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Form Fill Seal Machines Work Excellently for Food Packaging Summary – This article discusses the various equipment needed by the food processing industry with special emphasis on the horizontal and vertical fill form seal machines. The modern day world is getting totally used to processed and packaged foods - right from the quintessential chips, biscuits and other snacks to fruit and vegetable juices to sauces and soups to dry fruits and nuts to frozen foods and ready to eat foods and so much more in between. While it’s so easy to tear open say, a packet of chips and munch on the contents, do we ever pause to think about the efforts and equipment needed to get that packet of chips finally into your hand? Indeed, the processed food and drinks industry requires a variety of processing, packaging and material handling machinery to get the work done. And the mammoth range of equipment available across these three categories of processing, packaging and material handling is quite mind blowing. To begin with, the processing of any food or beverage requires different equipment like slicers, dicers, dryers, cookers, fryers, mills, mixers, ovens, refrigerators, autoclaves and so on. Once the product is ready, it has to be packaged properly for sale. This job is mostly automated on assembly lines and therefore, again necessitates an assortment of machinery from bottlers, canners, cappers, fillers and labelers to sealers, coroners and wrappers, etc, depending on the item being packaged. Form fill seal machines are proving especially useful for packaging – as the name goes, these machines can form a package, fill it and seal it, all on the same machine! Form fill seal machines come in 2 common varieties – horizontal fill form seal and vertical fill form seal. Other variants include cold form fill seal, blow fill seal, thermoform fill seal, blister form fill seal to name a few. These can be used to create almost any shape or size of packages, be it bags, sacks, pillow packs, cartons, trays, boxes and so on.

Any type of horizontal or vertical form fill seal machines will first use the flat roll of plastic film, paper or even fabric to form, shape and seal a packet. Then the created packet will be filled, sealed and separated as desired. Before sealing, the package can even be filled with air to prevent the product from getting crushed or even to remove the oxygen to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria.

The process is fully automated and requires an operator to only intermittently replenish the product being packaged or the packaging rolls being used. What’s more, virtually any solid or liquid can be formed, filled and sealed with a horizontal or vertical fill form seal! Therefore, the perfect solution for reliable packaging of processed food or drinks or even chemicals, medicines or cosmetics is horizontal or vertical form fill seal machines. They come with features like ease of operation, minimal maintenance, quality output and durability which can make a huge difference to your processed food lines!

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