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RAPTOR NERF BAR INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS To avoid injury or damage to your ATV, read and understand these instructions completely before installation. 1. Parts List: Item 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Part Name M6 X 12mm Bolt M6 X 25mm Bolt M6 Nut M8 X 20mm Bolt M8 Nut M8 Washer Nerf Bar Nerf Bar Web Set M6 Washer Frame Web Clip

Description Hex Head Hex Head Nylock Nut Hex Head Nylock Flat Washer Left Right (1) Left & (1) Right Flat Washer Attach web netting to ATV Frame

Qty 1 5 6 4 4 4 1 1 1 5 8

2. Preparation: a) Set/Lock rear parking brake on bike, turn gas petcock to 'Off' position and stand bike upright so that it is sitting on the rear grab bar. Make sure vehicle is secure and will not fall over while installing the Nerf Bar. 3. Installation: See fig #1 a) Remove the 2 OEM bolts that attach the front portion of the OEM skid plate to the frame. b) From the bottom, install (2) M6 flange bolts Item# 2 and (2) M6 washers Item# 10 into ATV “threaded� frame holes and torque @ 6 ft. lbs. NOTE: The protruding M6 thread "studs" will be used to attach the Left Front Nerf Bar Bracket. c) Remove the 2 OEM Heel Guards. Loosely install following hardware until assembly is complete before tightening to torque specs below. d) Position Left Nerf Bar into Front of ATV frame and Insert Right Nerf Bar Tube into the Left Nerf Bar. e) Install Left Front Nerf Bar Mounting Bracket Item over thread studs (see b) using (2) Item #3 M6 Nuts. f) Install Rear Nerf Bars to Foot Pegs using (4) M8 bolts Item #4, (4) Washers Item #6 and (4) Nuts Item #5. g) Install (1) M6 Nut Item #3 onto (1) M6 Bolt Item #1 and install into "threaded hole" in Left Front Nerf Bar Bracket / Tube until it bottoms out against the "inside" Right Nerf Bar Tube. With wrench on (1) M6 Bolt Item #1, turn (1) M6 Nut Item #3 counter clockwise until it stops against the threaded Nerf Bar Bracket. h) Install (1) Left & (1) Right Web Set Item #9 as shown in fig #1 and fig #2 using Item #11. i) Use Item #2, #3, and #10 to attach rear fender to Nerf Bar. j) Use Item #2, #3, and #10 to re-mount OEM Brake Reservoir.

NOTE: Tightening Sequence: 1). Left & Right Rear "Nerf Bar Bracket" to Foot Pegs. 2). Left Front "Nerf Bar Bracket" to Threaded Studs. 3). Left & Right Foot Pegs to Frame. see 2b NOTE: When assembled complete, torque all hardware as follows. Torque M6 @ 6 ft. lbs. M8 @ 12 ft. lbs. OEM Foot Peg M10 Bolts @ 35 ft. lbs


fig #1

fig #2

4. Maintenance:

Periodically check all fasteners for tightness and re-torque as required.

5. Care and Cleaning:

Clean using a soft cloth with soap and water

6. Customer service: For further information call Pro Armor at 951-270-0559



3. Installation: See fig #1 a) Remove the 2 OEM bolts that attach the front portion of the OEM skid plate to the frame. b) From the bottom,...