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West and I hit an adult bull moose in northern Ontario. Needless to say the whole front end of my truck was scattered along the highway. I had owned the 1996 Kenworth since new and I wasn’t about to buy a new truck so this incident was the start of the, “Great Truck Rebuild.” I have always loved the truck from my Dad’s favourite show, the 1970’s TV show Movin’ On, and other trucks from that era, so I decided we could build one. I got a custom built hood and battery boxes made to look like ones from the 70’s and used the 1973 factory ‘Apache’ stripe design used on the Movin’ On TV show. I also added hardwood floors, new seats and a new bunk. Four months later and with the help of friends and coworkers, the old girl was ready for the road once again. Today when I drive I have my hand on a very special gearshift knob. It is the one from my Dad’s truck, the same gearshift knob that Dad had in the truck that I learned to drive in. It was given to him from a friend when he got his first Kenworth and he passed it on to me. Having it is a great reminder of a great man and it is comforting to say the least. The old girl has been given a couple of nicknames, over the years, Nessie and The Gimpy Goat, the last one because she is getting a wee bit tired with over three million miles on her. I am honoured that there is an appreciation for old school trucks and when I show her at

Western Canada’s Trailer Specialist

the Clifford truck show many of the people are amazed that she is still a working truck. The Clifford show is a lot of fun. They do let some ‘Tupperware’ trucks in but for the most part it is made up of older trucks. The standing joke is you have to have 2 air cleaners and 2 stacks to attend. I was lucky to come from a trucking family who were true professionals. When I was young and had set my sights on a career in trucking, my grandfather told me, “You will not get rich driving a truck, but good truck drivers will always be in demand and be able to put food on the table.” Dad always said that customers appreciate a driver who shows up onsite with a clean vehicle. I always wear a dress shirt when working - I was just brought up that way. My Dad always wore a uniform and instilled in me the importance of looking good when representing my company. He always said, shave, wear nice clothes, have clean shoes and always keep a clean truck. I have taught a few people how to drive trucks by remembering all the things my father had taught me. It feels good to be able to pass on the knowledge of 4 generations of rolling across the highways and interstates of Canada and the USA. My Dad passed away a few years ago but I’ll never forget the many things he taught me. He was my hero. This year I felt very honoured to be asked by David Benjatschek if I would agree to be featured in the 2018 Wowtrucks Calendar. I agreed and I dedicated my page to my father with the tag line, “A true gentleman truck driver.”

Driving Through my Memories

By Ed Murdoch

Ed has held a commercial drivers license for 65 years and has spent the better part of 50 years on the road. You can get Ed’s new book at WINNIPEG, MB CALGARY, AB 866.397.5524 877.720.7171 EDMONTON, AB DELTA, BC NANAIMO, BC 800.610.1019 800.891.8858 877.878.5979 PAGE 30

It was probably 45 years ago my oldest boy, an aspiring musician/trucker like his daddy, was about 10 years old and he wanted a drum set for Christmas. It just so happened that on a trip to the Windy City, Chicago, prior to the Big Day and there happened to be a music store near where I unloaded copy paper at a mom and pop print shop in Cicero. I stopped in and lo and behold there it was … a beautiful ‘red’ beginners set of traps suitable for a budding Ringo Starr. So I bought it and stuffed it in the bunk forgetting that a Canada Customs inspection when returning to my country of residence was a distinct and probable possibility especially considering the time of year and that truckers then were generally seen as a sneaky bunch of low-life characters, not the elevated

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