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Kawasaki KFX450R SWING ARM GUARD To prevent injuries or damage to the vehicle, read these instructions prior to installation. Parts List Item No Part Name 1 Swing Arm Guard 2 Hex Head Flange Bolt

Description Guard, Aluminum M8 x 30mm

Qty 1 4

Preparation 1. Lock wheels and stand ATV upright on the rear grab bar. 2. Remove original (4) bolts. 3. Remove the original Swing Arm Guard. Installation 1. Install new Swing Arm using (4) bolts from above. 2. Torque bolts to 20 ft. lbs.

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Parts List Item No Part Name Description Qty 1 Swing Arm Guard Guard, Aluminum 1 2 Hex Head Flange Bolt M8 x 30mm 4 Preparation 1. Lock whee...