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Pilgrims’ vessel ‘The Judge’ to assist organisations requiring maritime security solutions in West Africa International security specialist Pilgrims Group has further enhanced its ability to provide safe passage for clients working in West African waters by upgrading a former US Coast Guard cutter with state-of-the-art anti-piracy facilities. The vessel, designated MV ‘The Judge’, was acquired by Pilgrims in the USA three years ago and has recently been refitted to install stateof-the-art navigation and anti-piracy equipment. On-board personnel capacity has now been expanded to 12 crew members. Corporate clients including oil companies, geological surveyors and cable laying experts have already enjoyed the protection of an armed escort provided by MV ‘The Judge’ whose captain, Shane Slabbert, harbours military experience gained with the South African Navy. The vessel, which has served as far afield as Egypt, Somalia and Mombasa, is now based in Lagos, Nigeria working alongside the Nigerian Armed Forces. Its area of operation extends along the West African coast. “The potential for attack by pirates is a regrettable feature of modern maritime activity and poses a significant threat to our clients, many of whom are involved in projects of economic significance on the international stage,” stated Daniel Revmatas, general manager of Pilgrims Africa. “MV ‘The Judge’ affords Pilgrims Group the ability to provide organisations with a complete solution to security provision, both on land and at sea,” added Revmatas. “Our sea-borne service, demonstrated by the upgraded abilities of ‘The Judge’, provides welcome reassurance in this uncertain environment.” The highly mobile vessel is able to respond rapidly to potential threats long before a suspicious craft can approach a client’s operation. Pilgrims Group closely co-ordinates the vessel’s movements with the Nigerian authorities to safeguard a range of commercial operations around West African waters.

Roll out of OPTEX REDSCAN railway crossing safety solution gathers steam OPTEX REDSCAN laser detection technology is at the heart of a new system developed and delivered in the UK by systems integrator Tew Plus to enhance the safety of more than 400 level crossings from Scotland down to the South Coast of England. Following nearly two years of testing, Tew Plus achieved full Network Rail Product Approval for its Level Crossing Obstacle Detector – designated LIDAR – using the OPTEX REDSCAN as the core detection element. The complete MCB-OD Level Crossings solution incorporates the LIDAR as the Complementary Obstacle Detector (COD) working alongside RADAR and CCTV surveillance equipment. While the RADAR system is used to detect vehicles or large objects that can cause damage to trains and endanger the safety of passengers, the LIDAR system is designed to protect pedestrians or cyclists who could be trapped between the barriers. The signalling solution tells the LIDAR system when the Level Crossing is active, while the detection system scans the crossing area within the barriers accordingly. If the crossing is clear, the signal turns green and the train can pass through safely. If an object is detected the barriers will be raised to enable that object – for example a vehicle or pedestrian – to leave the area before allowing the train to pass. If a detected object is static and the system has gone through three cycles, a message can then be sent to the train driver to proceed with caution.

Sovereign installs firstever lift destination system in Wales with support from TDSi Sovereign Fire and Security has completed a state-of-the-art building management system installation for insurance company Admiral at the business’ Ty Admiral headquarters in Cardiff. Developed in conjunction with TDSi and lift manufacturer OTIS, the new access control and lift destination solution is the very first of its kind in the UK. Previously, upon entry employees would call the lift and choose the floor they needed. With the new integrated system, once the employee’s card is presented to the access control reader at the secure speed gate, a message is sent to the system and an LCD screen then displays the lift number that the employee needs to enter. The lift will already be set to their destination. The intelligent, integrated system will also send anyone else entering the building who needs to go to the same floor to the same lift. This saves on time by dint of the lift not having to stop at each floor. Mike Sussman, technical director at TDSi, told Risk UK: “This solution uses TDSi’s newly-developed component for our EXgarde security management software. It’s largely the result of developments in network access and fullyintegrated security systems.”


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