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Friday 30th Aug-12th Sep 2013

Probash Bangla

Probash Bangla

Hyde Community College this year celebrates the best GCSE results in the history of the school.

Friday 30th Aug-12th Sep 2013


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Date: 1st SSeptember eptember 2013, Sunda Date: Sunday. y. Time: 1pm, Time: Place: Shahjalal Masjid Masjid Hall R Place: Room. oom. ove, Rusholme, Rusholme, Manchester, 1A Eileen Gr Grove, Manchester,, M14 5WE (off P Platt latt lane)

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Students achieved a stunning 56% 5+ A*-C including English and mathematics, the headline government figure. This was a 6% rise on last year, despite the tightening up of marking seen nationally. Headteacher, Denise Spence commented “We were absolutely delighted that the extremely hard work of students and staff has again paid off this year. This has set students up for a bright future as

they continue in education and training. A large number of students have decided to continue their education in our post 16 centre.� Keeley Dargan, a top performing student, said “I’m lost for words. I worked so hard with the help of my teachers and I’m so pleased to have achieved the grades I wanted. I’m planning on studying 5 A-Levels and hope to go on to study a science course at Univer-

sity.� Picture caption: Nafiza begum, Kabita Begum, Katie McKenna and Naheemah Khatun. And: Nafiza Begum, Kabita Begum, Katie McKenna, Naheemah Khatun, Joe Britton, Mustafijur Rahman, Fahim Syed, Keeley Dargan, Helena Lancaster.

University appointment promises to put 'super substance' at technological forefront

Manchester University has appointed a Business Development and Strategy Director for graphene to attract some of the world’s biggest companies to partner with the National Graphene Institute. Nathan Hill, who trained as a physicist before moving into sales and business management, will focus on strategy and business development for the £61m National Graphene Institute. This marks a pivotal phase in the engineering and commercial

development of graphene as an industrial material. Nathan has a background of working with industry; as a Managing Director at Oxford Instruments he worked on thin film and bulk superconductors and semiconductor materials and devices. He has set up three companies, one of which, Qi3, has worked extensively with CERN, the European Space Agency, the Technology Strategy Board and UK Research Councils. Nathan’s first goal will be to set up a graphene Industry Club and a number of strategic partnerships with major companies. He will also work with senior University figures to develop a graphene strategy to ensure The University of Manchester remains the home of graphene research. Graphene is made from a layer of carbon one-atom thick and is the strongest material in the world. It's completely flexible and more conductive than copper. It was only discovered just under a decade ago, but has the potential to transform our lives in the not too distant future. Its potential uses include use in physical rehabilitation – graphene could pave the way for bionic devices in living tissues that, by being connected directly to human neurons, could enable people with spinal injuries re-learn how to use their limbs. High-power graphene supercapacitors would make batteries obsolete; touchscreens that use

graphene as their conductor rather than glass, would put an end to smashed screen trauma for smart phone users. And researchers are working on developing graphene filters with holes just big enough to let water through but small enough to exclude salt, opening up the possibility of making seawater safe for consumption. The possibilities are tremendous and Manchester University is at the heart of this graphene revolution. Nathan, who is enthusiastic about making graphene a powerhouse for further research, manufacturing and jobs in Manchester, said: “Having lived through the development cycle of superconductor and semiconductor materials and devices, working with the great team and resources at Manchester was too good an opportunity to miss.� Professor Colin Bailey, Vice-President and Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences, added: “We are delighted to welcome [Nathan] to the University. His expertise will prove invaluable in attracting some of the world’s foremost companies to work with the National Graphene Institute on creating the next generation of graphene applications.� (Source: and


New Committee Chairman Rafiqual Hassan Shahariar


General Secretary Abul Kashem (Kajol)

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Treasurer Mohammed Mowla

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