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Xylos is a leading ICT service company with over 160 employees in Antwerp, Brussels and Moscow. When Xylos decided to move from the 9th to the 6th floor in the Ahlers Building, they appointed PROCOS as their consultant. The PROCOS team was in charge of the new office concept, the space planning, the interior design and the project management. The office concept was developed with respect for the existing architecture of the building. The extra ordinary view from this floor makes the work environment even more attractive. As an ICT service company, Xylos asked PROCOS to incorporate a server room, a hardware workshop and two training rooms. Each of them had to be equipped to train 12 persons. In close cooperation with Xylos the project was finalized at the beginning of 2008. Project data • Surface area: 1.200m2 • Number of work stations: 52 • Training rooms: 2 • Internal server room

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