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Description Quantity Front Shroud 1 Flanged Hex Head Bolt M6 x 1.0 X 20mm 4 Nylock Nut M6 2 Flat Washer M6 2

1) Insert (2) item #2 supplied Bolts through two slotted holes located on middle side of shroud and loosely attach to frame of ATV. 2) Insert two item #2 supplied bolts through two holes located closest to front of shroud and through frame holes. From the opposite side, loosely attach shroud using two item #5 supplied flat washers and two Item #4 supplied nylock nuts. 3) Torque all bolts to 4.5 ft-lb (6 N.m.) to complete. Check the tightness of all mounting hardware in accordance with the maintenance schedule in your owner's manual.



Item Description Quantity 1 Front Shroud 1 2 Flanged Hex Head Bolt M6 x 1.0 X 20mm 4 3 Nylock Nut M6 2 4 Flat Washer M6 2 Check the tightnes...

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