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INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Honda TRX450R/TRX400EX FAT PEG NERF BARS Read these instructions before installation to prevent injury to your self or damage to your ATV. 1. Parts List: Item Part Name 1 Nerf Bar 2 Nerf Bar 3 Left Rear Mount Weld Assembly 4 Right Rear Mount Weld Assembly 5 Fat Peg Cage 6 Web Set 7 Peg Spacer 8 Hex Head Bolt 9 Hex Head Flange Bolt 10 Washer 11 Nylock Nut 12 Washer 13 Hex Head Bolt 14 Loose Web Clip 15 Hex Head Bolt 16 Tube Spacers

Description Left Right Steel Weldment Steel Weldment Black Powdercoated 1" Wide Black Powdercoated M8 x 60mm M10 x 1.25 x 45mm 8mm 8mm 10mm M10 x 1.25 x 70mm Frame Clip M8 x 65mm Aluminum

Qty 1 1 1 1 2 1 2 2 4 20 10 2 2 4 8 8

2. Preparation: a) Set/Lock rear parking brake on bike, and stand bike upright so that it is sitting on the rear grab bar. Make sure vehicle is secure and will not fall over while installing the Nerf Bar. b) Remove the 2 OEM Heel Guards and Footpegs. 3. Installation: a) Loosely install Item #3 and Item #4 Front Mount in the orientations shown, lining up to matching holes in the bike frame. Use Item #9 bolts and tighten to 35ft. lbs. Left Side



b) Loosen bolts on the rear of the lower A-Arm and retain nuts. c) Slide Item #1 onto Item #3, then slide Item #2 onto Item #4, joining the two sides of the Nerf Bars together at the A-Arms. d) Use Item #13 and Item #12 to replace stock A-Arm bolts and to tighten the forward Nerf Bar mount, reusing the stock nuts. e) Install (2) Item #8 bolts in rear mounts with (2) Item #10 washers and (2) Item #11 Nuts. f) Tighten all hardware to torque specs below.

g) Install (1) Item #5 Cage on Nerf Bar using (4) Item #15 Bolts, (1) Item #7 Spacer, (8) Item #16 Spacers, (4) Item #10 Washers, and (4) Item #11 Nuts. Tighten and repeat on other side. h) Install Item #6 Web as shown in Figure #1 below. Use Item #14 clips at the frame as shown in Figure #2 below. NOTE: When assembled complete, torque all hardware as follows. Torque M6 @ 6 ft. lbs. M8 @ 12 ft. lbs. OEM Foot Peg M10 Bolts @ 35 ft. lbs

Fig #1


Fig #2

4. Maintenance: Periodically check all fasteners and re-torque as required. Pay special attention to footpeg to frame bolts. DO NOT RIDE IF THESE BOLTS HAVE NOT BEEN CHECKED! 5. Customer service: For further information call Pro Armor at 951-343-9270



INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Honda TRX450R/TRX400EX FAT PEG NERF BARS 3. Installation: a) Loosely install Item #3 and Item #4 Front Mount in th...

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