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Success is a long and winding road you must walk. We’ve laid out the directions and eliminated the blisters!

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GUARDIAN REAL ESTATE GROUP Southern California's Premier Probate Specialists

Deric Rangell More Knowledge. More Exposure. More Closings.

No one sells estates with better results than Deric. Your probate specialist. Enclosed please find:

Contact Deric: Direct: 562-964-5791 Fax: 562-684-0111 Website:

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Mission Statement Foreword Marketing Plan Why Hire Deric Rangell My Staff and their Roles Internet Market Snapshot 10 Tips that Save Sellers’ $$$ Top 5 Myths selling Probates 800# Call Capture System Who is Deric Rangell Track Record My Website

Deric Rangell

Mission Statement We will provide administrators/executors with the best consultation currently available which makes the buying and selling of real estate a world class experience for them. We will provide accurate and skilled analysis causing good decisions. We will continually explore new ideas and technologies which will make the experience of selling or buying rewarding for our clients.

Deric Rangell

Foreword on Real Estate Selling homes in our era of technology has redefined the way homes get sold. In the old days, agents would market themselves as area specialists because the view that “all real state was local” was the mantra of those days. Today, this is what is different. The Internet, 24/7 news, little or no print media, and instant availability for analysis of any urban or suburban market complete with information about schools, shopping, entertainment, crime, income demographics, jobs categorized by profession to name a few. What buyers want is instant everything, access to what is important to them, and an agent who is able to humanize and offer context to all this information. To sell homes today, my team must share our expertise in managing the process of the “Total Market Approach.” Total Market Approach~ A buying criteria where comparing community’s schools, shopping, entertainment, crime, income demographics, jobs categorized by profession which are available to homebuyers within the buyers’ affordability range become the buying criteria. The Deric Rangell Home Selling System positions Every Seller in front of the highest number of Qualified Buyer who are motivated buy Your home for Top Dollar! On the next page we offer our marketing plan that deliver the results you need. On behalf of myself and my team, we thank you for your consideration.

Deric Rangell Broker

Deric Rangell Marketing System: •

Accurately Market the property into the MLS

Supra lock box for property security

Call 800# Captured calls for Buyer inquiry by team buyer specialist

Put sign on property

Put sign-rider with your unique call capture extension

Enter homes on with photos

Enter home on®

Enter on

Enter on

Enter on

Enter on

Utilize Proprietary Market Snapshot (The best Total Market Analysis tool)

Prepare photo-flyer

Just Listed Post-Cards to prospective move up sellers in neighborhood

Video home for Virtual Tour of house

Professionally Record Audio Tour of Home for our 800# call capture system

Have Staff Tour Listed property

Buyer specialist will coordinate showing so you can sell with little disruption to your life!

Continue tracking Activity and providing weekly reports on showing until SOLD

Negotiate on your behalf and open escrow

Handle negotiation, inspections, validate contingencies are met on schedule until Closed

Once in escrow, Tracey will be your point of contact. She will coordinate everything with the escrow officer, termite, appraisals, & order title insurance. All you need to do is sign the escrow instructions and grant deed and tell us where you want your proceeds delivered. Simple. The way it should Be.

Deric Rangell Why Hire Deric Rangell? Qualifications~ In 1985 I completed my studies at CSU Long Beach majoring in Finance. After a short time in title insurance, I went to work at Great Western Bank and was a top mortgage originator in a very short period. In 1988 I made a decision to try an entrepreneurial endeavor. That is, when at the age of 24, I became the youngest Single Owner Franchisee of a Re/Max Franchise, a record which still stands. The next 12 years, I spent creating the #1 selling office, where my agents sold more homes per person than any company in my market. The company serviced over 70 agents, had an escrow and mortgage division, and closed over 800 sales per year. In early 2001, I sold the office looking for a new challenge. I developed and invested in real estate. In 2004 Countywide Bank (now Bank of America) requested my services to originate loans representing their wide array of mortgage product. I closed over 1100 loans during that time. I learned that corporations say they care but rarely show they do when presented the opportunity. I left banking to and opened my business and do what make me happiest…caring about people and selling homes. Philosophy~ My Dad always said “don’t judge a book by its cover, judge it by its contents (He had a Ph.D. and I respected his advice)”. I believe great service is intentional and is viewed through the lens of the customer. My “Word” means everything to me. I give it; I stand by it. That should matter to everyone, if it doesn’t then we aren’t a fit, and that’s okay too.

Administration~ I believe to deliver “service excellence” you need structure. My team recognizes that to sell real estate on a level of the highest standards organization is a must. To do this “systems” or a plan of procedure must be in place and integrated in an orderly manner. Our team achieves this by data management and client calendaring. This is done by Alfredo Lara. Managing buyers, showings, contingencies, and escrow coordination is professionally done by Jasmin Duran. Research in the courts and prospect marketing is managed by our bundle of energy, Tracey. My time is spent prospecting for your buyer, negotiating contracts, executing on our strategy to sell your home for the most money.

Commitment~ I promise to always be candid and tell the truth, no matter what. I commit that we will treat you with the respect and dignity every client deserves, and that we will use every bit of our combined 40+ year of experience to sell your home for top dollar. If you want to buy something else, that we will offer the same high level of service you received when we sold your home.

Deric Rangell

Often I am asked, “Will I work directly with you?” The answer is “Yes!” Selling your home is my responsibility. With that said, 22 years of selling Real Estate has proven to me that the representing estates demands a high level of service that is impossible for one person to give. That is why I have a team and we guarantees results. I am bilingual English/Spanish.

Jasmin and I meet with prospective buyers and assist them in finding their dream home. Jasmin and I work close together to ensure that our buyers are the first to know about our upcoming listings, what is available and what is not yet on the market yet. She is a bilingual English/Spanish. Jasmin coordinates our escrows. She makes sure your transaction goes smoothly and takes care of any questions or concerns that arise during the process.

Alfredo is responsible for all of our marketing pieces. He makes sure our listings look sharp and are available for everyone to see. He takes pictures and uploads them to our websites and the multiple listing service. He also assists me with keeping our client data updated and that it meets Department of Real Estate compliance. Alfredo is a bilingual English/Spanish

Tracey is our court case researcher. She is responsible for researching probate petitions in the Los Angeles Superior Court System. She is the point person who ensures data integrity of our marketing system and works in conjunction with Alfredo insuring accuracy of our marketing.

Deric Rangell Janine Hook, Vice President of North American Title, brings over 25 years of providing title insurance for our clients. Her company has a rating of “A Prime Unsurpassed.” Such a rating means that regardless of economic downturns or deteriorations of insurance cycles, NATIC possesses unsurpassed financial strength and stability.

JR Clemente, Vice President of Production at Mark One Mortgage- JR. is committed to providing our clients with personalized excellent service with state of the art technology. He provides our clients with the best solution to their real estate needs. He is on top of the current market trend to offer our clients the best financial advice.

Colleen Cantlay, Senior Certified Escrow Officer ~ Westport Escrow - Colleen brings over 20 years of outstanding expertise in business, real estate, and escrow services to our clients. Her standing as an industry leader and fluency in Spanish is personified by her ability to meet the needs of a changing Southern California real estate market.

Gloria Navarro-Tittelfitz, Senior Account Executive- Old Republic Home Protection Co., Inc.~ Gloria has been a true professional to our clients for over a decade. She knows the intricacies of the “claim process” and delivers great customer service with great competency. Old Republic is a partner and a strongly rated company with whom we transact with confidence.

Guardian Real Estate Group

Final Distribution of Estate Funds

Final Discharge Order of the Estate

Distribution of Assets to Heirs

Order Approving Final Distribution & Accounting

Hearing on Petition of Final Distribution & Accounting

Petition for Final Distribution & Accounting is Filed

Final Inheritance Tax Letter from State & Federal

Claim of Inheritance Exemption

Notice to Franchise Tax Board ( if Heirs are out of state)

Notice to Dept. of Health (if deceased used Medical)

Preliminary Inheritance Distribution

Creditor Claims allowed or rejected

State/Fed Taxes Paid (if necessary)

Notice to Dept. of Health / Estate Inventory & Appraisement

Notice to Creditors

Bond is Issued (if ordered)

Letters of Admin Issued / Orders / Duties & Responsibilities

Hearing on Petition for Probate

Estate Prepares & Files Petition for Probate

Probate Timeline

Deric Rangell Deric Rangell When Can I Sell? Generally speaking, if you have petitioned for Full Authority under the Independent Administrations of Estates Act or I.A.E.A., you can sell a home as soon as you are appointed executor. In some cases a will “waives bond” which means you are ready to close as soon as “Letters” are awarded to the Administrator/Executor. If the court determines your petition is eligible for Full Authority, but they require a bond, you can list the property but can not close the sale until the bond is posted to the estate and evidence is provided as such to the court. Full Authority with Limited Powers commonly occurs when the estate lacks the cash to pay for the bond upgrading to Full Authority or something alerts the courts to exercise greater caution in order to protect the estate; this means you must get bonded in a nominal amount rather than the full estimated equity of the estate’s value. You can sell in the same manner except you will need the court to confirm the sale to a buyer as well as undergoing more processes under law. We will help you determine a game plan based on your needs.

Deric Rangell

Deric Rangell

Interview Questions to Ask Agents who are Applying for the Job of Selling Your Real Estate: 1.

Do you specialize in listing probate real estate?


Do you work as a full time Realtor?


Do you have assistants?


Do you have a written marketing plan specifically designed to sell my house?


Do you attend the Realtors Association Member Meetings?


How do you market properties directly to Buyers?


How many properties have you sold in the last three months?


Will you produce a flyer of my home with a picture displaying my home?


Do you have a written business plan?

10. How often will I hear from you after my home is listed with you? 11. May I cancel the listing if I am unsatisfied? 12. How will you let me know what you are doing to market my property? 13. How do you find potential buyers? 14. What other marketing techniques will you use to get my property sold? 15. In what ways do you encourage other Realtors to sell my property? 16. What can I do to help sell my property? 17. How confident are you that you can sell my home? Why? 18. What is the market trend now? 19. Based upon what you know about my situation, should I sell? 20. What methods do you use to communicate? Pager:____________________________ Cell Phone:________________________ Business Phone:____________________ E-Mail:____________________________ Mail:______________________________

Hopefully these questions will aid you in making the best choice possible.

Internet Sites


Market Snapshot Tool The most comprehensive tool in Real Estate!

Market Snapshot Tool The most comprehensive tool in Real Estate!

Market Snapshot Tool The most comprehensive tool in Real Estate!

Deric Rangell

10 Ways to Save Sellers Time and Money 1. Turn Lights on for all showings – this will make you more money. 2. Paint any areas that are peeling – Before the appraiser notices and before the buyer tries to negotiate. 3. Have furnace and air conditioner checked, serviced and cleaned prior to the inspection. 4. Have carpets cleaned for a faster sale. 5. Price your home narrowly to its market value to bring you a quicker sale without negotiating. 6. Keep agent informed of any showings lasting over 30 minutes. 7. De-clutter what you can live without, pack it out of sight. 8. Box and stack items in storage or garage against a wall. 9. Change light bulbs to the highest wattage acceptable to the fixture. 10. Negotiate quickly and remember your first offer is most likely your best offer.

Deric Rangell Deric Rangell Top 5 Real Estate Myths Myth #1: “I need a neighborhood specialist to sell my home.” Fact #1: Farming or Marketing to a specific area doesn’t qualify anyone to specialize in anything. A typical appraiser works areas as large as 50 square miles and they hit the mark routinely. The methods used for establishing what a home will sell for are technical and substantive in nature. Any top professional will easily be able to offer a value for any house in any established area. We surely can! Myth #2: “It will take months before the house or other estate property can be listed for sale.” Fact #2: If the house is included in a Probate estate it does NOT take months or years to sell. The house can be listed for sale immediately after the Executor is appointed, generally in approximately 45 days. Myth #3: “I am an heir and need money. I have to wait for the administrator to sell?” Fact #3: If you are experiencing financial challenges and need cash, there are several ways we can share with you that will put cash in your hands quickly. Myth #4: “You cannot sell the Estate’s assets if they are over encumbered.” Fact # 4: Yes, you and your attorney can earn fees for administration of the Estate up to 5% each. You can call me for terms and conditions. Myth # 5: “You don’t need an agent who specializes in probates to list and sell a home. “ Fact # 5: Of course you do! I know first hand having gone through the experience myself after my fathers passing in 2007. My sister’s and I had to try to find competent help to help us settle his estate. It was disheartening having to tell people what they needed to do and how, while paying them their fees. I would have paid for any expertise if it weren’t so hard to find!

“You can’t afford to rely on myths when it comes to representing the Estate“

Deric Deric Rangell Rangell About Our 800# Call Capture system: •

• •

Toll Free Access : Your own toll free phone number with unlimited extensions and capacity. Unlimited users, such as buyer agent, or lender associate may share your toll-free number and maintain secured access so that leads are protected. ANI Capturing: Powerline™ captures the phone number of the caller using Automatic Number Identifier (ANI) which cannot be blocked like Caller I.D. ANI is the most reliable and accurate phone capturing technology available. Name and Address Match: Powerline™ appends the phone record with a matching name and address when available and provides this information within minutes. To achieve this Arch has licensed access to a patented multi-sourcing database technology with the most complete universe of business and residential telephone numbers linked to current names and postal address. These links are regularly updated based upon more than 400 million verifications each month. You can be assured that your data is the best quality possible. Ad Tracking: Powerline™ automatically captures and reports the ad medium that caused the prospect to respond. The information is available in a variety of formats so that the agent can track leads by ad source, property, or day. The Powerline™ subscriber can request these reports to be delivered on a regular schedule (weekly, monthly via email) so that tracking ads is easy and automatic. It's simply not possible to quantify your marketing's return on investment without this accurate and automatic information. Voice and Fax Mail: Powerline™ provides the agent with user friendly Voice and Fax mail. Fax mail transforms your Powerline™ toll free number into a virtual fax machine enabling you to receive faxes (directly to your email or a remote fax machine) regardless of your location when you need that important fax. Pager Notification: Powerline™ notifies you (and another member of your team such as a buyer agent, loan officer, etc.) of leads in real time directly to your pager, email or PCS cell phone. You'll receive the caller's phone number (numeric pager) or the caller's phone number and name/address (PCS cell phone/email) within seconds of the call so that you can respond timely. Demonstrating this feature makes a powerful listing tool. FTP Delivery: Leads can be delivered to proprietary contact managers via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). FTP is a unique offering by Arch that enables organizations that use custom follow-up programs to self-populate their contact managers so that the subscriber can respond quickly and efficiently. Real Time Call Reports: The call reports include all the vital information you need to follow-up such as name, address, phone number, property or ad offering, ad source and date stamp. Powerline™ reports notify you if the caller originated from a cell or pay phone or appears on a state Do Not Call list. The reports can be queried in any format desired so that the agent can easily download to a proprietary contact manager, track advertising campaigns or assign the lead to the proper party. Fax-on-demand : Each extension maintains the ability to store a digital image of a unique fax document and send it automatically on-demand. Web Integration : Each recording on your Powerline™ system can be played through your website automatically.

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Deric Rangell

Who Is Deric Rangell I am a native Angeleno Married with 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl. Balance in life is very important to my family and me. We are very close bunch who enjoy traveling, sporting events, bbq’n, deep sea fishing and golf. Around the house, Coco, our Border Collie, keeps things going until she knocks out at 9:00 pm daily (we don’t know why, it is what it is). I have always been a person with close friendships. If I were to be judged by the company I keep, I would be well respected. The fact is I am well respect by those close to me. Over the years I have had the privilege to have experienced a life outside of real estate that has been very gratifying, but after a proper vacation I never have trouble with the return of my enthusiasm for helping people in real estate transactions. I have a great sense of humor which has stemmed from those memorable events that only come out of this interesting business. I hope we can share a laugh, a handshake, and embrace in our journey together. It would be an honor to be entrusted with your real estate needs. Deric

Deric Rangell

Pre-Listing Package  

This is a package which has information on our company and hopefully will show how just how dedicated and experienced we are in the field of...

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