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Wire-free CCTV and PIR unit launched ESP has added to its growing range of External Area Protection systems with a wire-free version of its GuardCam. According to the company, the GuardCam WF provides an ideal solution for the surveillance and protection of external areas around domestic or light commercial properties. Images are captured by wirefree CCTV cameras built into PIR controlled security lighting units and digitally transmitted to a choice of indoor receivers with integral SD card recording and user controls. GuardCam operates on a 2.4GHz frequency featuring FHSS digital technology to eradicate interference from other wire free devices and provides a range of up to 150m. Up to four transmitters (GuardCam WF-T) can be paired to a single receiver (GuardCam WF-MR with built in 7 inch screen or (GuardCam WF-SAR) for direct connection to a television.it One of the most popular features of the GuardCam range is that they don’t appear to be cameras. Users especially in domestic installations - may not wish to create a high security prison look to their home. However they are happy to have socially acceptable security lights installed. This semi covert nature of the GuardCam range also fools the intruder. A natural reaction is to look toward the source of a triggered light and therefore also directly into the camera. www.espuk.com

Connector gel gets a re-launch! Connector gel Contralube 770 has been relaunched with a new formulation which reportedly makes the connector gel more effective at weatherproofing electrical, electronic and data connections. The improved formula, says the company, will ensure that security engineers do not experience warranty call-outs due to external power or data connections (digital or analogue) becoming corroded or experiencing water ingress. Recommended for application to multi-pin connectors, spade, bayonet, bullet and any other type of push fit electro mechanical contact area Contralube 770 is a clear gel that prevents moisture ingress (inc. salt water), oxidation and corrosion, contact wear, verdigris and fretting corrosion. The gel is listed as ideal for use with electronic security equipment and had already proven beneficial for the prevention of problems with CCTV installations. contralube.com

New IP range in two formats Genie CCTV has launched a new range of IP surveillance products in two recording platforms (Professional and Performance) and a portfolio of cameras to fit the majority of commercial, industrial and domestic applications. With a minimum of 2.1MP the new Genie cameras ensure the capture of full ONVIF conforming 1080p images; and the range includes a Mini PTZ with a 5x Optical Zoom capability. PoE is standard throughout, as is Micro SD Card support – and models with integral Varifocal Lenses come with the Smart Focus feature which allows engineers and operators to remotely zoom a camera in or out – via the camera’s dedicated web page – and the camera then automatically re-focuses. Genie has developed two separate recording solutions, the NVRPRO Professional Range is available with 9, 16 or 32Channels and the NVRX Performance with 4, 8 or 16-Channels – the new cameras can obviously be used with either NVR. www.geniecctv.com 20


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PSi April 2014  

The security industry is littered with myths and urban legends, but which ones are the most annoying? In the April edition we look at some o...

PSi April 2014  

The security industry is littered with myths and urban legends, but which ones are the most annoying? In the April edition we look at some o...