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Real time 720p recording of up to 8 IP channels The VideoNetBox II from Dallmeier offers a more open platform than its predecessor model and a number of enhancements. The VideoNetBox II is a compact appliance for the recording of up to 8 IP video channels. With a new, higher performance processor, all eight channels can now be recorded in real-time in 720p and the synchronised components, said the company, also enable very fast memory speed. SMAVIA recording server software for recording audio and video streams is already installed. The corresponding software SMAVIA viewing client allows for the independent and convenient evaluation of the recordings over Ethernet (LAN/WAN). It can be run on devices with a Windows XP / 7 operating system and is included in the VNB II’s scope of delivery. The pre-installed software is designed as an open platform and together with the according licenses, third-party IP cameras with motion detection can be recorded and configured over the ONVIF protocol. If the installation is to include analogue cameras as well as IP cameras in mixed operation, the VideoNetBox II can be expanded with the optional “Analogue Upgrade Kit” for operating as many as eight analogue channels in hybrid mode. www.dallmeier.com

Wire-free CCTV and PIR unit ESP added to its growing range of External Area Protection systems with a wire-free version of its GuardCam last year. According to the company, the GuardCam WF provides an ideal solution for the surveillance and protection of external areas around domestic or light commercial properties. Images are captured by wire-free CCTV cameras built into PIR controlled security lighting units and digitally transmitted to a choice of indoor receivers with integral SD card recording and user controls. GuardCam operates on a 2.4GHz frequency featuring FHSS digital technology to eradicate interference from other wire free devices and provides a range of up to 150m. Up to four transmitters (GuardCam WF-T) can be paired to a single receiver (GuardCam WF-MR with built in 7 inch screen or (GuardCam WF-SAR) for direct connection to a television.it One of the most popular features of the GuardCam range is that they don’t appear to be cameras. Users - especially in domestic installations - may not wish to create a high security prison look to their home. However they are happy to have socially acceptable security lights installed. This semi covert nature of the GuardCam range also fools the intruder. A natural reaction is to look toward the source of a triggered light and therefore also directly into the camera. www.espuk.com


ANPR camera for real-time access Knighthood International launched its integrated Bearbox system incorporating ANPR direct from the camera in PSI April 2014. The unit combines all the camera and real-time processing functions into the unit so that access can be granted in real-time. There is no need for a server or PC and the output can be used direct or passed to the host for reporting and audit trails. The Bearbox technology allows this system to be integrated with any other site system. The Bearbox ANPR system provides a tool for traffic monitoring and can be used in single and multiple formats to control access to multientrance car parks, toll collection, traffic movements at ferry terminals or security. For example, it can allow only pre-registered cars to have access to staff car parks or embassies, combining the entry gate function to the camera’s data collection for an automated, secure response or it can monitor which cars have entered and left a facility and present the data as in hire car depots. www.knighthoodinternational.co.uk


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PSI Product Review 2015  

Innovation is essential for the future success of any industry. In the 2015 PSI Product Review we look at the major innovations of the year...