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TABLE OF CONTENTS Thanks to our Sponsors Life to the Fullest! The CCRP: A Mission of Respect, Empowerment & Love Report from CCRP JAMAICA 50 Legacy Awards Committee Chair Let’s Hear It For Our Living Legends Honorary Awards Other Living Legends

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Highlights of Addresses: - Welcome by CCRP Chair - Address by the Governor General - Greetings by Minister of Labour & Social Security - Thank You on Behalf of the Awardees, by Professor Emeritus Edward Baugh - Vote of Thanks by then CCRP Vice Chair Pictorial Highlights



We are grateful to our sponsors

The Caribbean Community of Retired Persons (CCRP) is a dynamic organization dedicated to our most treasured citizens – the seniors whose sacrifices, dedication and wonderful talents have laid a sterling foundation for modern Jamaica. Launched in April 2010, CCRP is the Region’s first comprehensive organization for retired persons. With over 700 members, it offers a wealth of practical support programmes, activities and service opportunities for retirees and those preparing to retire.

The CCRP works to ensure that the vast talent, experience and wisdom of our retired persons is respected, that they enjoy the quality of life they deserve and that they are empowered to continue contributing to development of community, country and region.

CCRP JAMAICA 50 Legacy Awards Committee Report The CCRP is growing apace, and we are grateful to our esteemed Patron, His Excellency the Governor General, our dedicated Board Members and our great Committee Chairs for their guidance and support. Last year, when we saw Jamaica’s Golden Jubilee year drawing closer, we decided that it was important to recognise those Jamaicans who have worked to create a legacy to be enjoyed by future generations. We then invited our members, numbering about 500 at the time, to make nominations. Special mention must be made of members Carmen Chen and Veronica Carnegie, who submitted multiple well-researched entries. Our CCRP Living Legacy Awards Committee had the daunting task of selecting from over 100 entries – we had aimed at 50 but such was the excellence of our award winners that it moved to 64! (Continued)

Jean Lowrie-Chin, Chair, CCRP JAMAICA 50 Legacy Awards Committee

Legacy Awards Committee Report, Continued We planned this event to be one of the first for the Golden Jubilee Year because we thought it important to highlight those on whose shoulders we stand. It has been a moving experience, and we are grateful that our media partners came on board to help us take the message of your sacrifice and dedication far and wide, and that so many other sponsors helped to make it possible. I ask your indulgence as I recognise the PROComm Team – they joined our organisation to have a regular day job and found themselves captured by this vision of senior empowerment. Ladies and gentlemen, we are the richer for having studied the achievements of our Jamaica 50 Living Legacy Award Recipients. Generations will call you blessed! Let us reflect on these extraordinary individuals as we declare them our Living Legacies in this, Jamaica’s Golden Jubilee Year. Thank you!

On February 8, 2012, the CCRP, in observation of the Golden Jubilee of Jamaica’s Independence, recognized 64 Jamaicans whose contribution to nationnation-building has made them ‘Living Legends’. They have been trail blazers, dynamic movers, forward thinkers and world class achievers. They have built this country through outstanding contributions in just about every field of endeavour. Jamaica will forever be in their debt. Here they are:

(to Honorary Directors, Directors and Legacy Committee Member of the CCRP)

Most Hon. Sir Howard Cooke, ON, GCMG, GCVO, CD, K. St.J., Hon. CCRP Director Sir Howard Cooke is a highly respected nation builder. This former Governor General is renowned for making King's House more accessible to Jamaicans, and for establishing the Governor General's Award. He had a distinguished early career as beloved teacher, and served as President of the then Jamaica Union of Teachers. He is also a former insurance executive. Sir Howard is a founding member of the People's National Party. He was a Member of Parliament in both the West Indies Federation and Independent Jamaica's Parliament. He is a former Senate President and Government Minister, a former lay pastor and a Past Chairman of the Cornwall Council of Churches.

Most Hon. Prof. Sir Kenneth Hall, ON, GCMG, OJ, Hon. CCRP Director Sir Kenneth Hall is a distinguished academic and national leader, and a former Governor-General of Jamaica. He served as Pro-Vice Chancellor and Principal of the UWI’s Mona Campus. He lectured in History at UWI and was Professor of History at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Oswego. He was also Adjunct Professor of Caribbean Studies at SUNY at Albany, and Professor of American Studies at SUNY, Old Westbury. Sir Kenneth has served as a Former Deputy Secretary General of CARICOM, and as Chancellor of the University College of the Caribbean (UCC).

Prof. the Most Hon. Denise Eldemire-Shearer, CD, Chair, CCRP Professor Denise Eldemire-Shearer is a doctor, researcher, Professor of Public Health and Ageing and leading authority on ageing. She is an unwavering advocate for the elderly. She has served for over 20 years with the University of the West Indies (UWI), and is currently examining responses needed in the primary health care system to deal with an ageing population. She contributes voluntary service to the National Council for Senior Citizens. Professor Eldemire-Shearer has also worked on the epidemiology of ageing in Jamaica, intergenerational transfers and economic contributions, and has had responsibility for developing postgraduate training in public health.

Mrs. Syringa Marshall-Burnett, CD, CCRP Director Syringa Marshall-Burnett has to her credit over 50 years of outstanding service in clinical nursing, nursing administration, education and research. She has contributed distinguished public service at national, regional and international levels. Mrs. Marshall-Burnett is a dynamic activist, and a veteran international consultant who has contributed in Africa, North America, the Caribbean and Jamaica. She is a former President of the Jamaican Senate, a former Chair of the International Council of Nurses and a Life Member of the Nurses Association of Jamaica. She is still active in professional and political endeavours.

Mrs. Vilma McDonald, OD, Legacy Awards Committee Vilma McDonald has made a distinguished contribution in public service and sports, and is an indefatigable volunteer. She spent 43 years with the Civil Service, including 21 with the Ministry of Education. She served as financial controller for numerous major local and international events. She is a former Captain of the Jamaica Netball Team and a Past President of the Jamaica Netball Association. She is now a selector for national teams. Mrs. McDonald chaired the Volunteer Committee for the ICC Cricket World Cup in 2007. She was honoured for relief work for the 1989 flood victims in Western Jamaica.

Mr. Lester Spaulding, CD, CCRP Director Lester Spaulding is a dynamic Caribbean media leader. He is the Chairman of the RJR Communications Group, a Director of Television Jamaica Ltd. and Chairman and Director of Multi Media Jamaica Ltd. Mr. Spaulding’s visionary, key early decisions helped him to preside over RJR’s phenomenal growth from a single radio station to the most powerful media group in the English speaking Caribbean. He is a Caribbean Broadcasting Union (CBU) Hall of Fame Inductee, honoured for exceptional leadership of CBU, the Caribbean News Agency (CANA) and the Caribbean Media Corporation. He had an early accounting career at Price Waterhouse.

Other Living Legends

Mrs. Beverley Anderson-Duncan Beverley Anderson-Duncan is a political scientist, author, gender and transformational trainer and consultant on third world developmental and communications issues. She is a much sought after speaker at home and abroad. A former First Lady of Jamaica, she represented the country at the UN Commission on the Status of Women. She is a Past President of the PNP Women's Movement and member of the Party's Executive and National Executive Council. Mrs. Anderson-Duncan is a former coproducer and co-host of the popular Breakfast Club on radio.

Sir Fitzroy ‘Roy’ Augier, Professor Emeritus Professor Roy Augier is a distinguished Caribbean historian. He has contributed over 50 years of service to UWI's History Department. He is a former Dean and former Pro Vice Chancellor. He has chaired both the Caribbean Examinations Council and the Drafting Committee for UNESCO’s General History of the Caribbean. A respected author and pioneering archivist, Sir Roy is also acclaimed for his work to establish the teaching of Caribbean history in secondary schools, for fostering regional cooperation, and for influencing attitudes towards Rastafarians. He is the Founder and former President of the Association of Caribbean Historians, he also helped to create the History Teacher's Association.

Ms. Joy Marilyn ‘Mamma Joy’ Baker After an amazing 30 years of giving needy children love, protection, support and sterling values, “Mamma Joy” Baker is known and loved as “mother” to hundreds in Central Kingston. Now assisted by civic and corporate groups, she began sharing with only her tiny wages from sweeping streets and cleaning bars. She has personally fought thugs, she once housed 96 youngsters in one home – and she has opened savings accounts for over 300 children. Mamma Joy, philanthropist and miracle worker, is a blessing and an inspiration.

Professor Emeritus Edward Baugh, CD Orator, poet, author and scholar, Professor Edward Baugh is acclaimed for distinguished contributions to Caribbean literature. He is an internationally respected authority on Anglophone Caribbean poetry in general and on Derek Walcott in particular. He is also an inspiring teacher who has shaped generations of Caribbean literary scholars. His 40plus years of service to the UWI has included leadership in 'de-colonizing' the Department of English. He is a former Dean and a former Head of the Department of English. The UWI English Department's Edward Baugh Distinguished Lecture Series pays a fitting tribute to him.

Sister Mary Benedict, RSM, CD Sister Mary Benedict is the beloved 'Queen of Central Kingston'. With over 60 years of service as a Sister of Mercy, she is truly a powerhouse of love, peace and practical solutions extraordinaire. The former 'miracle working' Principal of Holy Family All Age School on Laws Street, she is acclaimed for brokering peace between warring inner city gangs. She went on to found the Laws Street Trade Training Centre, an outstanding success story, with help from the private sector. She is also a former Chairperson of Food For The Poor, where she still serves on the Board.

Mr. Kenneth Benjamin, CD A visionary businessman and an innovative nonconformist, Kenny Benjamin built the Guardsman Group into a regional industry leader, out of a hobby. Today it boasts over a dozen member companies spanning security, communications, tourism, health, heritage, environmental and other sectors. It employs over 6000 persons in four Caribbean countries. A renowned animal lover, Mr. Benjamin serves as Chairman of the JSPCA and the Hope Zoo Preservation Foundation. He has been much honoured across the Caribbean and in his native India.

Dr. Hazel Bennett, OD Dr. Hazel Bennett is a distinguished historian, educator and library pioneer. A former Deputy Director of the Jamaica Library Service, she was involved in the growth of both public and school libraries. She helped to establish the UWI Department of Library Studies and trained library professionals and technicians from across the Caribbean region. She also consulted with regional governments on the development of public libraries and those in teachers’ colleges. Her major publications include The Jamaican Theatre: Highlights of the performing arts in the twentieth century (2011), co-authored with her late husband, cultural pioneer and icon Hon. Wycliffe Bennett, OJ; The Story of the Jamaican People, co-authored with Sir Phillip Sherlock, OCC (1998) and her doctoral dissertation, A History of Libraries in Jamaica, 1697-1987.

Bishop the Hon. Herro Blair, OJ Bishop the Honourable Herro Blair is a distinguished religious and national leader and a tireless worker for peace in volatile communities. He has served as Jamaica's first Political Ombudsman since 2002. A pastor for over 38 years, he is President of the Deliverance Evangelistic Association, Founder of the Faith Deliverance Centre and Director of the National Religious Media Commission. He also chairs the National Peace Management Initiative. Bishop Blair served as spiritual advisor to former Prime Minister Seaga, and is a former Chairman of the NDM. He is an active worker for transformation of inner city residents.

Mr. Ryland Campbell, CD Ryland Campbell has to his credit four decades of distinguished leadership in merchant banking, national and community service. At the time of his award, he was the Chairman, President and CEO of Capital & Credit Financial Group. He serves as Chairman of the Jamaica Institute of Business Leaders. He is Founding and Past Chairman of the National Health Fund, a Director CARI-MED and Advisor to the Jamaica Association of Persons with Mental Retardation. He is also the former Chairman of Nationwide News Network. A former teacher, Mr. Campbell is the Deputy Chairman of the Mico University College Board, and a member of the Boards of both the University of Technology (UTECH) Jamaica and the Early Childhood Commission.

Mr. George Carter, CD A truly legendary contributor to theatre development in Jamaica, George Carter helped to mold generations of theatre workers. He has served as Technical Director, Lighting Designer, Stage Manager and General Manager of Little Theatre Movement (LTM). He is a former Technical Director of the National Dance Theatre Company (NDTC). He contributed to the LTM's founding of the Jamaica School of Drama, now part of the Edna Manley College. And he was a pioneering organizer of Jamaica's Independence Festival. Mr. Carter is a founding member of the Sodality Co-op Credit Union. He is also an electrometallurgist, who operated his own electroplating business.

Professor Emeritus Anthony Chen, OM The distinguished Professor of Applied Atmospheric Physics at the UWI, Professor Anthony Chen contributes extensively to our knowledge about the way climate change affects the Caribbean, and to public awareness of this. He is a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change which shared 2007 Nobel Peace Prize. Professor Chen, who is widely published, has worked in the field of renewable energy for over 30 years. He is a Fellow of the Royal Meteorological Society, and a member of both the Jamaican Society of Scientists and Technologists, and the International Solar Energy Society.

Hon. Lascelles Chin, OJ, CD The Honourable Lascelles Chin is a distinguished business leader, and an outstanding entrepreneur, exporter and philanthropist. He is the Founder and Executive Chairman of LASCO Affiliated Companies, built from a small home based venture into a diversified corporate giant manufacturing over 300 products, and exporting to major regional and international markets. Mr. Chin is much admired for his emphasis on providing affordable products, assisting the needy and rewarding hard work and positive values nationally. He has made extensive civic contributions, including being one of the major sponsors of the CCRP.

Mr. William Chin See, QC, CD William Chin See’s distinguished 48 year career has involved extensive public service. As Chairman of the Electoral Advisory Committee, he spearheaded reforms to the Representation of the People Act, making an indelible contribution to Jamaica’s model electoral system. He is a past Board Member of the former Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC) and a member of the Disciplinary Committee of the General Legal Council. He is a former Chair of Caymanas Track Ltd., a member of the Commission on the Prevention of Corruption, and a former Assistant Crown Counsel in the DPP's Office. Mr. Chin See is a former Partner of the firm of Grant, Cowan, Chin See, and past Managing Partner at Dunn Cox and Orrett. He has also operated as a sole practitioner. He has appeared in several Caribbean courts, and served on the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

Hon. Oliver Clarke, OJ, Hon. LLD The Honourable Oliver Clarke is a distinguished businessman, media leader and humanitarian, with a passion for sustainable national development. He has served as Chairman of the Gleaner Company for over three decades, and is a Past President of both the InterAmerican Press Union and the Commonwealth Press Union. Mr. Clarke is Chairman and former General Manager of Jamaica National Building Society. He also chairs the JNBS Foundation, PALS Jamaica, NEM Insurance Company (Jamaica) and JN Money Services. He is a Director of Jamaica Producers Group, a former PSOJ President and a former NCB Chairman. He has received numerous honours, as well as international recognition as a humanitarian.

Mr. Vivian Crawford Vivian Crawford is a leading expert on Jamaican culture, and a passionate champion of its preservation, development and promotion. He is a Past JCDC Chairman, current Executive Director of the Institute of Jamaica and a member of the Ward Theatre Foundation. He is also a voluntary teacher of arts and culture at youth institutions islandwide. Multi-talented Mr. Crawford is also a financial whiz, and has served as honorary UTECH Treasurer for two decades. He is a prize-winning musician and a gifted organist, and plays for three churches and supervises two choirs. He is widely respected for his contributions in civic services and youth development.

Mr. C. Clinton Davis Clinton Davis is a dedicated and effective activist for government pensioners and other seniors. He served as President of the Jamaica Government Pensioners Association for 21 years, and is now President Emeritus. His long and distinguished career in the public sector has included service with St. James and Westmoreland Parish Councils. He was instrumental in establishing the National Water Authority, which he managed for 16 years. He is a Past Deputy Chairman of the Industrial Disputes Tribunal. Mr. Davis served as a PAHO Consultant in the Eastern Caribbean and Guyana.

Hon. Maurice Facey, OJ A true Jamaican 'Renaissance Man‘, the Honourable Maurice Facey is a highly respected, pioneering investor, developer and entrepreneurial visionary. He was instrumental in creating today's New Kingston. He instigated Jamaica's first high rise offices. He is the Founder & current Chairman of the Kingston Restoration Company. He has served over 40 years as Chairman of PanJamaican Investment Trust. Under his leadership, Pan Jam expanded into investment banking, life insurance, food manufacturing, hardware, agriculture, tourism, and other vital areas. He has contributed extensively to community and national development. He is the Founding & current Chairman of the Cecil Boswell Facey Foundation.

Ms. Sybil Francis Sybil Francis is a distinguished pioneer of social work services and training in Jamaica and the Caribbean. She headed the Social Welfare Training Centre for 27 years. She served as Assistant Secretary in the early Social Welfare Ministry, liaising with NGOs and administering the Child Care Division. Jamaica's Child Development Centre, and Barbados' Women and Development Programme were developed thanks to her efforts. Ms. Francis has chaired the National Council on Ageing, and is a member of the Jamaican Delegation to the World Assembly on Ageing.

Hon. Barbara Gloudon, OJ, OD, Hon. D. Litt The Honourable Barbara Gloudon is a distinguished print journalist, author, communication specialist, radio talk show host and playwright. She is the author of over two dozen LTM National Pantomimes and other theatrical works and radio productions. Her works have gained acclaim on frequent tours, especially with the Jamaican Diaspora. Mrs. Gloudon is a former Deputy Director of Tourism. She is Chairman-Producer of the Little Theatre Movement, and a Co-Founder of the Pantomime Company which provides a base of performers dedicated to the annual show.

Mrs. Helen Haughton-Clennon Helen Haughton-Clennon is a distinguished pioneer in the development of Radiography in the Caribbean. She is a Fellow of the College of Radiographers in London. She served 30 years as Director of the School of Medical Radiation Technology, University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI), and authored the Caribbean Diploma Curriculum for Radiographers. Mrs. Helen Haughton-Clennon has made wide ranging, trailblazing professional contributions locally, regionally, internationally. She is a Past President of the Society of Radiographers in Jamaica, and a former Vice President of the International Society of Radiographers. She is also the Founder and Director of The World of Little People early childhood education centre.

Hon. Karl Hendrickson, OJ, CD The Honourable Karl Hendrickson is a distinguished patriot, a dedicated champion of private sector development, and a quiet philanthropist. The Founding Chairman of Continental Baking Company, he is a business pioneer who modernized local bread making and spearheaded the development of one of Jamaica's leading corporate groups, spanning manufacturing, agro industry and tourism. Mr. Hendrickson’s extensive civic service has included leadership with the Rural Electrification Programme, Air Jamaica, JPS, JAMPRO, the Free Zone Council and the Jamaica Merchant Marine. He is a major supporter of the Jamaica College Foundation, the University Hospital and many other worthy causes.

Mrs. Audrey Hinchcliffe, CD An outstanding, award winning Jamaican entrepreneur, Audrey Hinchcliffe is Founder, Chairman and CEO of Manpower and Maintenance Services Limited and its subsidiaries. She is Founder and Principal Consultant of Caribbean Health Management Consultants Limited, Chairman of the Jamaica Business Council on HIV & AIDS and Past President of the Jamaica Employers' Federation. She chaired the Nursing Council of Jamaica for 11 years. She is also a former Deputy Chairman of the Tourism Enhancement Fund. Mrs. Hinchcliffe was recently invited to serve on the US State Department's new International Council on Women's Business Leadership.

Father Richard Ho Lung, OJ, OD A humanitarian extraordinaire, Father Richard Ho Lung is the Founder of Missionaries of the Poor. He has established apostolic projects and missions serving the poor in Jamaica, India, the Philippines and African countries. He is a revered teacher, lecturer and international speaker. Father Ho Lung has composed over 300 songs, musical plays and oratorios. He has to his credit over 30 years of live stage performances and 150 international tours with "Father Ho Lung and Friends". He has authored "Diary of a Ghetto Priest" and other works. He is the recipient of two dozen distinguished honours, local, regional, international and Papal.

Mr. Francis ‘Paco’ Kennedy Francis ‘Paco’ Kennedy is a skilled and versatile corporate executive who has made a sterling contribution to the growth of Grace Kennedy Limited. He has also played a key role in the development of Kingston's ports and Newport West. Mr. Kennedy is a passionate activist for the redevelopment of Downtown Kingston, and chairs the Kingston City Centre Improvement Company. He is also Chairman of the Luis Fred Kennedy Environmental Foundation, First Vice President of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce and a Director of the Ward Theatre Foundation. He is known for his generosity and caring – a true 'people person'.

Prof. the Hon. Gerald Lalor, OJ, CD Professor the Honourable Gerald Lalor is respected as one of Jamaica's finest scientists, a distinguished visionary and an outstanding and innovative educator. His research has included applications of nuclear science in agriculture, science and technology, medicine and industry. He is the Founder of the International Centre for Environmental and Nuclear Sciences at the UWI, Mona. Professor Lalor is a Past Pro-Vice Chancellor and Principal of the UWI’s Mona Campus. His achievements included computerisation of the Mona Campus, introduction of programmes for the disabled, and of microcomputer applications. He also pioneered Distance Education at UWI. He has served on numerous Jamaican Government, Caribbean and international committees.

Mr. Percival LaTouche Percival LaTouche is Founder and President of the Association for the Resettlement of Returning Residents. He has made a blessed difference in the lives of those returning home from the UK and other countries for the past three decades. He had spent many years in England, and was the first black man to own a petrol station in London. Mr. LaTouche has served as an engineer at the KSAC and as Transport Manager at the National Water Commission. He has been an active contributor to community development.

Hon. Michael Lee-Chin, OJ, Hon. LLD The Honourable Michael Lee-Chin is a visionary entrepreneur, an investment genius and a financial services expert. He is also a big hearted patriot and an outstanding philanthropist. From humble beginnings, he built a successful international business empire spanning financial services, tourism, telecommunication, media and health care. He is the Founding Chairman of Portland Holdings Inc. and Executive Chairman of both AIC Ltd. and National Commercial Bank. Mr. Lee-Chin is a distinguished benefactor of the Royal Ontario Museum, the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management, and of a host of Jamaican social and educational programmes.

Dr. Henry Lowe, CD Dr. Henry Lowe is an outstanding scientist, author, educator and entrepreneur. He has contributed over 40 years of service in the areas of science and technology, energy, the environment, wellness and health science. He researched and established CARICOM's first Ministry of Science & Environment. Dr. Lowe is a Past Chairman of the Bureau of Standards Jamaica and the Scientific Research Council. He is a former Advisor with the UN, CARICOM, the OAS, PAHO and other world bodies. He is also a Past President, CEO and Chairman of Blue Cross of Jamaica.

Mr. Alan Magnus, CD Alan Magnus has to his credit 40 years of exemplary service in broadcasting. He is a much loved veteran presenter of morning radio, providing unfailing cheer, optimism and upbeat humour to keep his fellow Jamaicans positive through challenging times. With an early love of music, he was a foundation member of the Mighty Vikings band. This Kingston College graduate was regarded as a genius by his classmates – and this shines through in his encyclopaedic knowledge on almost any subject.

Mrs. Isabel Magnus Isabel Magnus has contributed extensive and pioneering work in the non-technical organization of the Blood Bank, and its transformation into a regional leader. This has included the creation of islandwide blood collection centres, developing highly successful donor education and blood donor programmes nationally and providing key advice to similar services regionally. She is the current Chairman of the Blood Bank Association. Mrs. Magnus is also respected for outstanding services to adult literacy, through her public relations and fund raising work with the former JAMAL. She also contributes extensive voluntary services.

Mr. Ferdinand Mahfood, OD Ferdinand Mahfood founded and built the phenomenal Christian aid organization Food For The Poor, following a dramatic religious experience. From its humble Jamaican roots, Food for the Poor is now rated as the number one international charity in the US. Each year, FFP International ships over US$6 billion in assistance to 16 Caribbean and Central American countries. It provides food, clean water, medicine, educational materials, homes, support for orphans and the aged, skills training, agricultural development, emergency relief and assistance to prisoners. Since retiring, Mr. Mahfood continues to work in his prison ministry training programme in Jamaica and Central America.

Mr. Winston ‘Sparrow’ Martin, OD Winston ‘Sparrow’ Martin is a multi-talented musician who returned to his alma mater, Alpha Boys Home, to teach aspiring young musicians. He plays trumpet, drums, keyboard and percussion instruments. After leaving Alpha, he played with the Jamaica Military Band and Carlos Malcolm and the Afro-Jamaican Rhythm Band, and formed Sparrow Martin and the Happenings. Mr. Martin is currently Band Master/Musical Director at Alpha Boys School, where he started the Alpha Sonics band. He has taught music to youngsters in several low income communities.

Hon. Neville ‘Teddy’ McCook, OJ The Honourable Neville ‘Teddy’ McCook has made an outstanding contribution to sports. He helped lay the foundation for Jamaica’s world dominance in track & field, and has served as a dedicated sports administrator for nearly a half century. Mr. McCook served 12 years as the JAAA President, and 35 years as the Chairman of the Gibson Relays Organizing Committee. He is now serving his second term as President of the North American, Central American and Caribbean Athletics Association. He is also the IAAF Area Representative. He has made extensive voluntary contributions. Teddy McCook is much loved, and much respected, worldwide.

Hon. V. Corrine McLarty, OJ, CD Over the past three decades the Honourable Corrine McLarty has made a trail-blazing contribution as an institutional development specialist, conceptualizing, establishing and managing a number of important statutory agencies. These include JAMPRO, JNIP, the National Housing Trust and the Sugar Industry Housing Ltd. She has also carried out IADB, World Bank and UNIDO studies on the investment policies and strategies of countries such as Zambia and Nigeria, as well as Jamaica. Mrs. McLarty has served on numerous public and private boards and committees, including the Electoral Advisory Committee, vigorously participating in its work towards electoral reform. In addition, she served as a Director of United Way Jamaica and the CVSS, and as President of the UWI Guild of Graduates.

Prof. the Hon. Errol Miller, OJ, CD Professor Errol Miller is a brilliant educator who has contributed through research and publication as well as teaching, lecturing and top level administration. He has served as Principal of Mico Teachers' College; Professor and Head of both the Department of Education and the Institute of Education, at the UWI; as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, and as an Independent Senator. He is a Past President of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association. Professor Miller is the current Chairman of the Electoral Commission of Jamaica and Chancellor of Mico University College. He has written widely on gender, education and family issues.

Mrs. Alma Mock-Yen, CD Alma Mock-Yen is the multi-talented doyen of the Jamaican performing arts movement, a distinguished media development pioneer and an outstanding community leader. She is a stage, radio and television actress, an author, lyricist, poet, dancer and pioneer of Jamaican radio. Mrs. Mock-Yen has groomed generations of talented Caribbean professionals through her Harbour View Dance Centre and as a CARIMAC tutor. She initiated the development of the Library of the Spoken Word at UWI's Mona Campus. She is a past UNESCO Consultant, and has contributed distinguished service as a KSAC Councillor for the Harbour View Division.

Dr. Henley Morgan Dr. Henley Morgan is an outstanding visionary and religious leader, and an exemplary social entrepreneur. He moved his successful business into an ostracised community and created positive change for Trench Town residents. His Agency for Innercity Renewal and its training, self help and business incubator projects are now respected national models. Dr. Morgan exchanges his professional services for scholarships for young protĂŠgĂŠes and arranges employment through labour outsourcing contracts. He provides mentoring, mediation and especially, valuing of what others see as "wasted human assets".

Prof. the Hon. Errol Morrison, OJ Professor Errol Morrison has made legendary contributions in the field of diabetology. These have spanned research, treatment and prevention, including vital public education. He spearheaded the formation of the Diabetics Associations of Jamaica and the Caribbean, and provided critical leadership for both. He is also a Past Chairman of the International Diabetes Federation. Professor Morrison has had a distinguished UWI career. He has served as Professor of Biochemistry, and also of Endocrinology, as well as Pro Vice Chancellor and Dean at the School for Graduate Studies & Research. Today, he is the visionary President of the University of Technology, where his leadership includes increasing faculties, enrolment and graduates.

Mr. Merrick Needham, OD, MVO Merrick Needham has been Jamaica’s principal logistics, ceremonial and protocol consultant for some 30 years. He has coordinated important aspects of royal and state visits, as well as disaster relief operations. His is a former CEO (Conferences) with Commonwealth Secretariat. Mr. Needham writes and lectures on protocol and related topics. This includes courses in Jamaica and The Bahamas for government officials and private sector executives, and in Barbados for officers of the Caribbean Development Bank, and lectures to Commonwealth Caribbean police officers. He had an outstanding early career in broadcasting.

Mrs. Sarah Newland-Martin, OD Sarah Newland-Martin is an outstanding sportswoman, social worker, administrator and community worker. She is a shining beacon as a role model for both disabled and non-disabled persons. A former Jamaican Sportswoman of the Year, she boasts 39 medals in various sports, and has set Pan American and world records. Mrs. Newland-Martin has made a distinguished contribution in social services. She has served 24 years as General Secretary of the Kingston YMCA and 15 years as National General Secretary of the National Council of YMCAs. She is an active advocate for the disabled, and has made wide civic contributions.

Mrs. Donna Parchment Brown, CD Donna Parchment Brown is an inspiring leader in the field of dispute resolution, at both local and international levels. An attorney-at-law, mediator, trainer and author, she is a founding member and CEO for 18 years, of Jamaica's Dispute Resolution Foundation. She is an active advocate of justice reform, and has contributed to policy reform, and supported mediation training for police, in courts, and in underserved communities across the Caribbean. Mrs. Parchment Brown is a former Commissioner of the Fair Trading Commission. She currently serves as Deputy Chair of the Peace Management Initiative, Chair of the Hampton School Board, and of the St. Elizabeth Homecoming Foundation.

Ms. Dorrie Patterson Dorrie Patterson has to her credit a half century of outstanding service at the University Hospital of the West Indies. She has worked with PAHO/WHO and the Ministry of Health on Quality Assurance and Nursing Care Standards in Jamaican hospitals and clinics, and on related guidelines adopted throughout English speaking Caribbean. She was Nurse Advisor for the Hospital Restoration Project of the 1980s. Ms. Patterson has been widely honoured, including having February 3rd designated as "The Dorrie Patterson Research Day" at the University Hospital of the West Indies. She is a Life Member of the Nurses Association of Jamaica.

Very Rev. Monsignor the Hon. Gregory Ramkissoon, OJ, CD Monsignor Gregory Ramkissoon has contributed 34 years of outstanding work for the most vulnerable. He is Founder/Executive Director of Mustard Seed Communities, in Jamaica, across the Caribbean, and in Central America, Africa, the USA, the UK and Europe. The organization provides care, services and self help projects for children and adults, including the disabled, the homeless, those affected by HIV/AIDS, the elderly and pregnant teens. Monsignor Ramkissoon is Vicar-General of the Archdiocese of Kingston. A former teacher and lecturer, he currently serves as an External Examiner for the UWI’s CARIMAC. His civic contributions have been both extensive and varied.

Hon. Molly Rhone, OJ, CD The Honourable Molly Rhone is Jamaica’s beloved Queen of Netball. A champion athlete, she has contributed a lifetime of outstanding administrative work for the development of netball locally, in Canada and internationally. She is the President of the International Federation of Netball Associations. In this post, she has been instrumental in doubling country members, in getting netball recognized as an Olympic sport and in forging development programmes through netball. She is also a Past President of the Jamaica Netball Association. Ms. Rhone is the former Director of IT Services at Air Jamaica, and a former software consultant. She has made wide civic contributions in both the sports and the IT arenas.

Hon. Dr. Joyce Robinson, OJ, CD, MBE The Honourable Dr. Joyce Robinson is a pioneering leader in the development of Jamaica's public library service. She restructured and developed an earlier adult literacy effort into a national programme. She was the first woman appointed General Manager of a Jamaican TV station (then JBC) where she directed the conversion to colour TV, and expanded rural radio programmes. She also pioneered the establishment and development of the HEART Trust. Dr. Robinson has contributed extensive services to national boards and policy making committees, and to international bodies, in relation to education and cultural development.

Hon. Dr. Alfred Sangster, OJ, CD The Honourable Dr. Alfred Sangster is an outstanding educator, author and international consultant. Under his 26 year tenure as Principal and later President of CAST/UTECH, the institution increased its student body by 500%, added 50 new courses and three new departments, began offering degree courses and became a university. Dr. Sangster is a former Director of the Farquharson Institute, and a former Chairman of CAFFE and the Carreras Sports Foundation. He is the current Chairman of the Jamaica Institute of Management (2009) Limited, the Caribbean Graduate School of Theology, Merl Grove High School Board, and the Education Foundation of the Jamaica Computer Society.

Mr. Glenroy ‘Ernie’ Smith, OD, BH(M) Ernie Smith has been thrilling music lovers worldwide for the past 45 years. He is a serial hit maker who defines the Jamaican experience with his music. A pioneer in bringing reggae to the global 'mainstream‘, he has written over 200 songs, several of which have been recorded by other world class artistes. Mr. Smith is the first Jamaican musician in the popular music field to win an international award, and to be honoured by the Jamaican Government. He is regarded by many as Jamaica's premiere solo act.

Bishop the Hon. Dr. Carmen Stewart, OJ, OD Bishop the Honourable Dr. Carmen Stewart is an inspiring, outstanding woman of God. She served as Custos of St. Andrew for 18 years. She was the first female Deputy Governor General. She co-founded the Pentecostal Gospel Temple with her husband, and headed it for 43 years following his death. She founded the Wilbert Stewart Basic School, and her Temple's Skills Training Project. She has spearheaded leadership training, family life and welfare programmes, as well as the Montamill Golden Age Home. Bishop Steward had a distinguished early nursing career, and served as Director of the Health Ministry's, Bureau of Health Education.

Hon. Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart, OJ, CD, Hon. LLD The Honourable Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart is an outstanding Jamaican entrepreneur. He built a massive business empire from humble beginnings as a salesman who began working at age 17. He is Chairman of over two dozen companies across the Caribbean, North America and the UK, including Sandals Resorts and other vacation properties, Appliance Traders Ltd. and the Jamaica Observer Ltd. They constitute Jamaica's largest private sector group, and employ some 9,000 persons. Mr. Stewart is a Past President of the Jamaica Hotel and Tourist Association (JHTA). He is a respected humanitarian, and a charismatic role model.

Ms. Natalie Thompson Natalie Thompson is an outstanding Jamaican actress and a distinguished film and television luminary. She is one of the Caribbean's most experienced and respected production professionals. She is the Founder, Producer, Director and Managing Director of Cinecom Productions. She is also a former Director of Nobel Film Productions. Ms. Thompson has worked as a Production Manager and Line Producer on various feature films and television productions shot on location in Jamaica. These include Cool Runnings and How Stella Got her Groove Back. She has directed over 500 television commercials in the region over the past 35 years.

Dr. Marigold ‘Molly’ Thorburn, OD Dr. Molly Thorburn is a distinguished researcher in cytogenetics, pediatric pathology and childhood disabilities. She is a former Lecturer at the UWI. Dr. Thorburn pioneered home based early intervention programmes in Jamaica and the Caribbean. She has served as a regional and international consultant, lecturer and author in developing services for persons with developmental disabilities. She initiated and developed community based rehabilitation programmes in Jamaica and regionally. She is deeply motivated by the desire to provide human solutions where only hopelessness existed.

Hon. Shirley Tyndall, OJ, CD The Honourable Shirley Tyndall has had a distinguished 46 year career in the Public Sector. She was the first woman to serve as both Accountant General and Financial Secretary, in Jamaica. She is credited with reforming the Accountant General's Division. She has developed internationally respected procedures for implementation of loan agreements. In fact, Ms. Tyndall has played a major part in the reconstruction of Jamaica's financial sector. She has served as Chairman or Member of numerous public and private Boards. She is a Partner at Davis Tyndall Consultants and a Board Member of the Area Youth Foundation and of NEM General Insurance.

Dr. Cecile Walden, CD Dr. Cecile Walden has contributed over four decades of outstanding leadership in education, including 33 years at Sam Sharpe Teachers’ College, 23 of those years as Principal. She facilitated expansion, the addition of Master’s programmes and the establishment of the community music programme at the College. Dr. Walden played a key role in the formation of the Consortium of Institutions for Teacher Education. She is also a respected Education Consultant. She is a past Managing Director of the JCDC. She currently serves as an External Examiner for UTECH and as Vice-Chairman of the St. James Parish Library Committee.

Mrs. Irene Walter, CD Mrs. Irene Walter is an outstanding, trailblazing Jamaican and Caribbean educator. She was the first Pro-Registrar, and first female Registrar, of the Caribbean Examinations Council. Her 24 year CXC career included leading the development of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) syllabuses, and their introduction in secondary schools in 16 territories. She initiated critical training, and supervised the development of the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) to replace 'A' Level exams. Mrs. Walter is currently Pro-Chancellor at the International University of the Caribbean. She is also a Board Member of NCB and of Camperdown High School, and an Elder at the United Church in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

Hon. R. Danvers ‘Danny’ Williams, OJ, CD, Hon. LLD The Honourable Danny Williams is a distinguished veteran of the life insurance industry. He is the Founder and Past President and CEO of Life of Jamaica (now Sagicor Life, Jamaica). He is also a former Senator and Minister of Industry and Commerce. Mr. Williams also has an outstanding record of voluntary service. He is Past President of the Jamaica Association for the Deaf, and is still active with the organization. He has served as Chairman of JAMAL and of the National Development Foundation of Jamaica. Today, he is Chairman of Jamaica College and the Jamaica College Foundation, among many other organizations.

Mrs. Cynthia Wilmot Cynthia Wilmot is a multi-talented, versatile, awardwinning media veteran. She has made an outstanding contribution to the local communications sector since "adopting" Jamaica over 60 years ago. She is a respected writer, scriptwriter, journalist, travel writer, film and radio director, television producer and author. Mrs. Wilmot is acclaimed for documentary work chronicling Jamaican history, heroes and inspiring personalities, through her partnership in Video For Change and its consciousness raising works. She is an Honorary Lifetime Member of the Press Association of Jamaica.

Prof. the Hon. Hugh Wynter, OJ, CD Professor the Honourable Hugh Wynter has to his credit a distinguished contribution in fertility management, and a half century of sterling service at UWI. He founded the Advanced Training and Fertility Management Unit at the UWI’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. The Unit, which now bears his name, offers clinical training, research and outreach activities throughout the Caribbean. Professor Wynter also launched work in diagnostic, operative laparoscopy and invitro fertilization. He has written widely on his specialty, and is internationally respected and acclaimed.

A Surprise Award for

Mrs. Jean Lowrie-Chin, CCRP Founder & CEO Jean Lowrie-Chin is the “Living Legend” behind the whole concept of the Caribbean Community of Retired Persons, and its positive Vision, Mission and Achievements. For over three decades, she has channelled her dynamic energies into promoting others. A versatile, multi-talented communicator, she runs one of the Caribbean's most successful communication operations. She is a helper where help is needed, and an empowering force, whether training young protégées, promoting self- help among the disadvantaged, or contributing valuable service at community and national levels. Where others see problems, Mrs. Lowrie-Chin forges workable solutions. She is true to old fashioned values while embracing new world technology. She is a keen business woman yet an open hearted philanthropist. And she still has time to write poetry to set your “Soul Dancing”!

Highlights of Addresses

Welcome by CCRP Chair A very warm Jamaican Golden Jubilee Welcome. We recognize our seniors’ fabulous potential and how much they want to – and CAN – continue contributing. We also know how challenging it is to be part of a sometimes undervalued group… That is why we work to ensure that the talent, experience and wisdom of our seniors are respected. That they enjoy the quality of life they deserve and are empowered to join younger generations in helping to develop Jamaica and the wider region… We could not let Jamaica's Golden Jubilee

Prof. Denise Eldemire-Shearer, C.D.

celebrations pass without honouring these "LIVING LEGENDS". Because truly, without their outstanding contributions, we would have little to celebrate this year. (Continued)

Welcome by CCRP Chair (Continued) The CCRP is the first non-governmental comprehensive organization for retired persons in the Caribbean. In under two years we have welcomed over 600 members, most of whom play a dynamic part in our activities. CCRP is also a serious advocate for all senior citizens: the loss of health insurance benefits by the WYNDALCO pensioners is a case in point. We have written to the new owners of the company about the unfairness of this broken promise, and we will be pursuing this case as a matter of urgency. Our slogan is “LIFE TO THE FULLEST� and that is just what we promote and facilitate. Prof. Denise Eldemire-Shearer, CD, CCRP Chair

Address by the Governor General No country can afford to lose the wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding residing in its wise veteran. And no senior citizen should be deprived of the right to a vibrant life of service, satisfaction and the stimulation of equal partnership with the rest of society. Most of all, our young people should never be deprived of the interaction and mentoring by those of an earlier generation. We have a distinguished list of awardees today: men and women from every walk of life, being honoured for sterling work. Let me congratulate you for your outstanding contribution to nation-building. H.E. Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, Governor General & CCRP Patron

You represent the living treasures of this country, and deserve recognition for your effort; time and hard work that have built a solid foundation for succeeding generations. This is what we refer to when we talk about what is right with Jamaica. (Continued)

Governor General’s Address (Continued) Our ageing population is the fastest growing sector, now representing 11 percent of Jamaica’s people. By 2030, seniors are expected to make up 15.8 percent of the nation, and by 2050, they will represent 21.8 percent. The statisticians and planners are beginning to take a second look at this sector of the population. Increasing numbers of seniors mean a host of specialised and other age-related services and products will be in demand, in larger and larger quantities. This will offer investment and entrepreneurial opportunities to enterprising Jamaicans, including seniors who wish to continue working. ‘Life is a gift from God’ of which we should be good stewards. The CCRP declares as its slogan, ‘Life to the fullest’, and it offers its members a number of ways to make the most of their lives, whatever their age or state of health. These include a wide range of benefits, stimulating programmes and projects. I encourage our award recipients, and all of our mature citizens, to remember the importance of mentoring the younger generation. With the social challenges currently facing our families and communities, guiding, befriending and encouraging the young is more urgently needed than ever. (Continued)

Governor General’s Address (Continued) Which is one of the reasons my wife and I founded the I Believe Initiative a year ago with the objective of inspiring and motivating Jamaicans of all ages, but especially the young, to believe in their God-given potential, to contribute to building a prosperous and peaceful nation. We must engage the youth and adapt to a changing world and the maturing consciousness of our young people. We must believe in them, train them, and have the faith that they will not betray the values of fairness, morality, and justice that we have instilled in them. Because of your experience and maturity it is natural for you to earn trust – the young will listen and learn from your wealth of experience and there is a safety level with mature persons. I believe in Jamaica and Jamaicans, and I know you all do too. Let us spread the word and the spirit of this movement of positive belief. My congratulations to our wonderful Living Legends and to the CCRP in recognising the work of these distinguished senior citizens, and also for providing an avenue where they can continue to ‘Live life to the fullest.’ H.E. Most Hon. Sir Patrick Allen, Governor General & CCRP Patron

Greetings by Minister of Labour & Social Security There is no denying that older persons are valuable resources in our society. They have contributed much to nation-building and many are still actively engaged in the developmental process.

Hon. Derrick Kellier, M.P., Minister of Labour & Social Security

We prize and value their contributions‌ But we are also keenly aware that older people represent a population cohort which must be mobilized and empowered. The figures show there are approximately 295,600 elderly persons in Jamaica (or 11 percent of the population) and it is projected that, by 2030, this figure will increase to 453, 200 (or 16%).

These statistics bear out the glaring truth that the Government, and indeed the society, has a responsibility to focus on social and economic policies and programmes that will provide opportunities for our ageing population, even as they search for ways to be more resourceful in a dynamic and changing society. (Continued)

Minister Kellier’s Greetings (Continued) Mobilizing our seniors should not require any expensive new Government programme. Rather, it will require a combination of sensible and creative thinking and the will to carry it through. For example, we can provide incentives for those who provide care at home, whose actions save us from having to use outside caregivers. Businesses can participate by bringing in retirees to serve as mentors and trainers. Older persons could also become more active in schools and training centres. Investors can be implored to invest in health promotion activities for older people. For our part, the Ministry has begun the process through its agency, the National Council for Senior Citizens (NCSC). The Council promotes the welfare of seniors and makes representation on their behalf – articulating their interests in a variety of ways. The Council continues to build on the capacity of our seniors through educational and informational workshops and seminars. Other activities include health clinics, income-generating projects, skills training seminars, spelling competitions, sporting activities and feeding programmes for the elderly. (Continued)

Minister Kellier’s Greetings (Continued) The NCSC and CCRP have, in the past, collaborated on matters, given the similarity of the clientele they serve. As Minister with portfolio responsibility for seniors, I am committing this administration to providing the necessary policies and programmes to create an appropriate environment for our older citizens to thrive and succeed; to serve and be rewarded accordingly. Our congratulations to those being rewarded today – and we applaud the diversity of the distinguished service being highlighted. We urge the awardees to continue to benefit the world by doing whatever they can for the common good of all. Thank you. Hon. Derrick Kellier, M.P., Minister of Labour & Social Security

‘Thank You’ on behalf of Living Legacy Award Recipients by Professor Edward Baugh, CD ‌ The other awardees and I say thanks, first, for the gift of life and the grace of the Great Giver, that have allowed us to do whatever we have done that was worthy of this honour, and for the gift of life that allows us to be here today. If, by virtue of this award, we are projected as worth emulating, then in that respect we will have been of that much more service to society, and that privilege will be another gift we have been given, for which we say thanks. We say thanks to the CCRP for having chosen

Professor Emeritus Edward Baugh

us. We congratulate them on the comprehensive variety of categories, of kinds of service which their choices represent. This range of choice indicates a good understanding that development cannot be just a matter of the bottom line at all costs, but that the bottom line is inextricably intertwined with all sorts of other aspects of life which are not immediately seen as quantifiable or having cash value. (Continued)

Professor Baugh’s Thank You (Continued) We shall wear the honour modestly and soberly, because we know that we are not exclusive, but only representative of those many others who could also easily have been applauded today… We thank them too, nameable or nameless. We must also thank and congratulate Mrs. Lowrie-Chin, the ever-vivacious, upbeat and go-getting Jean, for having conceived and brought to efficient reality the CCRP and this Independence Award. She is herself a model of that prompt transition from idea and talk to action and implementation that our society has long needed to practise more. To be associated in this way with the 50th anniversary of Jamaica’s independence is a distinction we shall cherish. I had the good fortune to be in the National Stadium on Independence night 1962.. Since that night, we have achieved much, but much more remains to be achieved and to be righted. May this moment be a moment of resolve. If saying thanks goes on too long, it becomes suspect, and I may deserve the Shakespearean rebuke from Hamlet, adjusted slightly: “Methinks he doth protest too much.” So, on behalf of all the awardees, thank you. Professor Emeritus Edward Baugh

Vote of Thanks by CCRP Vice-Chair Our first “Thank You” must go to the distinguished ladies and gentlemen being honoured today – thank you for your vision, your loving service, your sacrifices and your dedication. Thank you for not only doing your jobs, but also for doing the impossible where necessary. And may God bless you for the solid foundation you have laid for the Jamaica of today and of the future. Thanks to His Excellency the Governor General for his distinguished patronage, and for his inspiring address today.

Then CCRP Vice-Chair Aloun Ndombet Assamba, now H.E. High Commissioner to the U.K.

We also appreciate the other speakers: Monsignor Gregory Ramkissoon (invocation); Hon. Derrick Kellier; Professor the Most Hon. Denise Eldemire-Shearer; Mrs. Jean Lowrie-Chin, and our dynamic Emcees, Ms. Heather Grant and Mr. Patrick Anderson. Special appreciation to Professor Eldemire-Shearer and Mrs. Hermine Metcalfe for Presentation of Pins. (Continued)

Vice Chair’s Vote of Thanks (Continued) Our heartfelt appreciation to the members of the CCRP who nominated our recipients, and the tireless Planning Committee members. Thanks to our generous sponsors for supporting this effort: The Gleaner Company; RJR Communications Group; PROComm, also conceptualisers and event planners for this Living Legacy Awards Ceremony; Bigga, Ocean Spray and Wata; LASCO; Video Partners; CPTC; Jamaica Broilers Group; Wray & Nephew Group; Hertz; Every Blooming Thing; Delta; Sandals Group; Guardsman Group. And the Media for your exposure of this event and your kind coverage. Also to our wonderful musicians, Mr. Keith Lyn, the Alpha Boys Band and their able Band Master Mr. Winston ‘Sparrow’ Martin. We understand there will be a big surprise later, and we thank that genius of music in advance. Many thanks to the Jamaica Pegasus team for this wonderful meal and exemplary service. Finally, thanks to the family and friends of the Awardees, and all our other guests here today. You are a most important part of our celebrations. Then CCRP Vice-Chair Aloun Ndombet Assamba, now H.E. High Commissioner to the U.K.

Pictorial Highlights

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Life to the Fullest!

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