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Why the Car Unable to Pick Up its Desired Speed? Many times when you are putting the step on the gas pedal to accelerate the car, it doesn't pick its desired speed. The slow acceleration issues are commonly found in the old and a lot of miles running cars. If you are driving the car in a busy state road or interstate, then these issues can create a dangerous situation because you are unable to pick up the car speed quickly. In the other hands, the speed picks up issues in the car can cause a problem when you are trying to drive uphill and unable to accelerate the car as fast as to get up the hill. All the issues indicate that your car engine simply doesn't have the power or support to fulfill the accelerating demands of your car. When the car is unable to pick up its desired speed, it doesn't only mean that the car engine is damaged. It can also arise due to other malfunctioned components of the car and forbid the engine to handle the acceleration demands of the car. The following points define the causes behind the pickup speed issues in the car.

Issues in the airflow meter The air intake cleaner of the car has an airflow meter which allows the airflow into the air intake cleaner and calculates the mass of air for relaying the information to the engine control unit. Once the ECU gets the information, it can calculate the proper mixture of air and fuel. But a small issue in the airflow meter can give wrong information to the engine control unit and resulted in slow acceleration.

Damaged timing belt The timing belt of the car plays an important role in its smooth functioning. In any circumstance, when one tooth of the timing belt is damaged, you will experience the acceleration problems in your car. Neglecting the small timing belt issue of the car may damage the entire teeth on the belt break. As a result, you will notice the car unable to slow down as well as the struggle to reach its desired speed.

Failed throttle position sensor The throttle position sensor is used in the car for analyzing the opening angle of the throttle valve. Once the throttle position sensor detects the information, it sends the information to the engine control unit. If any situation, the sensor is failing or damaged, then the gas pedal unable to control the speed of the engine because the gas pedal is controlling the throttle valve.

Complications in the oxygen sensor The main function of the oxygen sensor is to keep a complete track record of the car's exhaust emissions and determine the proper amount of fuel which is needed for tracking the air to fuel ratio in the combustion chamber. At any point of the car, when the oxygen sensor is worn out or broken,

then high amount of fuel gets burned during the combustion process. As a result, it will create a rich fuel mixture condition and resulted in slow acceleration issues when you step on the gas pedal.

Clogged fuel filter The fuel filter of the car is generally used for keeping the fuel running smoothly in the engine. If the fuel filter of the car is damaged or backed up with the dirt and debris, then it will pass a high amount of fuel through it. As a result, the fuel unable to enter into the engine and won’t accelerate properly when you step on the gas pedal. In this way, you will notice the car unable to reach its desired speed, so replace the fuel filter as soon as possible.

Electronic error The central computer of the car handles all the small to big functions in the car and shows some error codes if any parts of the car having any issues. If the central computer or other electronic systems of the car having any error, then you will notice the excess amount of fumes generated by the car. Due to these error codes, the computer will limit the ability to accelerate the car and affects its pick up speed.

Conclusion When you will find the acceleration issues in your car or notice that your car unable to reach its pick up speed, it’s always advisable to consult with a reputed mechanic or professional for fixing the issues as soon as possible.

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Why the Car Unable to Pick Up its Desired Speed?  

Why the Car Unable to Pick Up its Desired Speed?