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Gastro pasteurized program

Stews Goulash with potato Is traditional regional dish with 3 meat components, potato and onion. Dish is lightly spicy.

Weight: 2.700g / 5 people

Main components: selected beef, pork

and deer meat pieces, potato, onion, red vine.

Chili con carne Mexican specialty prepared on Proconi special way with a lot of beans and selected minced beef meat together with fresh pepper and tomato cubes. Adding of chili gives special spicy taste to this dish.

Weight: 2.700g / 6 people

Main components: beef meat, tomato, red beans, corn, pepper.

Barley stew with smoked pork neck Is traditional Slovenian dish with barley, bean and lot of fresh vegetable added. Main components: smoked pork neck, barley, beans, potato, carrot, onion.


Weight: 2.820g / 6 people

Tripe Tasty and traditional dish made out of beef tripe stripes with onion, white wine and bacon.

Weight: 2.500g / 5 people

Main components: beef tripe, onion, smoked bacon, breadcrumbs.

Pork goulash Mild but full of flavor dish which can be served with potato, pasta, polenta or bread.

Weight: 2.600g / 10 people

Main components: pork meat, onion, spices.

Basic for dishes with minced meat Roasted minced meat Roasted minced meat as a base to prepare lot of dishes as »musaka«, lasagna, »burek«, cannelloni, filled pasta… It’s roasted on classic way and it’s thermally totally treated. Glavne sestavine: pork or/and beef minced meat, onion, spices.

Weight: 4.000g

Meat-vegetable components Meat balls in tomato sauce Delicious balls made out of pork and beef meat in tasty tomato sauce.

Weight: 2.700g / 12 people

Main components: pork and beef minced meat, rice, tomato puree, onion.

Chicken rolls in creamy sauce with gnocchi Rolls made out of chicken breast, ham and cheese in creamy sauce are one of the most popular dishes for every day or for special occasions.

Weight: 2.500g / 12 people

Main components: chicken breast meat, roasted ham, cheese, sour cream, sweet cream.

Stuffed pepper Pepper filled with pork and beef meat mixed with rice and spices in tasty tomato sauce.

Weight: 2.800g / 10 people

Main components: pepper, por and beef minced meat, rice, tomato puree.

Rolled sauerkraut leafs filled with meat and rice Its seasonal dish for colder days, but it can be also consumed trough whole year. Sauerkraut leafs with minced meat, rice and spices inside. Main components: sauerkraut, pork and beef minced meat, bacon, onion.

Weight: 2.400g / 5 people

Vegetable plate with chicken meat Tasty vegetable with chicken breast stripes as light meal for hot summer.

Weight: 2.400g / 5 people

Main components: green peas, carrot, chicken meat, spinach, butter.

Chicken fillet in mushroom sauce Chicken fillet in creamy mushroom sauce with delicious, mild but fully taste is made for people who like mushrooms.

Weight: 2.500g / 12 people

Main components: chicken breast meat,

champignons, onion, sour cream, sweet cream.

Chicken fillet in mustard sauce Chicken fillet to enjoy full tasty mustard sauce.

Weight: 2.500g / 12 people

Main components: chicken breast meat,

sour cream, mustard, butter, white wine, honey.

Meat-vegetable components

Side dishes Potato puree Potato pure is made out of fresh potato. With adding of butter and cream you can enjoy it as homemade dish.

Weight: 2.500g / 10 people

Main components: potato, milk, butter, sour cream.

Roasted potato Roasted potato with onion can be served to different types of dishes.

Weight: 3.000g / 12 people

Main components: potato, onion, rapeseed oil.

Rice with parsley Cooked rice with low content of salt and parsley added. It can be served as already prepared or you can add green peas, carrot, mushroom ‌ Main components: rice, rapeseed oil, parsley.

Side dishes

Weight: 2.500g / 15 people

Sauces Mushroom sauce To prepare tasty and delicious mushroom sauce we use champignons and mushrooms for great taste. It can be consumed also by vegetarians or if you add meat component you can prepare great lunch for everyone.

Weight: 2.500g / 15 people

Main components: champignons, onion, sour cream, sweet cream, mushroom.

Meat sauce Sauce made on a base of Italian Bolognese sauce with tasty and not aggressive taste.

Weight: 2.800g / 15 people

Main components: pork and beef minced meat, tomato puree, carrot, onion.

Mustard sauce Special sauce with expressed taste of mustard for different types of meat.

Weight: 2.500g / 20 people

Main components: mustard, sour cream, butter, white wine.



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Gastro pasteurized program  
Gastro pasteurized program