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QR codes

Delivering Specifications

Benchmark is dedicated to supporting those making purchasing decisions about security solutions. To aid readers, Benchmark allows you to download, store or share specification sheets for products, from wherever you are, whenever you need them! By using QR codes, you can ‘grab’ the spec sheets fright off the pages of Benchmark, using any camera-enabled device such as a smartphone, a tablet or other mobile device. ll too often, you read about something that could be of use, whether it be a solution or a technology, and you make a mental note to find more out when you’re in front of your PC, or back in the office. Then, as the tribulations of the day unfold, the memory fades. When you need that information, you might have forgotten where you read it! Benchmark can help via the use of QR codes in the magazine. These can be read by any camera-equipped device that runs Apps, if a QR code reader is loaded. The software Apps to read the codes are widely available via the App Store or from Android marketplace, and are typically free-of-charge. All you need to do is ‘scan’ the code with the camera, and the data will be loaded to your phone, tablet or other device. The options are then to view the spec sheet, save it for later, email it (either to your PC or a colleague, or both) or to save the link to the download. QR Codes are increasing in popularity; they are appearing in a wide range of promotional materials. The codes that link to Benchmark material appear on editorial pages and have a yellow background. These will allow the download of PDF spec



sheets hosted by Benchmark. No information about you or your device is captured at all. This means that whether you are on site, on the way to a job, waiting for a delivery, at home, anywhere in fact, and are reading Benchmark, you can simply ‘grab’ the information for immediate or later use.

QR Code Readers There are a wide range of QR Code readers available. Many are free of charge, although this does mean that sometimes they carry adverts at the top of the screen! Simply search the Apple AppStore, the Android Marketplace or other outlet pertinent to your device. Once the App is loaded, hold the camera over the QR Code, and it will read the URL automatically. The App should then give a number of options such as Open URL, Save URL, Email URL, etc.. Benchmark QR Codes are the only ones that appear in editorial matter, and have yellow backgrounds. Benchmark cannot be responsible for the content of other QR Codes that appear in other materials such as advertisements.

Benchmark April 2013  

Benchmark April 2013