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Stretch wrap packaging, has many benefits. Talking to PPN about your options has even more

The commercial shrink wrapping system generally consists of one of two processes. At enter frame or bubble process. This process is used to produce a series of “heat-set� products, where a film is reheated to for a tight seal that shrink to a products shape. Ideally suited to a wide range of products including, food, bottles, boxes, pharmaceutical, magazines, hardware, chemical etc.

The second process is a bubble process, (sometimes referred to as a tubular process.

Shrink wrap is applied over or around a product mostly by an automated machine and then is heated via a tunnel or oven for shrinking.

Due to the huge range of consumables in the market place there are accordingly machines designed for specific products.

If for example you were looking to package food or pharmaceutical goods a Pester Pewo-Pack 450 Compact Shrink wrapper/bundler/collator for cartons would be an ideal choice.

These machine specifications are as follows: Fully stainless steel Maximum film width 450mm • Min film width 50mm.• Film Thickness: Min 0.025mm - Max 0.1mm • Roll Dia. 300mm•Max.format range 250 x 380 x 250 mm

Product Formats: Product 1 Individual dimensions (mm) 141 x 38 x 192mm - Configuration 2 x 4 - Collation dimension(mm) 282 x 192 x 152mm Infeed speed: 67cartons/min. Output speed: 8.4bundles min

Product 2 Individual dimensions (mm) 165 x 45 x 165mm Configuration 2 x 4 - Collation dimension(mm) 330 x 165 x 180mm • Infeed speed: 6cartons/min Output speed: 6.4 bundles min

Performance 50 cycles (collations) / min. Material polyethylene film

This quality used Shrink- Stretch Wrapper machine is just one of the many machines we have on our showroom floor. We have over 2000 new and used at our South Dandenong Showroomwhere you can trial your products and discuss all your processing, packaging and material handling needs with our sales team.

Call Process Plant Network on +61 3 9791 7011 To visit the PPN website go to

Stretch wrap packaging : Stretch wrap packaging, has many benefits. Talking to PPN about your options has even more.

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