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Guard Tour Systems

Modern guard management systems can afford a higher degree of protection to on-site staff Two-way data Today’s solutions use a number of technologies, ranging from RFID readers through to GPS and wireless tracking systems. Such systems can still log the patrols of a manned presence, along with time-related data, which delivers two main benefits. Firstly, it allows a management company or the end user to be aware that the patrols have happened, and it also protects the guards should it be implied that they have somehow failed to carry out their duties. However, because the technologies can easily be integrated with other systems, it is simple to add an extra layer of functionality that not only allows a greater degree of personnel management, but also offers onsite staff a level of protection.

Tracking systems can be utilised to not only deliver real-time information on a guard’s whereabouts and his movements, but can also identify when an operative is immobile, which could be indicative of an injury or incident. Equally, as patrol patterns are assessed, any deviation from a prescribed route, or delay during a patrol, could be flagged as a potential source of concern. Where such a issue arises, the data can be shared with other systems to allow a response to be co-ordinated, and to allow support from other personnel. It is important that traditional guard tour mentality – a tool for checking on guards – does not allow some of the more positive benefits to be missed.

In summary Systems for guard management not only deliver performance guarantees, but can increase protection for personnel too. They should be considered as a part of the overall security solution.

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