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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS YAMAHA Raptor 700 To avoid injury or damage to your ATV, read and understand these instructions completely before installation. 1. Parts List: Item 1 2 3

Part Name Swing Arm M6 X 20mm Bolt M6 Washer


Qty 1 4 2

Flange Head Flat Washer

2. Preparation: a) Set/Lock rear parking brake on bike, and stand bike upright so that it is sitting on the rear grab bar. Make sure vehicle is secure and will not fall over while installing the Nerf Bar. 3. Installation: a) Remove OE plastic Swing Arm Guard and Hardware b) Place replacement Swing Arm Guard in place. c) Use (2) Item #2 in upper mounting locations and loosely tighten. d) Use Item #3 between Swing Arm Guard and Swing Arm, then use (2) Item #2 to loosely tighten. e) Once fit and clearances have been verified, tighten bolts to specs shown below. NOTE: When assembled complete, torque all hardware as follows. Torque M6 @ 6 ft. lbs.

4. Maintenance:

Periodically check all fasteners for tightness and re-torque as required.

5. Care and Cleaning:

Clean using a soft cloth with soap and water

Customer service: For further information call Pro Armor at 951-270-0559