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Revival Cultural Group (Oldham) & Singer Iqbal Hossain (Bangladesh Saimum Shilpi Goshti) Separate Seating for sisters

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Iìnv‡gi RvIqv` d¨vkb †UBj‡ii Tuesday 25th December 2012 @ 6pm ¯’vb cwieZ©b Kiv n‡q‡Q| GbKi Well known Jawad fashion Tailor Venue: Shapla Community HallLocation. New Place move to new weR‡bm cv‡K© i †WBwR wóª‡Ui ev‡g Business Park Daisy Street Terrace, BD8 7JS cÖ_g cÖ‡ek gy‡Cornwall L Dc‡ii Zjvq bZzb Anchor Building First Entrance to the With: Bradford Cultural Group, Message Cultural Group (London) †`vKvb Aew¯’Z|


07533958936 07572120347

Anchor Business Park

Daisy st New

Published by: Md. Lutfur Rahman Motiraj Restaurant, Ripon

Manchester City are better placed to defend title chasing United rather than topping table. Amir dazzles in Molina win

Amir put on a great display forcing Carlos Molina to quit in the 10th round. The Bolton star showed what he learned under new trainer Virgil Hunter as he controlled the fight from start to finish.

He moved forward in measured bursts, landing shots before coming out of the way and breaking his outclassed opponent down. 'I thought I stuck to my gameplan and was keeping faith in my jab,' he said. 'Carlos took some really good shots but was still coming forward, so I thought to myself 'I'd better stick to this gameplan'. 'Virgil Hunter, my new coach, is a great trainer and I'm getting better at boxing, being a complete fighter. He's teaching me things, like speed, patience, picking the right shots and when to throw them. Sometimes I'm too brave for my own good but now I know it is better to stick to a gameplan.' Amir, who lost to Danny Garcia in July, added: "I'm my own biggest critic after a loss and I always ask "what did I do wrong, why did I make those mistakes?" In the Garcia fight he caught me with a good shot but I'll fight Danny Garcia again anytime, anywhere.'

Year 03- Issue 55 - Friday 21st Dec - 3rd Jan 2013

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Writing in Mancunian Matters on December 18, Jeremy Culley makes this arguable assertion, but makes a good case for his theory. He pinpoints ‘Robin van Persie’s deflected late derby winner felt as a defining moment in the title race’ – but not because it paints the Red’s success as inevitable and RVP’s decision to go to that side of the city in the transfer window as a decisive factor. Rather more, he seems to suggest that the win releases the Skyblues from the pressure that has weighed on them since lifting the trophy last season. He points to the performance at Newcastle on Saturday in which City “players showed signs they are moving on, and that their agony could reignite the title race.” After being beaten at home for the first time in nearly two years by United he argues the defeat has set them free. Although it must be said Newcastle are without influential midfielders Yohan Cabaye and Hatem Ben Arfa who might have opened up more attacking options for strikers Ba and Cisse and which may have seen a different match ensue at St James’ Park. But nonetheless, the frontline attack of Mancini’s team - Sergio Aguero, David Silva and Carlos Tevez - appeared to be liberated and playing their best, in stark contrast to the team that got dumped out of another Champions League at the group stage. United have 14 wins from 17 Premier League games, and the pressure on champions City to keep pace seems to have stifled them, suggests Culley. ‘Now they have slipped six points adrift of United – and no longer have the distraction of proving to Europe they are a credible force – the shackles seem to have come loose.’‘The flowing, threatening football City produced – invoking memories of their care-free approach last year – was a joy to behold’ he adds and believes events leading up to this are no coincidence but rather the impetus that may yet see the blue side of Manchester retain the league title.

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‡gvnv¤§` nvweeyjøvn ‡Rwc, IweBÕ‡K wb‡q we‡kl cÖwZ‡e`b co–b 16 Gi cvZvq

Published by Probash Bangla, Sylvan House, 2 Sylvan Street, Oldham. OL9 6LX, Tel: 0161 652 8106. Email:, Advert:

gnvb weRq w`em I b_©-I‡qó Bsj¨v‡Û evOvwj‡`i Hw`b

cÖevm evsjv: ‡lvjB wW‡m¤^i, gnvb weRh w`em| evOvjx RvwZi we‡k¦ cÖwZôv cvevi w`b| G w`bwUi R‡b¨ evOvwj RvwZ bÔgvm mk¯¿ hy× K‡i‡Q|

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evsjv‡`k GwM‡q hv‡”Q, GwM‡q hv‡e - ciivóªgš¿x Wt w`cy gwb MvRx gwneyi ingvb t g¨vb‡Póvi¯’ evsjv‡`k mnKvix nvBKwgk‡bi Av‡qvR‡b GeviB cÖ_g g¨vb‡Póvi md‡i Avm‡jb evsjv‡`‡ki cÖ_g gwnjv ciivóªgš¿x Wt w`cy gwb|MZ 19 wW‡m¤^i, eyaevi weKvj 3 NwUKvq ¯’vbxq evsjv‡`k nvD‡R AbywóZ GK gZ wewbgq mfvq Dcw¯’Z mK‡ji evsjv‡`‡ki mvwe©K wPÎ Zz‡j D‡Ï‡k¨ cÖ`Ë fvl‡b wZwb a‡ib| - 10 cvZvq co–b

we‡kl †NvlYv wµmgvm Ges wbD Bqvi Dcj‡ÿ wcÖ›Uvi eÜ _vK‡e weavq cÖevmevsjvi AvMvgx msL¨v cÖKvwkZ Kiv hv‡ebv e‡j Avgiv AvšÍwiKfv‡e `y:wLZ| ciewZ© msL¨v hv_vixwZ cÖKvwkZ n‡e BbkvAvjøvn| - cÖevmevsjv cwievi

Probash Bangla-55  

Leading Bangla Newspaper in Northwest

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