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WINDOWS CLOUD HOSTING THE SMART CHOICE FOR A WEBMASTER Pro Cloud Hosting, one of the leading cloud service providers over the internet expressed in a press meet “Windows Cloud Hosting is gaining so much popularity, as major business owners go for the clouds with Windows OS. The market has taken a positive move, offering unbelievable business results in a short time span.� Cloud hosting with windows OS has the following advantages; Server resources like RAM and CPU are guaranteed, data is stored with maximum redundancy, and ample features in a low cost, as well as flexible website growth are available with Windows clouds. Cloud web hosting servers are loaded with innumerable benefits. Stability and cost ratio performance is the best, with Windows cloud servers. Hardware related problems of servers are no longer capable of hampering the performance of website, as they are secure, fast and stable.

Server software can be easily modified in line with the clients’ demands. This is better than any other virtualization software implemented within a server. Clouds are themselves, among the best virtual servers that cater to a large range of business niches across the web. Cloud hosting servers are cost effective and efficient, as compared to standard dedicated servers. Clients receive more server resources with clouds, with respect to ordinary web hosting plans. Apart from that the websites run faster and collect more business deals on the way. These servers with Windows OS are highly scalable and easy to upgrade or downsize memory, CPU and disk space, as per the need. Above all the other features, web hosting with cloud servers are completely affordable and they never compromise on the quality or security aspect of the websites hosted across them. Cloud hosting servers are nothing but set of virtual servers that run over the cloud computing environment. Cloud servers are even called as virtual dedicated servers, due to the above mentioned reasons. Every cloud hosting server can be called as a virtual dedicated server, but a virtual dedicated server can’t always be a cloud. Placing multiple virtual servers in a cloud setup, improves the performance of the entire websites of the clients’. When a single server breaks down, other virtual servers on the cloud comes into rescue. Load balancing as well as scaling is done swiftly to avoid any kind of data loss. As a result the websites continue to perform at the best and lead the other sites within the same niche.


Pro Cloud Hosting, one of the leading cloud service providers over the internet expressed in a press meet “Windows Cloud Hosting is gaining...

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