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INSTRUCTIONS Suzuki LT-R450 A-Arm Skid Plates To avoid injury to your self or damage to the ATV, read these instructions carefully before installation. 1. Parts List: Item 1 2 3 4

Part Name A-Arm Skid Plate A-Arm Skid Plate Hook Hex Flange Head Bolt

Description Left Right PA 570 M6 x 16mm

Qty 1 1 6 6

2. Preparation: a) Lock rear parking brake on bike, turn gas petcock to ‘Off’ position and stand bike upright so that it is sitting on the rear grab bar. Make sure vehicle will not fall over while installing your A-Arm Skid Plates. 3. Installation: a) Install (6) Item #3 Hooks loosely with (6) Item #4 Bolts to the inside of the A-arm Skid Plates. b) Place A-Arm Skid Plates onto A-arm of the bike. The large flange should face towards the front of the bike. Position hooks so the A-arm Skid Plate lies flush with A-arm tube. Turn hooks so they are on top of the tube. Turn the lower hook towards front of bike. Turn handlebar to check for clearance between the Front Rims and A-arm Skid Plates. If interference, re-adjust orientation of hooks until A-arms fit correctly. d) When A-arms are correctly positioned, torque (6) Item #4 Bolts to 10 ft-lbs. 4. Maintenance:

Check all fasteners and re-torque when required.

5. Care and Cleaning:

Clean using a soft cloth with soap and water.

6. Customer service:

For further information call Pro Armor at 951-270-0559