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May 2016

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May 2016

From the Editor’s desk... VOLUME 18, ISSUE 4 of 11 PUBLISHER/EDITOR John White PRODUCTION/CIRCULATION Tori Proudley ADMIN/SPECIAL EVENTS Donna White ADVERTISING/MARKETING John White Tori Proudley CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Dave Madill • Ben Proudley Scott Casey • Mel McConaghy Ed Murdoch • Colin Black Tamara Weston PHOTOGRAPHY David Benjatschek Brad Demelo HEAD OFFICE Ph: 604-580-2092 Fax: 604-580-2046 Toll Free: 1-800-331-8127 Published eleven times a year by Pro-Trucker Magazine Inc., The contents of this publication may not be reproduced by any means, in whole or in part, without prior written consent of the publisher. The advertiser agrees to protect the publisher against legal action based upon libelous or inaccurate statements; the unauthorized use of materials or photographs; and/or any other errors or omissions in connection with advertisements placed in Pro-Trucker Magazine. The publisher can and will refuse any advertising which in his opinion is misleading or in poor taste. The publisher does not endorse or make claim or guarantee the validity or accuracy of any advertisement herein contained. All materials submitted for publication are subject to editing at the publisher’s discretion. The act of mailing or e-mailing material shall be considered an expressed warranty by the contributor that the material is original and in no way an infringement on the rights of others.



Anyone who knows me knows how much I love humour and I try not to let the ridiculous side of political correctness dictate what makes me laugh. What I mean by ridiculous side of political correctness are ones that poke fun at people or races - as long as they are not told with malice and intend to hurt or seriously degrade or offend people. We all know the difference and it is not political correctness that stops us from telling that type of joke it is human decency and respect. Political correctness has grown out of control. I honestly John White can’t keep up with it and am often at a loss as to what terms I should be using when referring to someone of a different race, culture, or sexual orientation. I am English, Irish and Scots and I often joke that I can’t live with myself. I have an Irish friend who I always share Irish jokes with. These are often drinking jokes. He responds with the same and believe it or not he is an Irishman that seldom drinks. (That was humour for anyone wanting to climb down my throat over the comment.) My lovely wife Donna’s Grandmother, a wonderful lady who swung a mean cane, was a true Scot who lived up to the reputation of being overly frugal. Donna often tells the story of how her grandmother would re-use a tea bag until the water was almost clear so one day her and her sister collected some tea bags and hung them up on the clothes line then swiftly ducked granny’s cane when she saw them – great stuff – great story. I had a Science teacher when I went to high school in Edmonton who was a beautiful blond Ukrainian girl about 23 years old. I had her class for the first two periods every Monday morning and to show exactly how good looking this young lady was - very few of the guys in our class ever missed school on Monday morning. She was single and liked to party and for a good part of the first period she would tell us all the new Ukrainian jokes she heard over the weekend. She took great joy in laughing at her heritage and culture. I have two nephews and a brother-in-law who are ministers and thankfully open minded - I share religious jokes with them whenever I get the chance. Most of the religious leaning jokes I have run in Pro-Trucker came from them. If the joke pokes fun at a number of different people at the same time it is even better. Paddy was driving down the street in a sweat because he had an important meeting and couldn’t find a parking place. Looking up to heaven he said, “Lord take pity on me. If you find me a parking place I will go to Mass every Sunday for the rest of me life and give up me Irish Whiskey!’ Miraculously, a parking place appeared. Paddy looked up again and said, ‘Never mind, I found one.’ Humour you have to think about for a split second as it refers to something off the wall is great. I had the pleasure of getting a quick response from our May, Rig of the Month Driver, Mike Woodford, when telling him I would send him a bundle of this month’s magazines. He quickly replied, “that’s great, I need 5 copies for my mother.” (come on now – Dr. Hook? - The Cover of the Rolling Stone?)

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e Whit ine John Magaz

ker Truc ProJohn White

r Magazine Pro-Trucke

Hey John, I just had quick look at the new issue of your magazine. So for starters, you gave a very detailed and polite explanation of Calcium to the ranter. Not saying I like the crap either, but I’m old enough to recall the ill effects that salt had on cars out here in the west back when it was still used. I remember hearing many years ago that Japan had something much less corrosive to deal with ice on roads, but never heard anything since. I’d hazard a guess that it’s more costly than Calcium and also look at all the jobs and revenue we currently have here on the go by still using the nasty stuff mixed with sand. Here’s a perspective on paperless logs from a nontypical freight haulers perspective. In my previous line of work, hauling shacks, I would dread the mandatory use of e-logs. As a single truck owner operator in that line of specialized hauling, not having the ability to fudge the start of your day could have a seriously negative effect on income. In a perfect world, I’d love to see the day we

all could work strictly legal hours, stay working steady all year long and make a decent living. Who wouldn’t? Now the horrible reality check. That type of work is never steady all year long. In fact during recessions, like now, it’s downright slow. Then there’s the matter of rates that are always being beat down too damn low to make a decent buck if you don’t hustle when there is work. Feast or famine. On top of that we’re always being delayed and held up by either a disorganized shipper or an ill prepared receiver. Many other reasons holds you up, like the trailer isn’t out of shop yet, or it’s not accessible in the yard, or they decided they needed to scrounge up something extra to put on the gooseneck that they had forgot about and now needed to go find. Or the yard is drifted with snow,.. or is a total mud hole you can hardly move in. All the while, the people in suits, in the office, who hire us, expect us to show up at 8:00am to load and then get to site and unload by a certain prescribed time. Then at the destination, you typically are dealing with pretty much all the same crap. Forgot you were coming, site not ready, don’t have permits yet. And the kicker is, if you’re lucky, they want you back next morning at 8:00am to do it all over. Yay!!! So let’s say you’re up at some oil sands site where you slept over in truck and you’re supposed to get in and out first thing so you should be able to get back to Spruce Grove to reload by late afternoon and head back up. But,

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filed under progress. In any case, I decided I will drag the fifth wheel to the ATHS show in Salem with the old Hayes. And I won’t be using any kind of log book…lol ! Oh, by the way John, before anybody jumps to conclusions, and pipes up that I should have been charging hourly for the wasted time loading and unloading - I was doing that at least 90% of the time. Unfortunately a lot of the guys in that racket don’t. They keep caving in to the pressure to do the work on a per trip bid basis. I’m tempted to blame that trend on the ever growing number of “freight “ companies that keep trying to scab their way into different types of work they aren’t properly equipped to do. But to be honest, the cut throat low ball rate hacking scabby mentality has always been the same. And as long as trucking stays deregulated, stupidity will prevail. By the looks of it the Taxi industry may be next. Like I said before, the one percent need and want lots of dirty low paying jobs everywhere. Globalization requires it in order to be successful. Is that too deep ?? Ha ha - Later, Trevor Cameron. Spruce Grove, AB Editor’s note: Always a pleasure hearing from you Trevor. Whenever there is a slowdown in one part of any industry – not just trucking - out of desperation, people will migrate to other areas. Certain jobs may look easy but if you are going in green and undercutting someone



the client doesn’t send escort vehicle to come get you till 9:30 then coffee break hits before you’re unloaded which is another 20-30 minutes gone. And so it goes. Now you’re one guy with one truck and you need to be getting your ass back to reload and make another rounder, or somebody else will. Any trip you miss is money you won’t get a second chance to make, and it won’t wait till your log book says you’re good to go. Actually, I’d love to see e-logs become law as long as rates come up enough to offset the lost work. Always remember, if there is extra cost to clients, especially big guys like oil companies , they don’t eat them. They just hammer their customers harder. So that means along with everyone else, truckers could just look forward to even more expensive diesel. She’s a vicious circle, eh? And do you think for one second the disorganized shippers or receivers give a crap if a one man - one truck operator makes a living? Nope would be the correct answer. So then I guess technically we’re gonna need more trucks to do the same amount of work. So more jobs, yes. Notice I didn’t say “good paying” jobs. And I guess that also means more trucks out there burning fossil fuel and polluting the environment too. Ha ha !! That’s another B.S. topic I could write a whole article about. Bottom line is, the owner operator will be squeezed ever closer to extinction. I guess that can be


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that has been doing that job for years, and knows all the the E-Logs. The U.S. is mandating the use of electronic logging tricks of the trade, you are just asking for trouble. As you have said before it takes 10 seconds to drop a rate devices (called E-logs). They announced the new rule on December 10, 2015, with a two year phase in period and 10 years to get it back. until December 18, 2017. The result is those truck drivers who are doing Editor’s note: Rumours have been circulating for years about electronic log books and everyone seems to have business in the U.S. (B.C. trucking companies operating a different opinion. Getting good information on what, if into the U.S.) will need to comply with the U.S. standard anything, Canada has planned has been difficult to say and use electronic logging devices. No decision has the least. Here is the response I got when I contacted been made yet whether to follow suit in Canada or in B.C. the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. Please let me know if you have any further questions. Kate Mukasa | Public Affairs Officer Hi John, Please see below the response to your inquiry about Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

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Hi There, My name is Aaron Arnason and I felt like I should share something dear to me. I live in Winnipeg and have driven many different types of trucks over the years. The jobs I’ve had have kept me away from family, friends and many important and special events in my life. I know every driver has felt and bared these things. I would have given anything to have been there for my kids first words and steps. It was these things in life that inspired me to have this special piece made. The artist that made it “Reid Bricker” was a good friend of mine. He suffered from depression. Recently

he had been in the news about attempting to take his life, then saved only to be released and then disappear again the following day. We all fear the worst but hope still for his safe return. But his story makes this sculpture all that more amazing and ring true for all that are a gone for long periods of time and miss out on life’s small moments of joy. I decided I wanted a piece to be made that reflects how I feel. I took self-notice that I found myself with my elbow on either the window ledge or the wheel with my hand against my head lost and deep in thought wishing things could be slightly different. But without my job and self-sacrifice the ones I love would not be fed and sheltered. Upon this realization I began to look at other drivers and found them doing the same. So I decided to call it exactly how I would say it to my family. “I’m sorry but the road calls”. T h e s e words were captured in stone by this a ma z i ng young artist. It means so much more to me now that my dear

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friend is missing. My hope is that more people realize the sacrifices people make by doing the jobs they do and love to provide for themselves and the ones they love. And also for those people who suffer from depression. Especially the ones who suffer in silence and are at risk to themselves. They show the signs we may just not pick up on it. Thank you for reading this. I enjoy reading the magazine and it’s stories. Keep up the good work entertaining and uniting us behind the wheel. Sincerely, Aaron Arnason. Editor’s note: I’m sure every trucker out there can relate to both the sculpture and words Aaron. I hope your friend finds his way back. John, In an effort to avoid a brain aneurism I shall now present my bullet point rant on Lower Mainland traffic: 1. One and one. Zipper technique. It’s not just courteous, it’s the law. Stop merging like an idiot. 2. That little stick thingy to the left of the steering thingy is called an indicator. Use it or stay home! 3. Speeding ahead of congestion to gain two places in the line slows the whole process down. You are a virus.

And you suck. 4. That N stuck to your car does not stand for NASCAR. Slow down you moron or I will put you over my knee and teach you some manners! ...there’s more. However I will now open the floor to anyone who would like to add to the list...aaaaaand go: Aaron Willms, North Vancouver Editor’s note: Sounds like a challenge to our readers – I like it.


By Scott Casey Scott, our Rig of The Month for May 2003 has written “In the Devil’s Courthouse” a book about his years as a gun toting truck driver while serving as a Canadian Peacekeeper in the former Yugoslavia

The Bottom Line When someone sets out on a business venture, they do so with the full intention of succeeding. It all begins with a dream. Following along with the dream, a business plan is created, which has all the necessary focuses that will help forecast highs and lows as well as other projections. The beauty of a business plan is that the basic model is transportable from one business dream to another.


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There are factors that will decide whether your business will fail or succeed and they will be steadfast in their nature. There will be variables but it is those solid factors that can determine success. An example of a few of those, if you were intent on building a trucking company let’s say, wages, fuel, tires, insurance, and maintenance. Each of those as I referred to earlier are steadfast factors. Even though each will be variable to a degree throughout the year, they are costs that must be allotted for each month. When producing the business plan each of those will have a percentage of cost in your hypothetical pie chart. Variable costs could be noted as, permits, parking fees, equipment depreciation and so on. Then of course there are the incoming factors, such as haulage rates, fuel surcharges, and bonuses which are also variable. With those and more contributors taken into consideration the business is set into motion. A tractor and possibly a trailer are purchased, insured and the necessary paperwork details are finalized and away you go trucking. But then, you hit a small snag and the next thing you know you are starting to fall behind. Bills are piling up and you seem to be working longer hours. The focus is placed on doing more. Scraping up every extra load you can in a fevered attempt to shoulder the business woes. Driving faster, working longer hours, maybe even going so far as to add a spare driver for the two days you try to take off every 14. The truck never stops. But still you can’t make ends meet.


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One thing I learned during my trucking life was this, “If you aren’t making it on 10 loads, you aren’t going to make it on 11.” The key is not how much money you make. It’s how much money is left over. All too often owners focus on working harder and not smarter. If you can’t negotiate higher rates, (and believe me I know the undercutting antics that go on), then you have to either choose to move on or find clever ways to cut costs. Driving faster to haul more loads only costs more in fuel. Proper shifting is one of the biggest ways to save fuel. Getting your truck into the big gear sooner and cruising at a decent speed will save money. When you slow down you save on tire wear. Employing a proactive preventative maintenance program will also see to it that you don’t nickel and dime yourself out of a job. The bottom line is, as I said, “If you aren’t making it hauling 10 loads, you sure as hell aren’t going to make it hauling 11.” ***** An older gentleman asked his Dr, “How do you know when someone should be put in an old age home?” “Well,” he said, “we fill up a bathtub, then we offer them a teaspoon, a teacup and a bucket to empty the bathtub.” “Oh,” the gentleman said. “A normal person would use the bucket because it is bigger than the spoon or the teacup.” “No” he said. “A normal person would pull the plug. Do you want a bed near the window?” 

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Colin Black lives in Bellshill, Lanarkshire, Scotland and has been driving truck for over 40 years. His story shows us once again that the problems drivers face are universal.

Young Blood When I read the March issue of Pro-Trucker with the story about Rig of the Month driver, Iain Richmond, it brought back some memories. Before moving to Canada he grew up in south west Scotland, the Dumfries, Ayrshire area. As we all know growing up around trucks, getting educated by watching experienced older men, and tagging along on trips, is an ideal way to learn the business. He mentions learning how to tie a three loop knot, and in these days of ratchet straps and curtainsiders it’s a skill that a lot of modern drivers haven’t mastered. Over here most guys call it a dolly, and to see it done with one hand still impresses me. When I worked for Lep International at Glasgow Airport, a company called Southern Transport from Symington got the contract when Lep decided to subcontract their transport. It was an old Ayrshire family firm run by John Patterson who took over the reins from his father. If you

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didn’t know he was the boss anybody walking in off the street would’ve taken him for a driver/mechanic/handyman. He was a man who would do whatever it took to keep the wheels of his trucks turning, and you can’t do that dressed in a suit, shirt and tie. The company had a varied general haulage range of contracts with a lot of their work involving deliveries to London and surrounding areas. They even had an office down there to arrange return loads for their men. Now that Southern Transport had the contract for the day to day running of the trucks, Lep started to give them more work running trailer loads of air freight exports to London Heathrow. As Lep didn’t have any trailers of their own at the airport, it made sense if there was a full load from Polaroid or IBM to put it on the trailer that would take it south. But gradually the men could see all their old work disappearing and more work coming from Lep. Although they were still kept busy, most of the drivers thought it was a bad idea to be dependent on one contract for the bulk of the firms’ income. Most of the drivers had worked for John Patterson’s father, and were hard working, loyal men, who were not afraid to let him know they thought it was a bad idea to put all your eggs in one Lep basket. Things came to a head one day in the office when tempers flared and a fight broke out, a driver called Albert threw a few punches, but John was a big man and held his own till other drivers broke up the fight. There were no cops involved, no charges brought, and Albert moved on to pastures new. But as is the case with bad blood sometimes, what were assumed to be revenge vandalism attacks started happening. When a couple of the trucks ground to a halt out on the road it was discovered they had sugar in the diesel tanks. The Symington yard was not the most secure place so it would be easy enough to get in at night and sugar a couple of tanks. That was a messy, costly situation to put right, but at least it only cost the company money. When the cops and the Driver Vehicle Agency came in one day and sealed the yard and offices after an “anonymous” tip off, it cost everybody money, drivers,




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office staff and the company. This was many years ago when it was accepted as part of the job to work as long as it took to get the job done, you were paid by the hour, so the more hours you worked the more money you made. All company records going back months were seized, driver’s hours, driver’s wages, and anything else that was thought to be relevant. It was the time of the tachograph discs, so when the finishing mileage on one card didn’t match up to the next card’s starting mileage for a driver, the cops and DVA wanted to know where the missing hundreds of miles were. Of course the card with the corresponding mileage was long gone, when time ran out most of the drivers just put a new card in with another name on it, anything to get the job done.

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It was never proven that Albert was behind the tip off, but if it was I can’t understand how a man could be so angry as to cost his workmates hundreds of pounds in fines when he’d been doing the same thing himself.


By Ed Murdoch

Ed has held a commercial drivers license for 65 years and has spent the better part of 50 years on the road. You can get Ed’s new book at Is it just me or has it occurred to anyone else that there are frequent incidents involving semis and other vehicles hauling hay every year? I have witnessed several myself over the years and heard and read about many more. Maybe it’s partly because often there are vestiges of this cargo strewn about the roadway when this commodity is on the move. I admit barnyard fodder might not be the easiest cargo to get from point A to points B and/ or C nor would it be easy to tie down anything organic that is constantly changing shape and presenting nothing substantial to hang a chain or secure a belt to. Many years ago, I was motivating west bound, fully loaded, along the Trans-Canada Highway in Saskatchewan, Hwy 1 at that time was still just two

lanes with paved shoulders. It was at night, which is when I enjoyed driving as a younger version of myself and I was probably listening to George Jones on the 8 track stereo or some other artist no longer with us, who was called upon to keep me alert. There wasn’t much traffic on this particular night but off in the distance I did see headlights coming toward me and as they got closer realized that it was another semi but I also noticed a cascade of random sparks keeping pace with this unit and coming directly at me in my lane! I was piloting a cabover International, most tractors in that era being COEs in order to comply with the restrictive legal length limits. I slowed quite a bit and pulled over onto the paved shoulder to allow for more clearance, which was a very prudent choice or I might not have been around to scribble this piece of memorabilia. As the tractor and flat deck passed I saw that it was loaded with large round bales of hay and there was a long chain which had broken or come detached from the right side and was flailing about the road surface where I would have been had I not been on the shoulder. There was also a gap in the load where that chain would have been restraining a few bales for which I was now on the lookout. I hooted and hollered on the CB radio to no avail, the driver quite possibly having his stereo cranked up to help him cover the miles too or else he was napping. I had to stop at the next phone booth, today an


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endangered species, and call the RCMP but sure enough before I stopped I encountered a mountainous heap of hay right in the middle of the road. I have no knowledge of the ‘rest of the story’ but I certainly hoped that there were no injuries or property damage that night as a result of this situation. In today’s trucking environment straps would replace any chains used for this purpose but I still believe that hay and the like ought to be required to be tarped on an open trailer in order to help prevent such incidents. A few years later, during the drought in 1988, we hauled the only load of hay ever to sit on one of my rigs from south-western Ontario to a ranch in Manitoba. Our trailer was equipped with a side kit complete with short tarp to hold down our precious cargo of square bales, which I would assume are much easier to secure than the round ones. Having been raised on a farm I really don’t understand the need for round bales which are sometimes difficult to control. The cousin of a friend of mine was transferring a large round bale using a forklift but when he lifted the forks, the bale rolled over the tractor and crushed him in his seat. He did not survive. Recently a southbound semi hauling hay to an unknown destination likely in upstate Washington was struck headon by a northbound four-wheeler a few miles from our home in the interior of BC. The late model KW was severely damaged and the driver of the personal vehicle died at the scene. This occurred at a notorious sharp cor-


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ner where there have been many fender benders over the years so in this case I do not think the hay was to blame. Curious, I did a little research on the internet and came across a bunch of mishaps involving the movement of this product, and while I don’t wish to cast aspersions upon any demographic it did fleetingly occur to me that perhaps there is an element of inexperience involved here assuming that many of the trucks and drivers are not regular long-haul operators but farm owners or employees who only activate their often aging trucks and trailers on an infrequent basis. Notwithstanding this entirely unproven hypothesis, it is I think in everyone’s best interest to understand the characteristics of every type of cargo and secure it accordingly in order to avoid an event that might cause grief somewhere along the line. About the same time as the earlier event I picked up a load of paper rolls from the mill in Dryden, Ontario to go to Toronto and it necessitated double decking several rolls on their sides. I begged the loader to stand them up but he said they always shipped them like that and never had a problem. Well there’s always a first time but for what good reason did it have to involve me? Halfway home a four wheeler performed a no-no in front of me requiring a panic application of the brakes and wouldn’t you know it the front roll broke away and struck the front of the trailer creating a bubble where there wasn’t one a few minutes earlier … sighhhh! Case closed. 

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“Advanced Fleet has been doing all our mechanical work for several years now. They are very responsive and make every effort to get the job done right and quickly. Having our units down is costly and affects all aspects from our driver to our customers so having a reliable company is imperative to our business. The personnel that we deal with are always helpful and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done.” - Rob Coghill, Manitoulin Transport We are a Licensed Commercial Vehicle Inspection Facility

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thank you to those who make the miles count Siemens Transportation Group Inc.

Our Employees and Contractors are our best asset. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our staff on receiving Safe Driving and Health and Safety Awards. In honour of North American Occupational Health and Safety Week, we would like to extend a Thank You to our Employees and Contractors for making safety the number one priority. It is the policy of Siemens Transportation Group Inc. to perform work in the safest manner possible. As a company, we strive to raise health and safety awareness by educating our Employees and Contractors through our top quality health and safety program.


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Rig of the Month by John White

Cover and above photos by: Brad DeMelo Hello, my name is Mike Woodford and I’m a chroma- young lad I did all the typical kid stuff – I built tree forts, holic… rode my bike, and got into trouble. My Dad was the genI was born and raised in Prince George, BC and as a eral manager at a cleaning supply company and my Mom




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worked at various places while raising me and my older sister Jamie. Mom and Dad still live in Prince George and my sister Jamie, who is four years older than me, now lives in Calgary with her husband Jonathan. It’s funny how some of the things that you remember from when you were a kid just seem to stick with you through the years. When I was four years old, my Dad’s Grandmother, Great Grandma Dow, gave me a picture of a 1986 Peterbilt 359, it was a beautiful truck, and I still have that picture today. That picture had a profound effect on me and from the very day she gave it to me I’ve had a love for Peterbilt trucks, especially the 379. Over the years that love turned into a passion for trucks and trucking. There is just something about those big wheels rolling down the highway and the rumble of an engine that excites me to this day. My dad never drove truck but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a lot of other family members who influenced me in that way. My Uncle Jim drove logging truck out of Prince George and my Uncle Dennis hauled gravel in the summer

and drove logger during the winter months out of P.G as well. I have many fond memories of riding along with Uncle Dennis during Christmas and summer holidays and I can close my eyes and still remember the sound and smell of his truck to this day. They were not the only ones who drove, my Grampa Bud on my dad’s side drove trucks and greyhound buses for well over 30 years. In the summer my family and I would make an annual holiday drive to Chilliwack to visit my Grandparents. The part I liked the best about those trips was traveling through the Fraser Canyon. The country around Prince George is relatively flat so I found the mountains and drop offs of the canyon amazing. I especially liked going through all the tunnels. China Bar, Ferrabee, Hell’s Gate, Alexandra, Sailor Bar, Saddle Rock and Yale - I memorized them when I was very young and would call out their names as we came to them. That highway is still a favourite of mine to run. In high school I did work experience in the Western Star

Mike Woodford


Fast Approved Owner Operator Teams and Singles Needed Revenue and Mileage Fleet Available Competitive Rates • Consistent Lanes • Discounted Fuel

Caneda Transpor t Inc.

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and Peterbilt truck dealership shops with the idea of one day becoming a mechanic. I worked in the shops for 3 weeks at a time and ended up putting in a total of 387 hours. When I turned 16 I started working in my Uncle Dennis’ shop on the weekends, washing and greasing the trucks and trailers, fixing what I could and generally getting in the way. When I got out of school I went to work full time in bigger shops, first for A&K Mcpherson and then Morgan Bros. Both of these companies were loggers. I soon found out that I didn’t like being in one place all day. I didn’t know it at the time but looking back I guess what I was really craving was an open road with a mission. The first big truck I rode in was a red and white COE International of Ted Doyle Trucking. What a beauty it was I was hooked! My mom’s best friend’s stepdad is Ted Doyle and she knew how much I loved trucks so she talked to him and he arranged for me to go for a ride. It was an amazing day hauling lumber from Clear Lake Sawmill to CN’s reloads in Prince George. Shortly after high school I got a job driving a 5 – ton doing P&D work around Prince George for Overland Freight. After a while I started running to Dawson Creek traveling through the Pine Pass every night. I loved the job because I never knew what I would be hauling as it was different every day. It was a small truck but good experience for me and definitely a good way to start out in the industry. That being said I was itching to get into the bigger and better trucks. I used to sit at the Husky Truck Stop south

of town, while waiting for calls, and watch all the trucks heading out for parts unknown, all the time daydreaming about when I would own my own truck. The first long hood Pete I ever drove was Ron Stokes Copper 379 Legacy, I’ll never forget it. We were at his shop in town and he was waiting for his wife to pick him up when he threw me the keys and said, “Let’s go for a drive.” I was shocked but didn’t hesitate in case he changed his mind. We did a loop up the Hart Highway then left down foothills and back to the shop on the Hart. When I was 23 I challenged my Class 1 road test and passed. My Uncle Dennis, who has been driving for 23 odd years, taught me how to drive by taking me around town in his gravel truck. One day he surprised me by taking me up Connaught hill with a full load on and having me stop half way up so that I could learn how to start on a hill. Connaught hill is pretty steep but it was all good as the shifting technique that he taught me back then has got me out of a lot of trouble and served me well in the bush. My next challenge was getting a job but since I didn’t have any experience I kept hearing the same old line, that I’ve read in Pro-Trucker that other new truckers have also heard many times, “Come back when you’ve learned how to drive.” After what seemed like a never ending search I found a job with Giscome Contracting, driving an old Mack dump truck hauling snow. It was a pretty rough riding truck and had seen better days but I was in love. When I was first


West Coast Singles wanted for BC-CA lane and USA West Coast Teams for dedicated BC-ON lane We Offer • Paid Insurance, Plates & Licensing • Great Pay Package • Fuel Subsidy Program • Direct Deposit on the 15th & End Of Each Month Contact Dave Holyoke • 604-417-4403 PAGE 24

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Pro- Trucker Magazine's

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Big Rig Show N Shine INDUSTRY Trade Booths Best Lights Competition Live Entertainment oor d t Ou vies mo

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lf ns o G o o i l Min Bal ore! &M

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went to see him for an interview he asked me how much experience I had and I told him I had only done a few hours driving around town and basically learning how to shift. He was very understanding and said that he appreciated my honesty but he needed someone who had some experience. Then about a month later he needed someone in a hurry so he called me. Later that winter my Uncle Jim put in a word for me at Coyote Transport where he worked. (Thanks Uncle Jim). I drove a Western Star with a 500 cat and a rubber block suspension and it was just a real tough tank of a truck. Nothing stopped it or slowed it down. I hauled tree length logs into the now shut down Canfor Clearlake Sawmill. We loaded 50 miles out the Blackwater road and it took us about 4 hours for a rounder. It was quite the run as we had to make 8 different channel changes on the road and then a 9th for the mill. They were all over length off highway loads so we had to take a private road that by-passed the highway when we came in loaded. After break up I went to work for Burke Purden Enterprises where we hauled on the Alaska Highway from Fort Nelson to Ft St John. Later I came back to Prince George and hauled all over the local area, Leo Creek, the Buckhorn, Bear Lake and out the Bowron to name a few. It is amazing how hunters and tourists take their lives in their hands by traveling on radio controlled logging roads. For some reason when they get off the highway they go into a daze. They think that they are totally safe and alone out


Marilyn has over 25 years experience in providing insurance for Owner Operators & fleet transport companies operating in Canada & the U.S.A.

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there. One time I came around a corner to find a couple hunters or tourists parked in the middle of the road having a B.S. session. I managed to stop in time but I’ll never forget the look on their faces when they saw me coming. I doubt very much if they will ever be that careless again. Another time I came around a narrow corner to find 2 hikers on the road. I never did figure out what 2 people were doing hiking on a radio controlled logging road. One of the scariest incidents was the time a guy on a dirt bike passed me from behind. The dust my truck was raising was so thick I couldn’t see back past my 2nd bundle let alone my trailers when this idiot came out of nowhere. I had absolutely no idea he was there and never saw him until he was suddenly right beside my cab. He must have been getting peppered with gravel and bark but worse than that he couldn’t possibly have been able to see anything in front of him when he was passing me. He easily could have wound up as road kill on someone’s bumper or just run off the road while blinded by the dust if I happened to be going into a corner at the time he decided to take his life in his hands. My favourite place to haul logs was on Vancouver Island. I stayed in Campbell River and hauled from both Port Alice and Port McNeil. The scenery was terrific and the roads unbelievably steep. There is some steep country around the Prince George area but nothing compared to Vancouver Island. It was a short but sweet job. I enjoyed working near the ocean, it is such beautiful country, I feel fortunate to have been able to spend some time there both for the scenery and to see what the coastal loggers have to deal with. When I was 25 years old and working for J.V. Logging I saw a real gem of a truck at Inland “The old Western Star that Kenwor th in Quesnel. She was I drove at Coyote Transport worn out, dirty and was my first love, but that in rough shape but boy was I in love. Peterbilt of mine was the one I stopped in and I took home and introduced talked to the salesto Mom and Dad.” man and drove it home that weekend. That is the truck I have today, a 1996 Peterbilt 379L, 3406E Cat, 18 speed and 3.90 rears. It’s about 80% rebuilt and proof that dreams do come true. On my 26th birthday I made my last payment then that fall I leased on with Salt Spring Freight hauling all over B.C. and Alberta. Mostly pin to pin general freight – whatever would fit in the box. The old Western Star that I drove at Coyote Transport was my first love, but that Peterbilt of mine was the one I took home and introduced to Mom and Dad. With things being slow I still haul logs to pay the bills. I love the challenge that logging has to offer, steep country, big loads and long hours, it’s quite a rush at times. Load her up, hammer down to the mill, reload the trailer and go again. The highway is another love of mine. Set cruise, windows down, tunes up, tires howl, mud flaps sail; following that hood and chasing that feeling. (Right Dean Griffin?) I realize the D.O.T. have a job to do like the rest of us

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My name is Harold, I am the President and Marketing Manager for Forte Western Canada. There is still an overwhelming amount of distrust between consumers and the additive business. Perhaps even more now than ever, due to the gimmicks that have arisen since sulphur was taken out of diesel fuel. This is such a problem that it can even prevent consumers from doing an evaluation of something that could be the very solution they’re looking for.

When we say that commercial truckers are saving $10,000.00 per year, per truck, or that you can clean a DPF to like new for under $100, it is because we are achieving it. You don’t have to believe that, in fact we are not expecting you to believe it - we are simply asking you to do an evaluation for yourself. In fact, we are asking even less than that - all we are asking you to do is to go to our website www. and view our Technical Training Presentation. In other words, I am asking if 20 minutes of your time is worth saving $10,000.00? We are trying to help you, by bringing honesty back into the chemical discussion. I am going to share with you, an honest conversation I had yesterday (April 23, 2016) with one of our Forte customers. Keep in mind, that all Forte testimonials are unsolicited and given freely. In most cases, our customers prefer to remain anonymous, as is the case with this particular customer. This is from Randy, a large, independent, Canadian farmer. “This story happened over a two week period in April of 2016. We purchased a used, 2006 STX480 Case IH Steiger. I have been using Forte for about 5 years now, and getting positive results on several different types of equipment, so I began treating the fuel on this tractor with Diesel Booster. The first time we used it was to pull 65 feet of Kelly diamond disc harrows, to work 6,000 acres of our land. All the land was the same and we received no rain in our area that month, so moisture had no effect on fuel consumption. This engine is pre-emissions, so it has no DPF. The first thing I noticed when we started it up was that at 1100 rpm it had a constant haze of black smoke. After the first tank of Forte treated fuel, the smoke was gone, and now you can’t even get it to smoke when you shift gears. Then I noticed the GPH (gallons per hour) and GPA (gallons per acre) of fuel going down. I’ve been farming for 25 years, and I have never seen fuel consumption improve on a 10 year old piece of used equipment. This is going to sound excessive and it even exceeds Forte’s claim to improve fuel economy, but I’m telling you, this is what happened. The tractor had 1800 hours on the engine when we started on this 6,000 acres, and 1908 when we finished. Any farmer knows that you cannot adjust the height on the Kelly harrows - it just digs itself in and is what it is - it’s like pulling absolute dead weight. In that 108 hours of operation, I watched the fuel economy get better and better with each hour of operation. It went from 22 GPH (1.8 GPA) to 15 GPH (0.8 GPA). UNBELIEVABLE! I have recommended Forte fuel and oil products to lots of my friends, and they are all seeing positive results. I have gone through the chemical training on their website and now I understand how and why this happens.”

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and it is good that they are there to take the junk off the highway. I realize they don’t make the laws but whether they agree with them or not their job requires that they enforce them all. That being said you would think the lawmakers would figure out that there are a lot bigger fish to fry out there than straight pipes or coloured breather lights. I’ve never seen those things cause a wreck. Wheels falling off, insecure loads and trucks with half the brakes out - they are the real problem. One trip south of Quesnel there was a tow truck assisting a broken down car. I slowed to 70 and moved over. Once I passed I carried on my way. The driver seemed surprised and even gave me a thumbs up. I don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to slow down. Why does someone need to be killed to make it a law? Sure, in some situations you are in a bad spot but as a driver, car, pickup or a large truck it is your responsibility to expect the unexpected. If I had advice to someone starting out I would have to say that with hard work and perseverance as well as not taking no for an answer will always serve you well. Most importantly is listen to the old boys as their advice and knowledge is priceless. There is a ton of knowledge out

“Anyone can drive a truck but to drive one professionally and safely takes a whole other breed.”

there, all you have to do is ask. My Uncle Jim, Grampa Ted, Uncle Dennis were always there for me with that advice and just saying thanks doesn’t seem to be enough for the help that they gave me, not just while I was getting started but all along the way. One thing I will never forget is something Uncle Dennis once told me. He said, “Anyone can drive a truck but to drive one professionally and safely takes a whole other breed.” I think that the Class 1 testing should be harder. It seems the easier that trucks are to drive, the easier the test is to pass, and the more our industry gets a slap in the face. To start with, chaining up should definitely be part of the test for anyone in British Columbia and or anyone hauling here! I love going to the show and shines every year where I meet and make new friends and of course get to see all the ever changing sweet rides. I’ve met a lot of people on this roller coaster we call life, most good and some not but either way I say thank you. You all made me work so much harder. Thanks to those who were there when I needed parts or a helping hand or even a ride home. Your advice did not go unheard, or unheeded like when Uncle Dennis and I and about 1000 mosquitos changed a turbo on the side of the highway and many other times and friends too numerous to mention – you know who you are - I’ll never forget it. A special thanks to Ron Stokes for helping me find my way around Alberta and to Mom, Dad and Jamie, for your never ending support and occasional kick in the arse. I love you guys. 

TRUCK, TRAILER AND HEAVY EQUIPMENT LEASING & FINANCING ...for new and used trucks of all ages across Canada. Looking to buy from a Dealer, Privately and or Auctions? - We can have you approved the same day!


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We are TRANSAM strongly committed toAN providing environment that is free from CARRIERS IS EQUAL an OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER harassment and discrimination, we are an equal opportunity and equal access employer We are strongly committed to providing an environment that is free from fully committed to achieving a diverse workforce. harassment and discrimination, we are an equal opportunity and equal access employer fully committed to achieving a diverse workforce.

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By Dave Madill Dave was Pro-Trucker Magazine’s Rig of the Month in June of 2001 Close Call It was one of those days where everything was going perfect, light traffic, sunny skies, dry roads, and a nice low load of forty foot beams tied down on a 45 foot trailer. This was my second load with my brand new truck - what could possibly go wrong? I was cruising along Highway 1, just about where the new scale at Golden BC is now located, when I saw a car coming towards me with what looked like something black, (a branch or a pipe?) sticking out of the rear window on the driver’s side of the car. Then I saw two blossoms of flame come from end of the “stick/pipe”, and heard the cracks of something hitting my truck. Now I am ex-service and it only took a second to realize that someone had just taken a couple of shots at me and had actually hit my truck. What I had originally thought was a pipe was a gun barrel. I was doing about 60mph and I suppose the car had been doing about the same so the closing speed was quick. I grabbed the wheel as tight as possible and got a quick look

Photo by Hank Suderman at the car as it passed by – it was a late model 4 door, dark blue, possibly a Chevy - and then watched it in my mirror to make sure it wasn’t going to turn around and chase me. As the car disappeared I did a quick scan of the gauges to make sure everything was fine with my truck and then gave the wheel a little wiggle to make sure steering was also good. Everything seemed to be okay with the truck and the car kept going so I figured it would not be wise to pull over in case they came back so I continued down the road to the diner at the west side of town. I pulled into the lot and then jumped out and quickly walked around my truck to find a real nice dent with what looked to be splat-

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ter around it on the side of my nice new shiny bumper. I quickly headed into the diner, called 911 and reported it to the local RCMP. I never did find out why it took the police over a half hour to get to the diner but as I sat there the gravity of the situation had taken hold. I was concerned that whoever took a couple pot shots at me might have better luck somewhere else down the road. When the police finally arrived we did a further inspection of the truck. I told them I was sure there was two shots and after much searching we found that my right steer tire had a chunk the size of a quarter taken out of the outside where the first round had hit on an angle, tearing into the first tread line then out through the side. By now I was really mad. These were brand new tires on my brand new truck and some idiot had just tried to wreck me by shooting out my steer tire. Needless to say my day was ended. I had to sit there at the diner until a forensic cop from Kamloops showed up and then I had to buy a new tire as mine had to go in for “evidence”. A scraping of the bumper revealed copper jacket and lead splatters. I was thankful they didn’t want my bumper but they took a lot of pictures. I ended up going back down the highway with them to where I figured it happened but there was no trace of the bullets so I imagine they went somewhere into the bush or ditch. The next few days went by and I delivered my load

NEW Extended Hours Mon-Fri 8 am- Midnight • Sat 8 am- 5pm in Ontario, reloaded and then headed back. I stopped at Golden to talk to the police but no one had been found and I doubt that they ever will unless they try the same stunt again and get caught. No other trucks were shot at in the area and the cops figured it could had been some idiot from a lower mainland gang that was coming back from a drug run to Calgary and had decided to shoot at a truck to see if they could cause an accident. It was just after this that John took the pictures of my truck for the magazine and I don’t think he even noticed the little dent in the bumper but I have enclosed a picture that was taken at one of the truck shows where you can still notice the dent just between and to the left of the right bumper bolts. 


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Sgt. Mark Whitworth

fragile life can be. I also thought it may be of interest to some of you to read a bit about our profession and maybe even dispel a few misconceptions. I would like to share my perspective on policing from my 23 years of experience and will try to remain impartial (slightly challenging after so many years) to provide an accurate account of what we do. Police officers tend to have a strong desire to help others and many pursue this profession for that very reason. We move toward trouble in an instant, keeping in mind our own safety, and attempt to resolve conflict, while addressing threats to public safety. Officers are given the necessary tools, knowledge, skills, and support to ensure we remain effective at serving the public and




SHOP TOLL FREE: 1-800-661-5662 24 HOUR DISPATCH: 604-468-2566


Serving the Lower Mainland For Over 30 Years


Recently, one of our members was killed in the line of duty on Vancouver Island. Constable Sarah Beckett was 32 years of age, she was a mother, wife, sister, and daughter. Her Regimental Funeral Service was attended by thousands which exemplified the kind of person she was and the type of police officer she had become. It is tragic when any life is lost unexpectedly and no life is more or less important than another. Over the years, I have experienced loss of colleagues on a number of occasions and each time it causes me to look at what we do and realize that this could have been any one of us. Sarah’s loss was particularly difficult for me as I was her first supervisor when she started with the RCMP, for nearly three years, and many fond memories were developed during that time. I could relate closely to the way she performed her duties and that perhaps I had some influence on the way she did her job. Likely, something anyone who has trained or coached a new employee in their respective workplace could imagine. With Sarah’s loss, I reflected on the job we do and how


The Bear’s View




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KEEP YOUR RIG ROLLING WITH A COASTLINE REMAN We Stock Over 100 New and Remanufactured Transmissions and Differentials

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Custom Fabrication • Servicing Available Power Tailgate • Roll Doors Nothing too big or small. We can handle all your trailer needs!

#103 - 20086 92A Ave. , L a ngley, B C

Tel: 604-371-4884

in fo @ t i m s t r a i l e r re p a i r. c o m on-going training keeps us current with changes within society. While responding to the needs of society as public servants and authority figures, we are constantly scrutinized by the media and other sources. Although reports can be biased or even incorrect, we continue to move forward with this, for the most part, constructive feedback. Critics are quick to highlight shortcomings and respond to partial information at times, however, it is important that we are transparent and accountable. Despite this aspect of policing we remain focussed on our jobs. It is also important to state that there have been wrong doings by a few members over the years that deserve attention and a fair assessment - police officers expect to be held accountable and must set examples for

others to follow. There are many satisfying moments and occasions, too many to list, that have occurred over the years that include working closely with youth, solving crimes that impacted others, ensuring the safe movement of road users, and being able to answer questions from concerned citizens – which we often do, taking calls at home during time off, particularly in smaller communities. Like many of you, our professions are embedded in who we are and our thoughts about getting the job done right aren’t restricted by the hours we are paid to work. I believe that a few extra hours of our own time improves the enjoyment of our job and makes us better at what we do. It is not realistic for everyone to put in extra time but many of us do – not unlike many of you. Constable Sarah Beckett was one of these members and will be sadly missed by everyone who knew her and even more unfortunate for those who had not yet had the opportunity to meet this vibrant and caring person. 

JACKSON CORPORATEFuelCONSULTING LTD. Tax, PST, Excise Tax Refunds d s n f u o f r e t R h x e a T T r u d e c z k i i l n a i g c I e n p d S u f stry since 1985 o n o i t a r a p rP e Call us to discuss possible refunds if your company is involved in any of the following:

• Prorated (IFTA) highway hauling • Off highway servicing to oil and gas drilling operations • Off highway log hauling • The operation of engine mounted PTOs

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EGR Cooler ● Replacement OE Exhaust gas coolers ● 304 Stainless Steel construction ● Improved exhaust flow results in cooler running engines

ISX Holset replacement turbocharger ● Low cost, low maintenance turbo ● 360 thrust & oil grooved journal bearings ● Current compressor wheel technology ● Stock Holset units also repaired

BD ISX Exhaust Manifold ● Replacement used with Borg Warner turbocharger ● 3 piece expansion T6 Pulse manifold ● Thick walled durable high silicone ductile iron casting ● Allows for heat expansion and no cracking or leaks


MAy 2016

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By Mel McConaghy

Drivers 70-80 CENTS PER MILE!

Mel is a retired veteran driver who has spent 40 years on the road. An Old Truckers Passion Not unlike a pretty woman, I have always had a passion for a pretty truck, but as life goes charging by me, my passions start to dwindle! The women get older and the trucks get smaller, so it was no surprise when I saw, ‘Sophie’ at a swap meet, that I was blinded to everything around me. She was a pretty burgundy, 1974 GMC low rider pickup. She was all decked out, with new upholstery and a lovely paint job, but it wasn’t until I opened her hood revealing her heart, the 350 CID Engine, that was covered in chrome, that my heart began to flutter. I knew I didn’t need her, I already had a perfectly good old pickup, so I left to examine the rest of the treasures that are to be found at a swap meet. I went wandering around but ‘Sophie’ still haunted me and I kept drifting back to her. Gerry, the owner came over to me and asked if I would like to hear her run. ‘No’, I said, “she’s too expensive for me!” But he fired her up anyway and I was hooked, her low rumbling voice from her exhaust pipes was like the Sirens of










Hiring Qualified O/Ops & Drivers

Super B & tridem step 2 yrs exp & acceptable abstract Western Canada & USA Some dedicated runs

Call Al 604-882-7623 the Sea singing to me, drawing me onto the rocks of destruction, but I resisted, until I heard the rough whim of her gear driven cam shaft, it reminded me of another romance I had, with another gear driven engine, in a race car back in the seventies. It was also like when I was looking at a big shiny, chrome encrusted Kenworth, I once bought. I knew I couldn’t afford her, but I had to possess her. With a little friendly bickering Gerry and I agreed on a price and I bought her. I named the pickup ‘Sophie’ after one of my long standing fantasies. Now anyone who has read my columns will know, that I name my trucks and cars, I even named my computer ‘Sparky’, because I believe if you give them a name it puts



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Monarch is now looking for Class 1 Owner Operators to run our Western Canada Van Division, US Van Division or AB Cartage Division!”

Owner Operators

• Competitive Rates • No Start Up Costs • Fuel Surcharge Adjusted Weekly • Paid Plates • Discounted Fuel Cards Supplied • Low Insurance Rates • Safety And Referral Bonus Programs • Paid Twice Per Month By Direct Deposit • Paid Loaded And Empty • Dry Van Freight Only • Health Benefits Plan Available • Paid Tolls, Bridges, Faxes • Cell Phone Allowance • Paid Border Crossing Transponder

Company Drivers

• Earn Up To .46¢ Per Mile • Operate In Western Canada Only • Newer Equipment • Benefits Package • Flexible Schedules • Paid Every Second Friday • Safety And Referral Bonus Programs • Cell Phone Allowance • Paid Vacation

We require your professional and positive attitude, a minimum of 2 years OTR experience.

Join our team today & ask us about our new sign on bonus! Please contact or call Michelle or Ken at 1-800-661-9937

Monarch Transport (1975) Ltd. MAy 2016

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them on a friendlier basis and they perform better for you. This is just one of my little idiosyncrasies! The Kenworth was the ‘Mean Machine’, because of the payments and I had a Mack called ‘Spike’, after a Disney cartoon and last, ‘Olga’ a Volvo, because of her Swedish heritage. One day at a car club meeting, a drag racer friend asked me, “How fast will she do the quarter”? “I don’t know, but she’s pretty quick!” I answered. “Well, why don’t you bring her out to the track and I’ll take her for a run, for you.” He said with a smug look on his face. “No way,” I countered, “I’ll take her down the track myself!” This statement brought a round of laughter from everyone listening. “You’re eighty years old you stupid old fool” seemed to be the unanimous remark and I have to admit that this upset me. I’ve spent over half of my life driving, just about everything with an engine and rubber on the road and these clowns think I’m too old to drive this pickup down the track? Well one thing led to another and I got tied up with the Alzheimer’s Society and NITRO, the local drag racing club, and sometime in July I’m going drag racing. They will be taking pledges of one dollar for each mile per hour I can go over my age and all proceeds will go to the Alzheimer’s Society. I’ll show them, you don’t mess with an OLD TRUCK DRIVER! 

A Flower Taillights string out in front of me like beads upon a chain Headlights lose their brightness in the slowly falling rain The wipers beat a rhythm keeping perfect time The lanes stretch out before me marked by the dotted line There beside the highway a flower struggles to survive A lonely flash of colour in the grayness of my drive The gray of the season broken by a touch of green Winter struggles to hold on, spring struggles to be seen Another season passes like a footstep out of time Marked only by a daffodil by a lonely highway sign.

by Dave Madill Dave Madill was Pro-Trucker Magazine’s Rig of the Month in June of 2001 and he has been entertaining us with his poetry ever since. Dave has published three books of poems that are available by special order through Chapters Book Stores or

Come see us at TRUXPO booth #374 PAGE 38

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clean. quick. reliable.

chevron commercial cardlocks Cardlocks now offering DEF at the pump: • Deltaport • Chilliwack • Langley North • Williams Lake Call Us • 800 331 7353 • 604 668 5300 Find cardlock locations at

© 2016 Chevron Canada Limited. All rights reserved. CHEVRON and the Chevron Hallmark are registered trademarks of Chevron Intellectual Property LLC.

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Earn Up To 2.18/mile Inc. FSC September 2015, Paid Plates,x.8706 Insurance, Permits & Tolls Call Now: 1 (877) 452-9414 Paid Load, Unload & Wait Times at $50/hr, All Miles Paid at the Loaded Rate, Paid by Direct Deposit COMPANY DRIVERS Email: Up to .53/mile To Start, Paid Load, Unload & Wait Time at $30/hr, Medical/Dental Benefits & RRSP Program, Safety + Performance Bonus up to .04/mile, Paid by Direct Deposit Visit:

Call Now: 1 (877) 452-9414 x 8706 Email: Visit:

MAy 2016

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Profile for Pro-Trucker Magazine

Pro-Trucker Magazine May 2016  

Meet our Rig of the Month Driver Michael Woodford.

Pro-Trucker Magazine May 2016  

Meet our Rig of the Month Driver Michael Woodford.


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