things are not always as simple as they seem. Artwork of all mediums will be accepted from students in grades K-12 in this quirky art show based on Wicked, at Proctors November 7-25, 2012. For full contest details and to register, visit

Passeggiata (päs-sād-ˈjä-tä) the new third-Friday tradition in Schenectady’s revitalized downtown area! Starting Friday, September 21, and each third-Friday of the month thereafter, residents, businesses and visitors will participate in a downtown stroll-about. Each month will feature a different theme and engage businesses and attractions to share some neighborly time together. For more info contact Leesa Perazzo 518.382.3884x187 •

Proctors ticketing information and policies NO REFUNDS - Events, dates, programs, pricing, artists and times are subject to change. No retroactive discounts will be permitted. Every person, regardless of age, must have a ticket to be admitted to a performance. One ticket per person. One person per seat (NO EXCEPTIONS). A ticket is a revocable license valid only for event and seat printed on it. Management may, without refund, revoke this license or refuse admission if your conduct is disorderly. MEMBERS AND SUBSCRIBERS please refer to your individual benefits and policies. INCLEMENT WEATHER POLICY - Patrons who choose not to attend a performance that goes on, despite adverse weather conditions, will not be eligible for ticket refunds or credit. CHECK YOUR TICKETS carefully for the correct date, time and seat location. Tickets by Proctors is not responsible for errors not reported within 24 hours of receipt. PROMOTIONS AND GROUP DISCOUNTS have restrictions making the ticket purchase a final sale and exchanges prohibited. LATECOMERS will not be seated until a suitable break in the performance. At the request of the show’s producers, latecomers may be required to sit in the rear of the theatre. GIFT CERTIFICATES may be redeemed at the Box Office or over the phone. To apply Gift Certificates toward online orders, please call the Box Office for assistance. Gift Certificates are not redeemable at our bars or concessions.

cc C






main floor orchestra


SERVICES FOR THE DISABLED - To best assist patrons with special needs, it is helpful to have the special needs described to the customer service agent at the time of purchase. For more information regarding services for the hearing impaired and physically challenged customers, please contact the box office at 518.346.6204 or email SMOKING is not permitted anywhere in any of the buildings. DOCTORS AND PATRONS ON CALL - please leave your pager or cellular phone and seat location with the house manager so we may locate you if you are called.


CAMERAS, audio, and video equipment, cellular phones and paging devices are strictly prohibited in the theatre. PRICING All prices are subject to change, variable pricing and restrictions may apply. Mature content - Proctors makes every effort to advise of mature content. Ultimately however, the decision of what is appropriate is a matter best left to each individual, parent or guardian. If you need assistance, please refer to, the show’s website, or call the Box Office at Proctors at 518.346.6204 for more information. We will be happy to help!

Signed Performances

Signed performances for the Broadway shows are usually Sunday matinee performances. If interested, please confirm with the Box Office.

Henry Schaffer Theatre TaLK Special for ticket buyers, free behind-the-scenes discussions with cast and crew. Subject to change, check for schedule and updates.





Proctors is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) cultural, educational and charitable organization that delivers exciting shows, excellent educational programming and community events to the extended Capital Region. Your subscription helps to make this dream a reality! 346.6204

432 State Street • Schenectady • NY • 12305 - the only official home for tickets and information on performances at Proctors.







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