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Stock Market Success: Pitching a Winning Inning

Recently released film Moneyball was an inspiring story drama which shows that how underdogs can win highly pitched contest and how you can win against all the odds. Brad Pitt was nominated for the best actor category in Oscars and Golden Globe Awards. While watching the movie one can note drastic similarities between stock market and game of baseball. In fact, achieving stock market success is more like pitching than batting.

Every batter tries his best to hit a high shot. Hitting a shot over 300 is an ultimate hysteria for not only for batter but also for crowds too. That is 3 shots for every 10 shots. Of course if you are Willie Mays expectations are always higher. In trading, stock market success doesn’t equate to winning in only 30% of your trades and will likely send you to the sidelines or poor house quickly. Baseball pitching can be a difficult skill to learn as well as stock market picking. A good pitcher is the key factor in a win. A pitcher who can win 65% of his starts can fetch 21 victories for his respective team. If you can win at around 65% to 70% and cut your losers, you would achieve stock market success. Stock market success works on very basic and simple rule. Always make sure that you will earn more than lose. To achieve this you have to cut down on losses and pitch high your earning. Your exit plan must be ready whenever the price of a stock trend is on higher notch. It’s very vital for stock market success. Make the most of it from current stock market opportunities to add some balance in your account. Being emotional in stock market does not consider a good quality. But even some of experience and expert traders can become victim of emotional syndrome by taking profits on the top stocks, while keeping the poor performers and refusing to admit a mistake was made. Being precautious always helps whether in baseball or in stock market. In baseball it’s not always necessary to hit ball in high sky. Sometimes it’s important to take runs continuously. Same case is with stock market. Aiming for high profits on every given opportunity can be fruitless. It could create obstacles in your way of stock market success. One should play drive in runs, albeit hitting that occasional long ball over the fences would be a bonus. Before start investing watch carefully and analyze the market like a good pitcher monitors his playground pitch. Warren buffet has been considered as last word in stock market investment and Babe Ruth was the best basket ball player the world has ever seen. As both of these men know, the key to success in both baseball and stocks is to know the risk and situation, and to have an exit strategy.

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Stock Market Success: Pitching a Winning Inning  

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