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Leading the way in hazardous area static control

Supplying hazardous area static control solutions for over 30 years Chemical & Petrochemical Pharmaceutical & Biomedical Paints & Coatings Food & Beverage

Customer Testimonials Pfizer, Ireland

DSM Nutritional Products, NJ, USA

Declan Kielty Senior Manager, Health & Safety

Todd Tereska CSP, CHMM, Sr. Safety & Industrial Hygiene Compliance Advisor

Univar Solvents, UK

Newson Gale is truly a professional organisation in helping us mitigate static ignition potentials at our site and providing cost-sensitive solutions. I would highly recommend Newson Gale in this regard. Keep up the good work!

Univar Solvents originally started using Newson Gale products following a recommendation from BP Chemicals at Hull. Since then we have been pleased with the performance of the products and with the technical support for them. The ongoing technical development of the products provides confidence that Newson Gale is keeping up with changes in (static control) Regulation. Controlling static electricity is critical when dealing with flammable liquids. I suggest Newson Gale to our customers when they identify a need to upgrade their earthing facilities.

The "Earthing & Bonding Applications – Controlling Static Electricity in Hazardous Areas" document by Newson Gale, is a very good, easy to read document. It provides practical advice and has great illustrations. It contains a lot of good background information and references various regulations throughout. The fact it includes comparisons between European (Cenelec), American (NEC) and International (IEC) Hazardous Area Classification and is available in many languages makes it an excellent reference document. Specialised Chemicals, UK

Andrew Gilmour B.Eng (Hons) Production Director When it became necessary to incorporate powders into one of our production processes we were immediately concerned about the additional safety measures that would need to be employed to mitigate the risks posed by any static electricity generated. One call to Newson Gale was all it took to ensure that these risks were identified and controlled. They suggested the use of self-testing static grounding clamps in the majority of situations and fixed earth cables in others. All the equipment provided is exceptionally hard-wearing and easy to use. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Newson Gale to anyone seeking guidance and assistance in controlling the risks associated with static electricity.

Brenntag North America , PA, USA

David Garner Vice-President, Operations In 2006, we decided that we needed a full review of more than fifty Brenntag North American facilities across the United States and Canada to ensure that we had proper static grounding equipment in place and were using the proper procedures to minimize a static discharge during flammable liquid transfers. I appreciate Newson Gale's support in helping us develop equipment needs, proper handling procedures and implement employee training to enable us to have safer facilities for our employees and the communities in which they serve. Carbis Inc, South Carolina, USA

Pete Singleton VP of Sales When Carbis Inc. began its search to find the best company we could partner with for our ground monitoring needs, Newson Gale stood out over all the rest. With their extensive knowledge, quick deliveries and easy to work with sales and support staff along with our company’s demand for best in class, the choice was easy.

John Butcher SHEQ Manager

Orlen Gaz, Poland

Marta Marchkrowska Manager of Technical Department Orlen use Newson Gale's static grounding systems for grounding conductive plant items and road tankers in order to minimize the risk of electrostatic ignitions. As one of Central Europe's largest refiners of crude oil, protection of our company assets and employees is taken seriously. Newson Gale's grounding equipment has proven to be reliable in operation and demonstrates compliance with the relevant safety standards for static control. We are impressed with the service, advice and technical support received from Newson Gale and their local representative TESSA.

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N IEC 60079


ISO 9001 : 2008

For over 30 years, Newson Gale has been leading the way in hazardous area static control, serving industries where processes generating static electricity have the potential to ignite flammable or combustible atmospheres.

Newson Gale ®

Leading the way in hazardous area static control

“Our dedication and commitment to customers ensures that no matter how big or small the hazard, when they choose Newson Gale they know their people and assets are protected from the risk of a static caused fire or explosion. Static electricity continues to be one of the process industry's most significant sources of igniting flammable and explosive vapour, gas and dust atmospheres. Everyday, in Europe and North America, there is an average of at least one fire or explosion that can be attributed to electrostatic incendive spark discharges within flammable or combustible atmospheres. There are many more incidents that go unreported. To eliminate the threat posed by static electricity, modern and reliable grounding and bonding solutions are the most secure and cost effective way of ensuring people, plant and product are adequately protected. This brief overview will provide customers with a background to Newson Gale’s range of products and services demonstrating how we can help hazardous area operators proactively manage the risks of static electricity”.

Ernest Kochmann Chairman

Graham Tyers CEO


Industries We Serve

Chemical & Petrochemical The chemical and petrochemical sector relies on the efficient transportation, handling and processing of many hazardous and highly flammable chemical products. Supply chain activities like the transfer of chemicals to and from road tankers and railcars; filling, mixing and blending in drums or IBCs and minor operations like dispensing solvents from safety cans generate hazardous levels of static electricity. The most effective way of eliminating the risk of static caused fires and explosions is to use modern fit for purpose static control equipment.

Uncontrolled discharges of static electricity have the potential to ignite flammable and combustible atmospheres across a spectrum of industry sectors. This threat may go unnoticed until the ideal conditions are in place for the uncontrolled release of an incendive spark discharge.


Paints & Coatings

Food & Beverage

The pharmaceutical industry has a long history of worker safety and fire prevention and has made significant strides in eliminating the hazards of static electricity within dangerous process environments. Milling and grinding operations, dust collection, container filling and general movement of combustible powders and solvents are significant sources of static electricity. After mechanical spark ignitions, uncontrolled discharges of static electricity are the highest reported source of ignition in combustible dust cloud explosions.

Solvents and combustible organic powders are heavily utilised constituents of decorative and protective paints and coatings. Although more stringent VOC targets are in place, the use of solvents is still important in aerospace, marine, electronics and general industrial protective coatings applications. The milling, grinding and extraction of organic powders and the mixing and blending of solvents can generate hazardous levels of static electricity and this risk must be managed effectively through the application of fit for purpose grounding and bonding static control equipment.

The handling and storage of combustible organic ingredients like flour, sugar and flammable products like ethanol, generate dangerously high levels of static electricity. According to a report published by the IChemE, 36% of industrial fires occur in bakeries. As more attention is paid to potential dust cloud explosion hazards and flammable hazards by government regulators, (ATEX & OSHA) the food and beverage industry is increasingly turning its attention to managing the risks associated with static electricity in potentially flammable and explosive atmospheres.

Potentially Flammable & Explosive Atmospheres


Total Solutions Provider

From the identification of the right product solution to training on static hazards Newson Gale provides the most comprehensive product and service package in hazardous area static control.

Solution / Product Proposal

Static Audit Checklist

Our experienced product applications and engineering solutions team will help customers identify the right product solution that fits with the scale of the hazard, the operating environment and equipment user requirements

Technical Support The safe installation and operation of static control equipment is important to us and our engineers are ready to respond to any queries related to the safe installation and operation of purchased equipment

Assists hazardous area operators in determining if a full static audit needs to be carried out by Process Safety Consultants to ensure compliance with legal and insurance requirements

Newson Gale 速

Leading the way in hazardous area static control

Static Hazards Training

On-Time Delivery

Courses educate plant operators and health & safety personnel on static hazards and best practice procedures enabling operators to take responsibility for their own safety against static caused fires and explosions

Newson Gale has Tier 1 supplier status with many customers and regularly receives high marks for consistent on time delivery ensuring product is delivered on time, every time

Commissioning & Equipment Servicing Providing customers with a guarantee that equipment will be installed to local and international hazardous area standards and maintained in good working order enhancing the lifetime of purchased equipment


Innovation that works

Newson Gale's continuous investment in researching and developing solutions to a diverse range of industrial static hazards has resulted in a number of industry firsts in hazardous area safety.

A core element of Newson Gale’s product development strategy is to incorporate the guidelines and recommendations of industry Best Practice into product solutions. This ensures customers who purchase and use Newson Gale static control equipment can demonstrate recommended international Best Practice in controlling the hazards of static electricity. These internationally recognised standards are written and reviewed by leading experts in hazardous process safety providing clear guidelines on how to eliminate the hazards of static electricity and describing the parameters for monitoring static dissipative circuits in a range of process applications.

Bond-Rite® (Patented)

Bond-Rite provides operators with positive visual verification that the clamp is achieving a low resistance electrical connection to potentially charged equipment.

 Continuously monitors the static dissipative loop

between the equipment and confirmed static dissipative ground connection.

Earth-Rite® Tri-Mode Technology

 Eliminates the risk of uncontrolled incendive


spark discharges for processes carried out in hazardous atmospheres.

Tri-Mode is used in the Earth-Rite RTR and Earth-Rite MGV system for protecting road tankers from static ignitions during product transfer operations.

Best Practice Compliance Cenelec CLC/TR 50404: Electrostatics. Code of practice for the avoidance of hazards due to static electricity (2003).

Tri-Mode determines if the right static control conditions are in place before operations commence.

NFPA 77: Recommended Practice on Static Electricity (2007).

Mode 1 | The system recognises when it is connected to a road tanker. Mode 2 | The system verifies when it is connected to a static grounding point with a low resistance connection to earth. Mode 3 | Monitors the integrity of the tanker / ground connections during the transfer process.


API RP 2003: Protection Against Ignitions Arising Out Of Static, Lightning, and Stray Currents (2008). API RP 2219: Safe Operation of Vacuum Trucks in Petroleum Service (2005).

Product Solutions

Newson Gale's range of static grounding and bonding solutions is divided into three flexible product categories, ® ® Earth-Rite , Bond-Rite and Cen-Stat™ providing customers with options to suit the application process and level of security appropriate to the hazard.

Road Tankers

Mobile Grounding

Process Equipment

Mixing Vessels


Railcar Loading

Multiple Drum Locations

Drums & Dispensing Cans

Features Earth-Rite


Bond-Rite® Cen-Stat™ User Benefits If the system detects that a positive static dissipative condition has been compromised the outputs can control electromechanical equipment to prevent static build up or alert personnel with annunciators or hazard strobe lights.

System Control Outputs

Visual Verification of a positive ground connection

Provides operators with visual indication of a positive static dissipative ground connection.

Continuous Ground Loop Monitoring

Ensures the static dissipative circuit is continuously monitored throughout the application process.

ATEX / FM Approved Grounding Clamps

Provides low resistance electrical connection using tungsten carbide tips to penetrate hardened deposits, coatings, rust and dirt.

Hytrel® Coated Cable & Reels

Hytrel® hi-visibility static dissipative protective coatings providing high mechanical durability and chemical resistance.

Request the FREE Grounding & Bonding Applications Handbook to learn more about the range of solutions available from Newson Gale. Call or click on


Newson Gale 速

Leading the way in hazardous area static control

Grounding & Bonding Manual Get your FREE copy of the updated Newson Gale Grounding and Bonding applications handbook. The Handbook is a practical guide for engineers and plant managers who need to control the hazards associated with uncontrolled discharges of static electricity within flammable and explosive atmospheres.

How to control static in hazardous areas The Handbook contains clear and concise illustrations of solutions to a wide range of electrostatic hazards ranging from the grounding of drums and IBCs to the static grounding and interlocking of road tankers.

FREE 32 Page Guide

Request your FREE HANDBOOK at


Expanding Global Presence Being recognised as the industry leader in hazardous area static control, our business and network of channel partners continues to grow.

Newson Gale Inc. 460 Faraday Avenue Bldg C Jackson NJ 08527, USA

Newson Gale Ltd. Omega House Private Road 8 Colwick, Nottingham NG4 2JX, UK

Newson Gale GmbH. Ruhrallee 185 Essen 45136 Deutschland

Tel: +1 732 961 7610 Fax: +1 732 791 2182

Tel: +44 (0) 115 940 7500 Fax: +44 (0) 115 940 7501

Tel: +49 (0) 201 89 45 245 Fax: +49 (0) 201 42 60 026

NG UK CB 130213 R5

For more information about our range of product and service solutions, contact your local Newson Gale office, local distributor or visit our website

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Newson Gale - manufacturer of static earthing equipment solutions for the process industries

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