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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS SUZUKI Z400 NERF BAR / HEEL GUARD WITH RACE PEGS To avoid injury to yourself or damage to vehicle, read these instructions before installation. 1) Parts: Item Part Name Description 1 Nerf Bar / Heel Guard Left 2 Nerf Bar / Heel Guard Right 3 Head Bolt M8 x 65mm 4 Nylock Nut M8 5 Flat Washer M8 6 Peg Spacer Black Powdercoated 7 Left Steel Weldment Left Rear Nerf Support 8 Right Steel Weldment Right Rear Nerf Support 9 Head Bolt M10 x 1.25 x 80mm long 10 Foot Peg Serrated Steel Foot Peg 11 Head Bolt M8 x 50mm 12 Web Clips Attach Web to Frame Tube 13 Web Set (1 Left Web) & (1 Right Web) 14 Flat Washer M10 15 Tube Spacer 1.25 in. long 2) Preparation: a) Lock wheels and turn gas off. Make sure vehicle is secure while installing your new Nerf Bar / Heel Guard b) Remove and discard Foot Peg and Foot Peg Bolts. c) Remove OEM Foot Pegs NOTE: You may discard the OEM Foot Pegs but retain the OEM Foot Peg Bolts. d) Remove the A-Frame OEM Bolts and Nylock Nuts. NOTE: You may discard the OEM Bolts but retain the OEM Nylock Nuts. 3) Install Webbing to Nerf Bar: a) Install Web Straps on Welded Tabs of Nerf Bar: see fig #2 4) Install Bolt in A-Frame Bushing: a) Partially Insert (1) Item #9 Bolt and Item #14 washer in A-Frame Bushing. 5) Install Steel Weldments to Frame: a) Install (1) #7 Left Steel Weldment to Frame using (2) OEM Bolts and torque to 30 ft. lbs. b) Install (1) #8 Right Steel Weldment to Frame using (2) OEM Bolts and torque to 30ft. lbs. 6) Install Left Rear Nerf Bar Tube over Left Steel Weldment Tube: a) Slide Left Nerf Bar Tube Over (1) Item #7 Left Steel Weldment Tube until it stops. b) Insert (1) #11 Bolt thru Left Nerf Bar Tube and Left Steel Weldment Tube. c) Loosely attach using (2) #5 Washer & (1) #4 Nylock Nut. d) Repeat a) thru c) to install Right Nerf Bar Tube over Right Steel Weldment Tube

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7) Install the Front Nerf Bar Tube: a) Move the Front Nerf Bar Tab hole so that it is in alignment with the A-Arm Bushing Hole. b) Gently push or tap the #9 Bolt (see 4a above) until the bolt passes through the Front Nerf Bar Tab hole. c) Loosely attach the bolt using (1) OEM Nylock Nut. 8) Install Steel Serrated Foot Peg: a) While holding (1) Item #10 Steel Serrated Foot Peg on Nerf Bar, loosely install: (1) Item #6 spacer using (4) #5 Washers (4) #4 Nylock Nuts and (8)#5 Tube Spacers. 9) Attach Rear Fender to Nerf Bar: a) Move the Rear Fender until the hole aligns with Rear Nerf Bar Mounting tab hole and then loosely attach fender using OEM Bolt and Nylock Nut. 10) Install Web Clips: 10a) Install Web Straps on Frame Tube using Item #12 clips. (see figure #3) 10b) Thread web strap through both clip slots and then wrap web strap around the frame tube. 10c) From underneath and in the opposite direction, pull web strap back through both clip slots until snug. 11) Torque bolts complete: a) M10 Bolts @ 30 ft.-lbs. b) M8 Bolts @ 15 ft.-lbs c) M6 Bolts @ 6 ft.-lbs.

12) Customer service: For further information call Pro Armor at 951-270-0559



(1) ITEM #9 BOLT

(4) ITEM #4 NUT (4) ITEM #5 WASHER

(1) ITEM #11 BOLT (1) ITEM #4 NUT (1) ITEM #5 WASHER


Figure #2 (9) WELDED TABS


Figure #3 (2) ITEM #12 CLIPS



INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 4) Install Bolt in A-Frame Bushing: a) Partially Insert (1) Item #9 Bolt and Item #14 washer in A-Frame Bushing. 3...