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January 2022

Affordable Artificial Intelligence A multidimensional approach to security

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The future is Capture

The future is now Texecom understand that reliability underpins the fundamental trust in an intrusion alarm system and has developed the Capture range to be our most reliable, most resilient, most robust and most trustworthy range of motion detectors, to date. To discover more visit

Sales: +44 (0)1706 212524

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Grade 2 Wired



January 2022 6 What’s in a security system Grade? When evalutating a security system, its stability and scope will be reflected on the Grade it receives.

8 News 9 Ajax announces new wired solution ‘Fibra’

Grade 2 Wireless

Ajax says that one of the most common requests amongst its customers is for a hybrid security system. In response to this, the company presented its first hybrid central unit and the new versions of hubs with 4G support.

10 BriefCam and Synectics provide bi-directional analytics Professionals in charge of delivering smart and safe city programs can accelerate the review of camera footage, identify risks to public safety and infrastructure, and easily derive valuable operational intelligence from video content using bidirectional analytics.

11 Paxton launches Engineering Scholarships for STEM Students Paxton has resumed its scholarship programme for 2022. The security technology manufacturer will provide paid summer placements for STEM students and a £10,000 contribution to the cost of their final year of study.

12 News

Grade 3 Anti-masking

14 How the Parkhomivka Museum of History and Arts preserves its treasures Wanting to keep all its invaluable objects safe, the museum chose a reliable Ajax security system together with the Security Service of Ukraine.

16 Business News 20 Innovators – Hikvision In 2021 Hikvision celebrated 20 years in the security industry. Originally from China, the company went public in May 2010 and is listed on SMEs Board at Shenzhen Stock Exchange.

22 New TID-600R intercom from Hanwha Hanwha’s new intercom product, the TID-600R, brings together the company’s high-quality camera functionality with audio features and analytics.

24 News 26 Business News 28 Product News

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30 The AI-fication of security cameras Deep learning technology can help future proof legacy in the CCTV environment. Cameras with embedded AI engines capable of deep learning analysis are much more powerful and deliver better results than standard CCTV solutions.

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January 2022 Welcome to the first Benchmark e-magazine for 2022 - a very happy New Year to you. A usual we have compiled the most up-to-date stories on the technologies, trends, and solutions shaping today's security industry.


lthough there is not yet a clear view of what the current state of the pandemic means for our day to day businesses, companies are continuing to do their best to stay afloat and find new ways of trading. We hope that the clouds will dissipate and see clearly what the 'new normal' might be. This edition of Benchmark e-magazine introduces the Innovators profile articles, consisting of a video interview and an in-depth look at the company. Featured this month is Hikvision's Gary Harmer, who shared with us the company's trajectory thus far and how the company operates in the UK and Ireland in particular. Gary has led the sales team in the UK and Ireland for the past four years with great success. Despite the odds, Hikvision was able to organise a celebration of the company's 20th anniversary at its headquarters in Uxbridge and, at the same time, launched its new fully techedout demo vans. Hikvision also toured the UK with its Insight Autumn events, where it could see and interact with installers and distributors as it used to before Covid. In terms of how technology is evolving, we can see that artificial intelligence (AI) permeates most areas of the security industry, promising to provide businesses with valuable, multidimensional data. Hanwha is disrupting the market by introducing built-in AI on its Wisenet X Series, its lowest price cameras. Also, i-Pro EMEA (previously Panasonic) is betting on the AIfication of security cameras. Check out Spain's Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) research proving that the Spanish livestock industry could boost its production figures by adopting new security technologies and artificial intelligence. It's been claimed that AI currently surpasses human abilities when identifying spoofed faces. I would have thought that our ability to be distracted by a thousand and one thoughts and

stimuli does, indeed, lessen our capacity to focus for an extended period of time on one task. Computers are proving to be more adept at detecting things such as facial liveliness with a 0% error. But can they be trusted to separate the wheat from the chaff? Meanwhile, technology gets smaller, as it's the case with HID's new LinTRAK XS, an extra tiny RFID UHF RAIN transponders designed for discreet insertion into small textile items. These types of devices can help track items such as linen or garments. Speaking about garments, have you heard about Fibra? No, it's not fabric or fibre optics misspelt. Fibra is Ajax answer to its customers' requests for a hybrid solution. Fibra is a new wired technology with a product range with the same name that incorporates all the advantages of the wireless Ajax Jeweller products and greater coverage with minimal power consumption. Finally, for the start of this year, we want to highlight the importance of educational initiatives such as the Paxton scholarship programme for 2022. The company is not only offering paid summer placements or STEM students, but it'll also contribute monetarily towards the cost of the students' final year. Training young people plus in-depth capacitation programs for installers and specifiers are vital to keeping a professional industry level. Looking ahead, don't miss out on our announcement for the Innovation Awards 2022. The campaign will be starting soon! If you haven't subscribed to our newsletter, please do to get daily e-blasts. And be sure to visit our YouTube channel which is growing with exciting interviews with the industry's leading companies (please like, share and comment!). Stay tuned! Geny Caloisi

Get in touch To get in touch about editorial opportunities, please book a call on my calendar: genycaloisi

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What’s in a security system Grade? T

he standard’s requirements for a Grade 4 system are very high, so it’s more uncommon in mass-market systems. Wired security systems will ususally be Grade 3 while wireless ones will be awarded either Grade 1 or Grade 2. The higher the grade, the more resistant the security system is. Alarm system grading has been in place in the UK for more than 16 years and is an everyday part of alarm system specification and installation today. The two grades which matter in the vast majority of installations are Grade 2 and Grade 3, and it’s worth spending a moment to reconsider how the differences between these grades are defined. Grade 2 systems are specified for low to medium risk applications, where there is a

When evalutating a security system, its stability and scope will be reflected on the Grade it receives. The Grades range from 1 to 4; with 1 being a basic level – for example, protecting front door access, and generally used for applications with minimal risk and 4 for high risk applications where a super secure system is needed. higher threat than Grade 1 (which is defined as a site where an intrusion being unlikely). In such cases, potential intruders are expected to have some degree of knowledge about how an alarm system and its peripheral devices

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HELLO SIGNO The Signature Line of Readers from HID Global

Meet Signo at

Powering Trusted Identities

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Synetics uses Microsoft Azure to offer cloud control room access Synectics’ Synergy platform uses Microsoft’s Azure cloud infrastructure, to give organisations the opportunity to spread their surveillance and operational management system across on-premises hardware and the cloud in any configuration of their choice.


hether customers opt for a ‘Full’ or ‘Hybrid Cloud’ solution, the capabilities we’ve introduced answer many modern surveillance needs,” explained Synectics’ Business Development Director, David Aindow, “especially when it comes to new, highly connected ways of collaborative working. “Authorised, authenticated Synergy users can receive and send data via devices connected to the cloud, meaning efficient security and operational management can move beyond the control room and into the field. Similarly, by hosting features such as incident lockers and digital evidence management virtually, organisations have a fast, secure mechanism for sharing critical data with external third parties such as police

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Ajax announces new wired solution ‘Fibra’ Ajax announced a collection of new products and solutions at its third international Special Event online, attended live by 7500 viewers worldwide, on December 2nd.


esides the information on the additions to Ajax’s wireless security systems, attendees were most interested in Fibra, the company’s new wired technology, with a product line of the same name. Ajax says that one of the most common requests amongst its customers is for a hybrid security system. In response to this, the company presented its first hybrid central unit and the new versions of hubs with 4G

support. The combination of wired and wireless allows clients to cover larger areas at their facilities. The new Fibra product line of wired devices incorporates all the advantages of the wireless Jeweller products and greater coverage with minimal power consumption. Like in Jeweller devices, data transmission within Fibra is encrypted. The devices are equipped with anti-sabotage technologies, the system is fast to install and allows remote control via smartphone. The control panel for the new product line is Hub Hybrid, which benefits from the synergy between wired and wireless technologies. The first Fibra release, planned for the first quarter of 2022, includes nine devices: MotionProtect, MotionProtect Plus, DoorProtect, DoorProtect Plus, GlassProtect, CombiProtect, KeyPad, HomeSiren, StreetSiren.

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Incedo™ Business Cloud Take control of your building’s security, from anywhere. Available from ABLOY UK | 01902 364500 |

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Paxton launches Engineering Scholarships for STEM Students P

axton’s UK headquarters, Technology Centre, and manufacturing facilities are based in the county of Sussex, with sites in Brighton and Eastbourne. The British manufacturer has been developing security systems in the area since the nineteeneighties and ships their security products internationally. The Paxton’s Scholarship programme was first launched in 2017. Since then, Paxton has been working closely with the University of Brighton, and the University of Sussex, offering three-month paid summer placements for their second-year STEM students. They support candidates who are studying product design, electronics, mechanical engineering, computing, maths, and physics.

Paxton has resumed its scholarship programme for 2022. The security technology manufacturer will provide paid summer placements for STEM students and a £10,000 contribution to the cost of their final year of study. Hayley Scanlon, Resourcing Advisor at Paxton explains: “It’s great for Paxton to be able to identify new talent in the local area, as well as give students the opportunity to get real-life industry experience. And of course, the financial support is helpful in their final year.” In 2020, Paxton had to pause the initiative due to Government restrictions to

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Spanish farmers need to up their livestock security A research carried out by Spain’s Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) says that the Spanish livestock industry could be boosting its production figures by adopting new security technologies and artificial intelligence.


ccording to the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, the livestock industry accounted for over 20.2 billion of products in the Spanish economy in 2020. Studies A UOC industrial doctoral degree from the Network and Information Technologies programme has concluded that incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) and applying it with devices, such as monitoring sensors, would optimise the livestock industry’s restocking and service planning processes, leading to higher profit and reduced costs. “Other more highly industrialised sectors have been benefiting from Industry 4.0 principles of digital transformation for years, but the livestock industry still suffers from a

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How the Parkhomivka Museum of History and Arts preserves its treasures Parkhomivka, a relatively small village in Slobozhanshchyna, Ukraine, regularly attracts tourists thanks to its renowned art museum, the Parkhomivka Museum. The museum exists thanks to a passionate history teacher and selftaught artist that lived in this village, Afanassi Lubov, who started collecting precious pieces of art mid-XX century.


he Parkhomivka Museum has sculptures, paintings, diagrams, and archaeological and ethnographic works. In addition to the ethnographic exhibition with century-old artefacts, the museum also displays

iconography from XVII-XIX centuries, domestic, Western, and Eastern art. The museum has original works by prominent internationally renowned painters are kept here: Picasso’s Dove Of Peace and Owl, Malevich’s Suprematism 65, works by Wassily Kandinsky, Renoir, Benois, and many others. Wanting to keep all its invaluable objects safe, the museum chose a reliable Ajax security system together with the Security Service of Ukraine.

Protecting the cultural heritage The museum is located in a ‘palazzo’ house built at the end of the XVIII century. This is a two-story building with an area of 700 sq m with many rooms and windows. To avoid

Read the full article here 14

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Benchmark eNewsletter Benchmark is aimed at informing those in the electronic security market who specify, install, design, develop, manage and use technology about the latest trends and solutions for improving the performance and efficiency of their systems and helps to generate new avenues and perspectives for applications.

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BriefCam and Synectics provide bi-directional analytics Professionals in charge of delivering smart and safe city programs can accelerate the review of camera footage, identify risks to public safety and infrastructure, and easily derive valuable operational intelligence from video content using bi-directional analytics.


riefCam and Synectics’ Synergy command have teamed up to create a combined control platform. In addition to allowing control room teams to apply sophisticated video analytics filters – colour, face matching, the direction of travel for vehicles, clothing attributes etc. – to surveillance footage, the integration enables rapid footage review by presenting objects and events of interest (that appeared over the course of a filtered time period) on-screen simultaneously. Sree Namelil, Synectics’ Product Manager, explained, “The advantage is that authorities can dramatically reduce the amount of time and effort needed to investigate and interrogate footage – a huge benefit for teams tasked with monitoring and managing

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Instant 4G Connectivity For Any Application

Ideal for installations that require reliable, secure connectivity for transferring data INDEPENDENCE FROM EXISTING NETWORKS IMMEDIATE INTERNET CONNECTION MAXIMUM RELIABILITY





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Kings Secure Technologies to Acquire Quidvis


Frontline teams up with Zitko on talent hunt

Kings Secure Technologies (KST) has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Fire Risk Assessment and risk management reporting specialist, Quidvis Ltd. Industry disruptor Quidvis has revolutionised the way that Fire Risk Assessments (FRA) and Fire door inspections are carried out and reported. Providing property owners with a comprehensive solution for managing the fire risk process in their business. The Quidvis solution provides property owners with the ability to review their risks across their whole estate, allocate work internally or externally, recording works

Enterprise electronic security integrator, Frontline Security Solutions, has joined the Zitko Talent industry alliance and will be welcoming an initial two trainees at the end of the year. If successful, Frontline will be looking to implement the Zitko Talent programme further throughout the business. The company, which is part of the Chubb Group, provides high-end access control, CCTV, intruder, and intercom systems for customers across the EMEA region and has a longstanding relationship with the Zitko Group.

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Read the full article here

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Benchmark website Benchmark is the security industry’s trusted digital platform for integrators, managers, specifiers and users of bespoke and innovative security solutions helping to improve ROI and the effectiveness of technology across multiple vertical disciplines.

Long established in the market, the easy to navigate website is the central hub of the Benchmark portfolio with essential updates, articles and technology news.

Bookmark the Benchmark website here:

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An insight into Hikvision UK In 2021 Hikvision celebrated 20 years in the security industry. Originally from China, the company went public in May 2010 and is listed on SMEs Board at Shenzhen Stock Exchange.


e interview Gary Harmer, Sales Director, Hikvision UK and Ireland to talk about Hikvision’s trajectory so far. We discussed the company’s culture with regards to the East/West amalgamation and Hikvision’s investment in R&D. Gary also describes how Hikvision supports its partners with the VASP programme for installers, tells us about the impact Brexit has had and gives us his opinion on what are the key things to look out for. Gary has been with Hikvision for over fours years and He sees his role as “developing and empowering great teams around me in order to provide a focused customer experience. It’s an approach that I think is very successful and delivers consistent growth in revenue and profit. I’m involved in strategic planning and delivery supporting our Country Manager.” He’s been involved in the security industry for more than 30 years, first at Norbain for 20


years, then he joined Mayflex as director of sales, before joining Hikvision in 2017. Benchmark Magazine: Can you provide a short introduction to your company? Gary Harmer: Hikvision was founded 20 years ago, in 2001. We are an IoT solution provider with our video as its core competency. Our ethos is continual sustainable innovation, providing the market with cutting edge technology and products that solve real problems in the security realm and increasingly beyond. Our aim is to meet the diverse requirements of the widest range of vertical markets. BM: Can you describe Hikvision in three words? GH: Innovative. Knowledgeable. Comprehensive. BM: How many people do you employ today? GH: Globally, Hikvision now has more than 40,000 employees, over 19,000 of which are R&D engineers. Locally we are circa 150 staff. BM: How have your methods for doing business changed since the inception of Hikvision in the UK? GH: From a very basic viewpoint, Hikvision’s presence in the UK has coincided with the rise of the internet as a business and communication tool. That has, of course, had an impact on all areas of business, from

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networked systems and hybrid products to the ubiquity of webinars and YouTube demos and tutorials. Even just the way that we can provide apps to control products or maintain systems remotely. But we’ve been careful to ensure that the digital side of things is balanced with an in-person approach, which is why we host our Insight events and have introduced our new demo vans, so that we can take our new products and solutions directly to our customers and on to their clients as well, helping them to win more business. BM: What are the company’s flagship products? GH: Our core products are our network and Turbo analogue cameras and recorders, our ColorVu and AcuSense technologies, and our HikCentral management software platform. We’re also increasingly active in access control, video intercom and alarm systems. In some ways, it’s the combination of these products in our vertical solutions which are our new flagships. BM: What is the company’s greatest strength? GM: Our greatest strength lies in our research and development capabilities. With more than 20,000 R&D engineers, Hikvision invested over 10% of its annual sales revenue in 2020 in the research and development of continued product innovation. This investment allows us to rapidly introduce new products and solutions to the market, incorporating the latest technology, and developing powerful cost-effective customisations to suit every size of project and user. On a more local basis, our strength lies in having the right people on the team. We have great people with hundreds of years of experience in the industry between them. They understand the relationships in the channel which are key to developing long term partnerships, built on trust. BM: What is its most significant problem or weakness, and what’s the solution? GH: The company’s sheer size means that there’s the potential for local issues to get lost. The solution is the local focus of the UK & Ireland operation, which really operates exactly like a local business but with the backing of the world leader in video security. BM: What do you think will be the most significant security trends by the end of 2021?

GH: We think there will be a rise in what we are calling ‘multi-dimensional perception’ – that is, the integration of additional perception capabilities, such as radar detection, multispectral imagery, humidity and temperature measurement, and gas pressure detection, with video cameras and systems.

Gary Harmer, behind the scenes What's a typical day at the office for you? There isn’t one which is why I think I enjoy the job so much. I have a varied mix of customer engagement, team interaction, strategy planning and assisting others in the team to deliver a customer-centric focus. Describe your training, your interests, your hobbies. Other than standard academic qualifications on leaving school, I have achieved an ONC in Business Studies. I have completed a full course of Sales Leadership and Sales Management by Objectives via Mercuri International. My main interests outside of family are people. I like to be part of an organisation that helps to develop their own people and promote from within if possible. It is rewarding to see somebody grow in their own personal skills and progress. I’m a Livery Member of The Worshipful Company of Security Professionals, and I try to play an active role in the development of industry best practices and standards; I was involved in developing the ‘Secure By Default’ initiative. In terms of interests and hobbies, I ride a Harley Davidson and enjoy ‘social riding’ with like-minded people! What do you do when you're not at the office? When we’re allowed to do it, I love socialising with friends and family. I’ve been married for over 36 years, and I’m extremely proud of my grown-up sons: with one a solicitor and the other a chartered accountant, professional advice is available as needed (at very competitive rates!). If you had chosen a different career path, what would that be? Never been asked that question before and never really given it any thought, so the answer is that I don’t really know…. But it would have to involve being able to engage with people! I could not ever see myself doing a job where there was no team engagement. What is your most outstanding life achievement? Seeing my two sons grow into the people that they are today.

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New TID-600R intercom from Hanwha Hanwha’s new intercom product, the TID-600R, brings together the company’s highquality camera functionality with audio features and analytics. The new intercom has multiple applications, from acting as a help point for queries and emergencies, to access control or seamless communication with a control room or a front desk reception.


he SIP compliant TID-600R features a 2MP fisheye lens with a wide horizontal 180° field of view (114° vertical), low light performance (IR provides 16 feet/5 metres of infra-red illumination), and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) for challenging lighting scenes. Additionally, the intercom is NDAA compliant.

TID-600R uses The intercom is applicable across many different sectors, notably healthcare settings (where touchless access control is prioritized); car parks and transport settings (to improve visibility and communication); and office locations and residential settings (for a seamless entry and exit experience). The product goes beyond a simple intercom

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0115 714 9990 | webeyec m m

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Computers outperform humans on detecting facial liveness Identifying whether a face is present and not a spoof, is critical to stopping fraudsters from imitating real customers during processes like creating a new account for a banking app. According to a recent report, humans have far greater difficulty identifying spoofed faces compared to computers performing the same task. The research report, entitled ‘Human vs Machine: Can people spot spoofs better than AI?’ was commissioned by ID R&D, a provider of AI-based voice and face biometrics. Some of the findings include proof that computers are more adept than humans at facial liveness detection. The study tested humans and machines by presenting them with the most commonly used spoofing techniques: printed photos, videos, digital images, or 2D or 3D masks. Computers outclassed humans across all five techniques by scoring 0% error rates

Read the full article here Optilan appoints new engineering and technology director Telecommunications and security systems integrator Optilan, has appointed a new member onto its Leadership Team following an internal promotion. Craig Atkin has been promoted to Engineering and Technology Director from his previous position as Engineering Manager. As Engineering Manager, Atkin had been responsible for overseeing Optilan’s design and build activities. He has been instrumental in ensuring engineering governance, audit compliance, and the effective delivery of bespoke security and communication solutions for Optilan’s diverse clients. In his new role, he will continue to oversee Optilan’s global engineering function but will now also focus on the development of our technology portfolio, which has been identified as a key strategic

Read the full article here 24

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MAKE, MODEL, COLOUR RECOGNITION INTELLIGENT EDGE-BASED ANPR • Smart search (number plate, country, make, model, colour) • Vehicle type recognition: car, van, SUV, LCV, truck, bus, motorcycle • 70+ brands recognised, 600+ models • Road usage statistics in various display formats • Supports VMS integrations

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Secure Logiq and Milestone partner Secure Logiq has become a Milestone partner with management servers and client machines added to the Milestone Marketplace. The move further strengthens the relationship between the two manufacturers and enables Secure Logiq to support more Milestone projects. Milestone Marketplace is a unique digital platform designed to help the manufacturer’s XProtect users build their security system with complementary products. The searchable site highlights products from trusted technology and solution service partners to allow users to find and compare software and hardware to ultimately build compatible systems that will meet their security needs. Secure Logiq’s HPS-2U-U series high-performance server optimised for Milestone XProtect software became the first product to feature on the Marketplace. Taking advantage of Milestone’s NVIDIA GPU support for video

Read the full article here Digital Barriers wins Supplier of the Year award from Vodafone Digital Barriers has been named ‘Breakthrough Supplier of the Year 2021’ by Vodafone Group for its leading-edge video surveillance solutions. Digital Barriers delivers edge Al and IoT enabled video surveillance products and solutions and has a global go-to-market partnership with Vodafone Business to deliver to customers. The award was part of Vodafone’s 2021 supplier awards and recognises the partnership and cooperation between Digital Barriers, Tomorrow Street and Vodafone Procurement Company which has


supported Vodafone’s continuous drive for operating efficiency and delivering benefits to customers. The company will soon be launching CloudVis – a new cloud-based video surveillance as a service solution that will be world’s first cloud video security system that works in real-time, on any connection with any device, anywhere. The new service will be available through an exclusive, global, go-to market partnership

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Follow the Benchmark Social Channels Benchmark is the security solutions sector’s only magazine that targets system integrators and end users who are implementing bespoke and innovative solutions. Written to help those who are designing, specifying, installing and using best-of-breed systems, Benchmark content is available on all of the major social media platforms.

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HID launches LinTRAK XS transponder for textile items HID announced the release of LinTRAK XS, its extra small RFID UHF RAIN transponders designed for discreet insertion into small textile items. With this release, HID extends its LinTRAK ultra-high frequency (UHF) radiofrequency identification (RFID) tags for linen

management to include an extra small form factor option. The mini device is ideal for discreet attachment onto small textile products and personal clothing, such as nursing homes and care facilities’ resident wear as well as dry-cleaning applications. LinTRAK XS measures only 30 x 10 millimetres and consists of a soft and thin polyester label compliant with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Level 1.

Read the full article here Johnson Controls continues supporting social distancing


ohnson Controls has added enhanced video capabilities and deeper analytics to its Tyco American Dynamics victor and VideoEdge v5.7.1 video management platform as part of the latest software update. The latest software updates harness the power of in-demand technology, including analytics for social distancing detection combined with alerts, for when a violation occurs, and enhanced analytics to detect objects that linger along a perimeter for Intelligent Perimeter Protection. Featuring accelerated deployment, targeted analytics and optimised video management control, VideoEdge v5.7.1 now includes Intelligent Perimeter Protection alerts and new rules which allow


users to detect objects that linger along a perimeter for a specific period of time or cross perimeter lines to enter a protected area. The Perimeter Protection rule measures linger time in seconds; when an object stays in the subscribed area during the time frame or travels through the perimeter into the protected area an alert is

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The AI-fication of security cameras Deep learning technology can help future proof legacy in the CCTV environment. Cameras with embedded AI engines capable of deep learning analysis are much more powerful and deliver better results than standard CCTV solutions.


afety requirements are ever-evolving. Combining cameras with inbuilt processing power and a software development kit (SDK) makes more flexibility readily available. The client’s evolving needs can be rapidly addressed, and tailored solutions can be offered following business requirements. The need for flexible and intelligent security infrastructure is in constant evolution as businesses seek technology deployment to make their operations secure and more efficient. The amount of CCTV data generated can not be only handled by human capacities anymore, so we have to rely partially on technology and analyse security footage on an evidence basis. i-PRO network camera range with AI capabilities offers advanced analysis technology and secure technology using deep learning applications.

Video captured by a dedicated AI-featured iPRO network camera provides high-accuracy detection, identification and determination. The AI engine is capable of processing information instantly and also reducing the number of false alarm detection. To extend the capabilities of legacy security installations, the newly launch i-PRO EMEA company, recently announced the launch of its i-PRO multi-AI system, developed thanks to Panasonic’s heritage for more than 60 years. This system has been designed to harness the power of its latest AI cameras and applications, it integrates into existing CCTV infrastructures. The i-PRO multi-AI system plug-in software allows users to manage the AI analytics from multiple i-PRO cameras, alongside their Video Management System. It creates a faster, more efficient and accurate AI-powered security solution without compromising image quality or network performance. i-PRO Camera Application Platform is a program where applications developed by application partners can be installed and used with Panasonic’s network cameras (SDK available on request).

Data at the Edge Being able to ingest and analyse vast quantities of data rapidly is critical, but the capacity of current computing systems is limited. That’s where we have to venture into the Edge. Edge processing, which executes AI processing with high loads within a camera,

Read the full article online here 30